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(NoModel.) A
No. 2493.545. Patented Feb; 12;' `18811;
lill! other extremity of the body is formed to fit tightly within the tubularV piece B; The ups per side of thebar G is provided with a groove,
Fd, extending throughout its entire length.
f1 a citizen of the United States, residing in which the Y The subject-matter claimed as new will be hereinafter specically designated.
`` decreases as it approaches the extremity c.
fform one or more very narrow slits or fis- V out the length of the groove d, as shown, for l 5o of a'ny of the formsiin common use, is secured `'form thejhandleor holder ofthe pen.
leXcessive discharge of the ink when the pen Fig.4 2 is a cross-section on the line 2 2 of lFlg. l.`
or tube for containing the ink, and it may be `fnnaterial as the barrel A, is shouldered and y screw-threaded at b, and is made to fit within the barrel A. The feed-piece which I elmploy for conveying the ink from the barrel A formed of rubber or other suitable material, having one extremity, c, tapering conically `from one side to the other of the body C. The
SPECIFICATION forming partof Letters Patent No. 293,545, dat-ed February 12, 1884.
` Application tred september is, lees. (No model.)
io LZZ whom, ifm/ay concern:
Be it known that I, -Lnwrs E. Warm-nuns,`
Brooklyn, in the county of Kings and State of New York, haye invented certain new and useful Improvements in Fountain-Pens, of
following is a specification.
My invention relates to that class of fountain-pens in which the nib of the ordinary writing-pen is supplied with iiuid ink from a` barrel or reservoir,`which may conveniently The object of the invention is to secure andl automatically regulate a certain and uniform. flow of ink to the pen, and also to prevent the is :in use. By my invention a fountain-pen composed of but comparatively few partsis produced, and the general construction of this class of pen greatlyimproved and simplied.
In the accompanying drawings, which illustrate my invention, Figure -1 is a longitudinal section of my improved fountain-pen, and
Referring to. Fig. 1, A represents a barrel formed of rubber or other suitablematerial. A tubular piece, B, preferably of the same the correspondingly-threaded extremity a of tothe nib of the pen P consists of a bar, C,
Thedepth of this groove preferably gradually sures, e c, (sce Fig. 2,) longitudinally throughfacilitating the flow ofink to the pen, as hereinafter described. The `pen l?, which may be between the pieces B and-G, as shown in Fig. l, and a portion of the lower surface of the pen projecting from the tube B is in contact with the upper, and somewhat flattened surface of the' bar C. lf, now, the barrel A be partly filled with ink, and the parts assembled as in Fig. 1,-the pen `will be ready for use, the ink being supplied to the nib in the following manner: The downward flow of the inl; by gravity and through the action of capillary attraction in the act of writing causes it to'pass through the groove d, and tends to create a vacuum within the reservoir, which is met by the influx of air passing upward through the groove. The direction of the .current of air entering the ink-reservoir be- It may be observed that the tendency to a heavy and excessive flow of ink, caused byv amplified motion ofthe pen or otherwise, will l be compensatedby an increased influx of air through the'groove d, to fill the vacuum tending to be produced within the reservoir, thus retarding the flow and automatically regulating the same. It may also be stated that airbubbles, which usually form within and greatly impede the discharge of ink through the inlcduct, are i-n my invention pressed to one side of the duct, and their onward movement greatly accelerated by the outflowing current of ink. The narrow slits or ssures e c, which are made in the groove d, and which extend deeper into the feed-bar C than the bottom. of
the grooved, serve to facilitate the downward iiow of the ink which first follows these narrow channels, and thus the descending column of ink is kept on that side of the groove, Vthe ascending column of air keeping on the other side of the groove.
`A cap, E, is employed for protecting the nib of the pen when not in use. rllhe cap may roo` beplaced uponthe extremity of thc barrel position it serves to lengthen the holder.
By my invention I do away with the tubu'- lar ink-duet usually employed in connection With pens of this class, and which has heretofore been objectionable for the reason, among others, ythat it is veryliable to conduct more ink to the nib than is necessary. The gradual decrease in size toward the nib'of the inkconducting groove in my improved pen provides against the excessive flow of ink, which, by reason of a large portion of the groove bc.-
ing in direct contact with the pen, a sulii-` cient quantity of inl; is supplied.
I do not intend to confine myself tothe precise construction shown in the drawings or described herein, as it is obvious that the same may be modied Without departing from the principles of my invention. The form of the inlcduct may be modified, and, instead of one groove being formed in its upper surface, several may be employed, and the number and size of the iissures in said Vgroove or grooves may be Varied, if desired.
I hereby disclaim, so far as this specication and these Letters Patent are concerned, all inventions which are shown, described, and claimed, or to be claimedin an application of Which this is a division, filed by me June 20, 1883.
stantially as hereinbefore set forth, of a barrel or ink-reservoir, a tube connected therewith, an ink-duct supported Within said tube,
and consisting of a bar having. one or more;
longitudinal grooves formed in that portion of its surface which is in proximity to the pen, With. one or more longitudinal fissures in the side or sides of said groove or grooves, and a peu secured -between said tube and ink-duct.
3. 'A fountain-pen having au ink-duct pro- ,y A
vided with one or more longitudinal iissures formed in its walls, for facilitating the passage of the ink through said'duct.
In testimony whereof Iliave hereunto subi scribed my name this 18th day of September, A. D. 188:3. Y
Crmnrns A.. TERRY.
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