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Registering Clock.

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Specification of Letters Patent No. 20,786, dated July 6, 1858.

To all whom it may concern:

(3 a. m. to 6 p. m. The rack is held in Be it known that I, STANISLAS FOURNIER, position by the guide J and on the lower of the city of New Orleans, parish of Orend has the weight G to cause it to fall down leans, State of Louisiana, have made a new as soon as the cogs on wheel D have rolled 6O 5 and useful register to be attached to clocks, out of it, the weight G being attached to from the use of which correct indications one end of the triangular arm H the center will be established to show the faithful atwhich is mounted to the frame T, T, the tention or neglect of the persons keeping other end of the arm H being attached to watch in the night; and I hereby declare the carriage K by the link I; the carriage 5 10 the following is a full and exact descrip K mounted in guides on the frames T. tion thereof, reference being had to the ac- Therefore the motion of the rack in being companying drawings, and to the letters of attached to the triangular arm H causes reference marked thereon, making a part of motion to be given to the carriage, so as the this specification, the same letters used to rack is uniformly ascending, the carriage 7 indicate the same parts shown in the respec is as uniformly sliding from one side to the tive figures. other, and when the rack is let go by the Figure 1, front view of the clock. Fig. wheel its descending changes the position of 2, side elevation of interior. Fig. 3, front the carriage in causing it to slide to the view showing interior. Fig. a, front view, same place from whence it started. To the 75 clock face removed. carriage is attached also the ratchet wheel, From the application of this arrangement 0, having seven teeth and the eccentric persons who have charge of property as a spiral. The spiral is to give position to watch on the same, or attending to invalids the index bar M by operating on the bar L; in the giving of medicines throughout the and the ratchet is to change position of the 80 night, can leave positive evidence that at index each time the carriage changes posistated intervals during the night they were tion, and this is as often as the rack descends. awake, and at their post of duty; and should The spring Q causes this change to be made they not be attentive, the instrument will in its catch on the teeth of the ratchet when record distinctly the number of omissions, the carriage is changing, moving the ec- 35 and the periods of the same. centric spiral the direction indicated by In the construction of the clock, and such the arrow. The ratchet having seven teeth. parts strictly belonging to the clock, I will one for each day of the week, as the instruomit in my description, as I make no variament is constructed to indicate for that time tions from that well known in the art of and supposing the first day the bar L to lie 90 clock making. on the spiral at a; on the seventh day, the This improvement consists in distinct seplast hour will fall over the point a and rest arate attachments operating with and in again on the point a, and thus change the combination with the clock. position of the index bar on the car on Fig. 4 showing more of the arrangement which the registering is made. 95 than any others I will call attention to it. U the frame into which the card is placed The wheel B, one of the wheels of the clock and being held from moving by the spring, that makes a revolution once in 12 hours. R, the register card marked S, and can be The wheel (0) working into B and driven designated in the Figs. 1 and 3 by having the by B has a circumference twice that of B; days of the week marked thereon at one end 100 consequently makes but one revolution in and the hours of the day on the top line.

24: hours. On the same shaft that C is In Fig. 3, showing the clock frame, with mounted, I place the wheel D; this shaft the door open; S the lock of the door; mounted in the bearings E. The wheel I) S a glass in the door, through which the for a part of its circumference has teeth card can be seen; S a swinging knocker 105 which catch the rack F and the number of that hangs in front of the index bar M, teeth, are as well as the segment of the wheel, which can be acted on by the button X to allow this wheel to work in the rack which passes through the door as seen by for 12 hours, say from 6 p. m. to 6 a. 111. Fig. 2; the door indicated by (Z; knocker During the time the wheel is not acting on S register bar M. 110 the rack, the instrument is not in a condi- P seen in Fig. 4 is a pawl to catch the tionto indicate. This time is supposed from ratchet wheel to hold the same steady; this pawl is made in its form from the catch, to its attachment to the carriage, slender, and being elastic, will allow the catch to rise over the teeth of the ratchet and spring into position to hold the eccentric spiral until a change is required, which will be made in 12 hours after the apparatus starts, so the reg istering can commence, as this will only register 12 hours in the 24. If the change is made at 6 oclock, a. m., the action of the clock will bring the wheel (D) so as to catch the rack F- at 6 oclock p. m. and thus be ready to indicate again.

The manner of making use of this apparatus: The cards are placed in the card frame, and they have division lines horizontal for each day of the week, as seen opposite the days, and also have divisions for the hours in a vertical position, starting at 6 to 12, and from 12 to 6, the card being stationary, and the index bar moving in a line on its face, this index bar having a needle point to make a small hole in the card when pressed against, which is done by a slight tap on the button X by a person who has to keep the watch and consequently make the indications; the time for doing so known from the clock, and should the indications be made regularly at intervals of any stated times, the card will show by the holes made therein, the time such registrations were made, and omissions to register, will also be clearly set forth by the absence of holes in the card, showing both the times of omissions, and the number of them.

After this my description what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent 1s 1. I claim in combination with the clock, the Wheel C by which I give motion to the wheel D that moves the rack F for a portion of the 24 hours. This I claim when either using the wheel D and the rack F as set forth, or any other analogous mode by which the apparatus can be made to register substantially the same, as regards the time specified.

2. I claim the carriage K in combination with the rack F when the action of the clock, through the use of the rack, or its

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