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    • B43K5/00Pens with ink reservoirs in holders, e.g. fountain-pens
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No. 307,735. Patented Nov. 4, 1884.
INVENTOR Leu/s EVZztef/yzm,
By ZZ'S Attorneys fw 09mm? N. PETERS. Fnowmhngnpher. washingwn. D.c.
- a citizen of the United States, residing in iro Marten @rares Parenti* @ri-*reta LEW'IS E. VATERMAN, OF BROOKLYN, NEV YORK.
TLTCIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 307,735, dated November 4, 1884:.
A pplieation tiled Juize 10, 1F83. (Modehl as shown, for facilitating the iiow of ink to the pen, as hereinafter described. The pen l), which may be of any of the forms in com- Brooklyn, in the county of Kings and Stateof mon use, is secured between the pieces .B and New York,haveinvented certain new and usel O, as shown in Fig. l, and a-portion of the ful Improvements in Fountain-Pens, of which l lower surface of the pen projecting from the the following is a specification. l tube B is in contact with the Lipper and some- My invention relates to that class of fountA I what fiattened surface of the bar C. Upon ain-pens in which the nilo of the ordinary the under side of the bar (l, opposite the groove writing-pen is supplied with iiuid ink from a d, is a second groove, cl, which serves to adbarrel or reservoir, which may conveniently mit air to the barrel independentlyT of the form the handle or holder of the peu. groove d. If now the barrel A be partly filled The object of the invention is to secure and with ink, and the parts assembled as in Fig. automatically regulate a certain and uniform 1, the pen will be ready for use, the inl; below of ink to the pen, and also to prevent the excessive discharge of the ink when the pen is in use.
By my invention a fountain-pen composed of but comparatively few parts is produced, and the general construction of this class of pen greatly improved and simplified.
The subject-matter claimed as new will be herein after specifically designated.
In the accompanying drawings, which illustrate my invention7 Figure l is a longitudinal section of my improved fountain-pen, and Fig. 2 is a cross-section on the line 2 2 of Fig. 1.
A'teferring to Fig. 1, A represents a barrel o all wim/1t 752'; 71Min/ conce/'n.-
Be it known that I, Lnwrs E. WATERMAN,
ner: The downward iiow of the ink by gravity and through the action of capillary attraction in the act of writing causes it to pass Vthrough the groove d, and tends to create avacuum within the reservoir, which is met by the influx of air passing upward through the groove d. The motion caused by the receding and advancing of the lower surface of the pen from and toward the bar O, caused by the ordinary operation of writing, increases the How of ink from the barrel, and permits the steady supply of the ink to the slot in the pen, from whence it is conveyed to its point or tube for containing the ink, and it may be and to the surface being written upon. A cap, formed of rubber or other suitable material. E, is employed for protecting the nib of the A tubular piece, B, preferably of the same i pen when not in use. The cap may be placed material as the barrel A, is shouldered and l upon the extremity of the barrel when the screw-threaded at b, and is made to iit within l pen is being used, and when in such position the correspondiugly-threaded extremity, a, of it serves to lengthen the holder. the barrel A. The feed-piece which I employ By my invention I do away with the tubufor conveying theink from the barrelAto the l lar ink-duct usually employed in connection nib of the pen I consists of a bar, C, formed with pens of this class, and which has heretoof rubber or other suitable material, having fore been objectionable for the reason, among one extremity, c, tapering conically from one others, that it is very liable to conduct more inl; to the nib than is necessary. The gradual side to the other ol' the body O. The other extremity of the body is formed to t tightly decrease in size toward the nib of the ink-conducting groove in my improved pen provides within the tubular piece B. The upper side of t-he bar Gis provided with a groove, d, exagainst the excessive flow of ink, which by tending throughout its entire length, and comreason of a large portion of the groove being munieates with the ink-reservoir in the same in direct contact with the pen a sufficient ]ilane-that is, without leaving the surface of quantity of ink is supplied.
the bar. rIhe depth of this groove preferably I do not intend to confine myself to the preoise construction shown in the drawings or degradually decreases as it approaches the eX- treniity c. I form one or more very narrow scribed herein, as it is obvious that the same slits or fissures, c e, (see Fig. 2,) longitudimay be modified without departing from the principles of my invention.
nally throughout the length of the groove d,
ing supplied to the nib in the following man- 4 the reservoir to Vfore been made with a bar out its entire length in the side which is to be next the pen and on the same plane, and 25 communicating with the ink-reservoir, and of gradually-decreasing depth from the end which enters the reservoir to the end near the point of the pen. Y
3. A fountain-pen consisting 0f a barrel or 3o reservoir having a bar in a tubular piece in the extremity ot' the barrel, said bar having a longitudinal groove in its side which is to be in proximity to the pen, and an additional and interruptions frequently occur in the longitudinal groove on the other side, Whereneighborhood of the angular orifice. by air may be admitted to the reservoir inde- What I claim as my invention, and desire to pendently of the ink-conveying groove, subsecure by Letters Patent, isstantially as hereinbefore set forth.
1. An ink-duct for a fountain-pen, consist- In testimony whereof I have hereunto subing` of a groove in a bar on the side next the scribed my name this 19th day of June,.A. D. 4o pen7 extending throughout its entire length 1883. f on thesame plane. and communicating with the ink-reservoir, for conducting the ink from the point of the pen.
The form of the ink-duct may be modified, l and, instead of one groove being formed in its l upper surface, several maybe employed, and l the number and'size of the fissures in said groove or grooves may-be varied, if desired.
I am aware that fountain-pens have heretohaving a groove in its surface next to the peinand extending part Way of the length ofthe bar, and thence by anvangular orifice into the reservoir; but
such 'construction is defective, as stoppages LEWIS E. WATERMAN.
n 2. An ink-duct for a fountain-pen, c0nsistextending thronghl ing of a groove in a bar
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