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:Np 277,590. Patentea May 15,1888.
SPECIFICATION forming' part of Letters Patent No. 277,590, dated May 15, 1883. Application filed February 24, 1883. (Model.)
To all whom it may co'ncern Be it known that I, J osErH MOALPIN, of the city and county of San Francisco, State of California, have invented an Improved Wrench; and I hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description thereof.
My invention relates to a new and useful wrench; and it consists in suitablejaws fitt-ed one upon the other to move together or apart,
Io and in a handle connected with one jaw by a knuckle-joint, and with the screw-shank of the other by a looselyseated or swiveled ball-nut, whereby said jaws maybe adjnsted by the nut and their grip tightened by the power applied to the pivoted handle, as will hereinafter fully appear.
The object of my invention is to fnrnish a wrench having not only the ordinary powertof gripping, but one whose grip is increased in za proportion to the power applied to operate it to avoid slipping; and, further, to provide a wreneh which may be readily used in small space with faciliiy and with great power.
In the drawings, Figure l is a perspeetivc view, showing the handle straight. Fig. 2 is a perspective view of same, showing the handle in'clined and ready to be drawn back to increase the grip.
`Let A represent the onter jaw, having a shank, B, terminating in a screw, Z). Thejaw A is here shown in the Shape of n cross-head,
having corrugated recesses, a, forming onehalf the bearingsurface by which the pipe is gripped. One side is continued straight, forming the ordinaryjaw, c, of a monkey-wrench.
D represents the inner jaw, having corresponding recesses, a', and straightjaw c'. The body or stock of thejaw D is provided with a i socket, through which the shank B of thejaw 40 A loosely passes.
j 1 is the handle of the wrench. Its end extends into the end of the body of jaw D, and is pivoted therein, formin g a knuckle-joint at e. The handle has a wide head, F. In this is a socket,f, forming a bearing` or seat for a ballnut, G, which lies therein. The screw b passes down into the head F and through the nut G. The edge of the body or stock of jaw D next to the head F is inclined, so that when the two jaws are straight and the screw b and handle E are parallel, as shown in Fig. l, the edges of the head F andjaw D bear against each other only at one side.
In the operation of the wrench the turning of the ball-nut G draws the jaw A in toward the jaw D until the pipe or nut to he operated upon is gently gripped. The continued turning of the nut G then causes the head F toso incline as to bring its edge against the adjacent edge of the jaw D its entire length, as shown in Fig. 2. It is allowed todo this because of the handle forming a pivot or knncklejoint at e, and because of the ball-nut being able to turn in its seat. The pipe or nut is now firmly gripped by the jaws, and when the handle is forced back to operate the wrench this grip is increased, because one edge of the head F, in being drawn back, bears upon the jaw D, while its ball'nut pulls back upon the screw b of jaw A. This equalizes the strain, and at the same time forees and draws the jaws with greater' power upon the pipe or nut.
The more power the operator employs in moving his wrench the greater its grip, so that when he tinds a pipe or nut hard to start he can be assured that in exerting his force his wrench will not slip, but will grip with greater power the more force he employs. But this is not 'its only advantage. lt can be used in place of a ratchet-wrench to'work in small space. Having taken hold ot' the pipe or nut and drawn back upon the handle to increase the grip and turn the pipe or nut to the limit of the space atforded in which to operate, the operator, moving the wrench forward, throws the handle forward and separates thejaws by such movement sufficiently to allow them to slip or fleet to take a new position and hold, when the device is again operated. Thus in addition to the force of the grip which will result from Operating the ball-nut-, as in an ordinary screw-wrench, I obtain the further force resnlting from the knuckle-joint, which said force is only limited by `the power of the operator. 9 r:
The sockets a a' are for pipes, and one may be made larger than the other to accommodate difl'erent sizes of pipes. Either side of the jaws A D operatesin similar manner. In one of the sockets a a', I show a pipe-cutter, m, consisting of an edged disk upon a shaft laid or mounted across the socket, Fig. 1. The
straight jaws o c' adapt the implement for use as an ordinary monkey-wrench, as weilas a pipe-Wrench.
Having thus deseribed my invention, what I ciaim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-
1. In a wreneh, meet-ingjaws, in combination with a handle connected with one by a knuckle-joint, and having` a swiveled nut engaging with the screw ot' the otherjaw to ad- ]'ust and draw said jaw to tighten the grip ot' the wreneh, substant'ially as herein described.
2. In a wrench, the jawsA D, fitted together, as shown, in combination with the handle E,
pivoted to thejaw I) by a knuekle-joint,e, and. connected with the screw b of the jaw A by a swiveled ball-nut, G,Whereby said jaws may be adjusted by the nut and serew and their grip tightened by the handle, substantially as herein described.
3. In a wrench, the jaw A, having shank B and screw b, and the jaw D, fitted looseiy upon shank B, in combination with the handle E, pivot'ed'or hinged tojaw I), forming a knueklejoint at e, and having' a wide head, F, impinging upon the edge of said jaw, and a looseiyseated ball-nut, G, engaging with serew b, all arranged and Operating suhstantially as and for the' purpose herein described.
4:. In a wreneh, the jaws A D, having' pipesoekets a a' and straight jaws c c', said jaws being fitted together by means of shank B and serew b, as shown, in combination with the handle E, having a wide head, F, pivoted to jaw D, and forming a knuckle-joint, e, and the loosely-seated or swiveied ball-nut G in said head, and through which the serew b passes, substantially as and for the purpose herein deseribed.
WM. F. BooTH, J. H. BLooD.
In witness whereof I hereunto set my hand.
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