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(NoMbdeL) W.- H. BENSON.
STOVE JAGKET. N0. 296,911. Patented Apr. 15, 1884,
: fi' 55 T1 :i Z i [2 g m 1 a E a/ WITNESSES TOR ATTORNEYS.
N. PETERS. Pmlo-lhmgnphenwflhingium n. a
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 296,911, dated April 15, 1884.
Application filed September 5, 1883. No model.)
To all whom it may concern.-
Be it known that I, WILLIAM H. BENSON, of Elston, in the county of Cole and State of Missouri, have invented a new and Improved Stove-Jacket, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description.
The main object of my invention is to pro vide for confining the heat radiated from a stove and conduct it to the smoke or draft flue, so as to keep the apartment cool in which the stove is placed.
. The invention consists in a jacket or casing fitted over the stove and connected with the draft-flue, together with a heating-closet supported within and by the jacket, so as to inclose thestove-top, the closet and jacket having independent connections with the draftfiue for discharge of the rising heated-air currents therein.
f The invention includes also special constructions of the jacket and closet with a hinged front portion or section, which may be swung back to afford freer access to the stovetop for placing large vessels thereon 5 and the invention further consists in novel construe tions of the parts in detail and, as combined with each other, all as hereinafter fully described and claimed.
Reference is to be had to the accompanying drawings, forming part of this specification, in which similar letters of reference indicate corresponding parts in both the figures.
Figure l is a perspective View of the improved stove-jacket with parts thrown open to show the interior, and the upper part of the hinged front section broken away; and Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional elevation thereof on a somewhat larger scale, and as set over a stove.
I make the jacket a in the form of a box, preferably corresponding in general outline with the shape of the stove or heater it is to in-- close, and somewhat larger than the stove all around, so as to restupon the floor or other support for the stove, and thus provide by an air-space, a for the free circulation of the rising currents of heated air, and provide an air-jacket around the stove to quite efi'ectually prevent the escape of hot air into the room, such air being conducted through the pipe or flue b direct to the draftpipe or flue c,
to which the usual smokepipe, d, of the stove e connects, as shown in Fig. 2. i
I provide doors f in the j acketaat the lower part, through which doors access may be had to the feed, draft, or oven doors of the stove 0 when required. These lower doors, or some of them, may be left open or dispensed with to afford openings through which foul air may be drawn into the line 0, for'ventilating the apartment in which the stove is placed. The number, size, and arrangement of these doors f will vary with the size and design of the stove.
I have cut away or divided the front upper portion of the jacket a on the lines 2, and at one side have hinged at j a front section, a, of thecasing a, so that said section a may be swung back, as in Fig. 1, to permit placing large vessels-as wash-boilers-on the stove directly over the fire-chamber of the stove. A door, k, is fitted on hinges k to the front of section a, to be opened when the said section is closed to the main body a of the casing, for placing small vessels on the stove-top or into the hot closet Z, next described. The closet Zis made in box form to fit over the top of stove e, and is held in place by brackets at, fixed to the closet and jacket a. A pipe, or, connects the interior of closet Z with the fine 0 by passing upward through pipe I), a space, b, being left between pipes at and b for escape of heated air from within the main jacket. By this arrangement of the pipes the dust that escapes while shaking the grate is prevented from entering the hot closet, and a good draft is afforded for conducting the odors from articles being cooked out of the hot closet. The dust that would collect on thetop of the hot chamber. is also prevented from entering the said chamber by the pipe n. Independent hot air outlets b a are thus provided for the main jacket to a and closet]. I also divide the hot closet Z on the side and top lines 2', making a front section, Z, of the closet, which is held to the hinged section a of the jacket by brackets m, so that this closet-section Z may be swung, with section a, entirely clear of the front of the stove-top when large vessels are to be placed thereon. The door k of section a. has a plate, 0, supported from it by side pieces, 0, which plate o'serves to close the front of the hot'closet when the section a and door k are closed, as indicated in Fig. 2, and the hot-closet has one or more removable perfora'ted shelves 1), on which food may be placed for keeping it warm.
I provide a flange, Z on one section of the hot closet, to make a close joint of the sections ZZ when jacket-section a is closed, and like fianges may be fitted around the section a where it joins the main body of jacket a, if desired.
I fit the back end of closet Z partly around the stove-pipe d and close to it, to absorb the heat of the pipe from its hotter lower portion, and to prevent undue escape of heat into the room from its upper portion between the top of the jacket to and the flue c.
I employ a collar, 1', made in sections or halves, so as to clamp or pack tightly above "the pipe cl and bed down upon the top of the jacket, and collar 1- may be made expansible, if desired, to fit pipes (Z of varying sizes. Hooks t, fixed to the outside of the jacket a, and preferably at its back--where less conspicuous'afi"ord means for hanging cooking or baking utensils for drying them, or permanently when out of use, if desired.
The flue 0 may have any suitable elbow and straight pipe connections to carry the heat products to any point desired, and may also have a damper between'pipes I) and d, to prevent back-draft of fuel-gases from the pipe (Z when first kindling or replenishing the fires in the stove.
My improved stove-jacket is inexpensive, durable, and practical for its purposes, and may be applied and used with little or no inconvenience.
Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-
1. Astove-jacket consisting of an outer casing inelosing the stove, andan inner hot closet supported from the outer casing, which casing and closet have independent connections to the draft-flueof the stove, substantially as shown and described.
2. A stove-jacket constructed with a main body portion, a, resting on the floor and surrounding the entire stove, and a hinged section, a, adapted to be swung from over the stovetop, said body portion being provided with doors or openings registering with the draft, oven, and other doors of the stove, substantially as shown and described.
8. A stove-jacket constructed with outer casing, a, having hinged section a, and a hot closet consisting of sections Z Z, fixed,'respectively, to sections a a, substantially as shown and described.
I. A stove jacket constructed with outer casing, a, having hinged section a, and a hot closet, Z Z, in combination with separate hotair-discharge pipes b n, substantially as shown and described.
5. The combination, with the jacket (1, 'surrounding the entire stove and resting on the floor, its hinged section a, and the hot closet Z Z, of the door k, having the plate 0, for closing the front of the hot closet, whereby dust and ashes will be prevented from entering said chamber while the grate is being shaken, substantially as shown and described.
6. The combination, with the stove-jacket and stove-pipe (Z, of the hot closet Z, fitter. to the pipe (1 within the jacket and secured to said jacket by brackets on in rear of the pipe, substantially as shown and described.
- 'WILLIAM H. BENSON. \Vitnesses:
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