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July 24, 1934. w. H. WILLI-:Y
SANITARY GARBAGE CONTAINER Filed Feb. 15, 1932 2 Sheets-Sheet l l INVENTOR. MY//b//i/ 1407/6/ ATTORNEY.
illll July 24, 1934. w. H. wlLLEY SANITARY GARBAGE CONTAINER Filed Feb. 15 1932 2 Sheets-Sheet ....n-In/ INVENTOR. W////'0/77 M//f/ ATTORNEY.
Patented July 24, 1934 SANITARY GARBAGE CONTAINER William H. Willey, Kansas City, Mo. Application February 15, 1932, serial No. 592,922
4 Claims.
This invention relates to a sanitary garbage container, and more particularly to a garbage container so arranged that garbage can be delivered thereto froma kitchen without the ne- 5 cessity of leaving the kitchen.
The present manner of disposing of `kitchen garbage is to place it in a receptacle in the kitchen and letit stand until a convenient time arrives to carry it out to the garbage receptacle proper.
objectionable in that it is unsightly and quickly acquires a bad odor, also drawing vermin. This Y is especially true when the garbage remains in a Warm kitchen for some time.
By the use of my device, however, the garbage from each meal can be readily disposed of, that is, it can be delivered to the main garbage receptacle without leaving the kitchen. Consequently, there will be no garbage standing about the Another important feature is that the main garbage receptacle is so located that while it can readily be reached by the garbage collector it will be protected from animals such as dogs, Cats etc., and consequently there will be no upset garbage receptacles or garbage scattered about to create a nuisance.
Another important feature is that the device 'is so arranged and vented that no odor from the garbage will enter the kitchen.
The auxiliary garbage receptacle is soarranged and located that garbage will drain'therefrom and pass into the Waste pipe or a sink in which the receptacle is designed to be located.
Anotherl featureis that the door to the chute used in connection with my device is a part of Ythe back of the sink and opens and closes automatically. Therefore, no unsightly openings are present, and the sink is provided with a sliding top so that the auxiliaryfcontainer can be con- "cealed.
In accomplishing these and other objects of 'my invention, I have provided improved details of structure, the preferred forms of which are Yshown in the accompanying drawings, wherein:
Fig. 1 is a vertical section of myjdevice with "part broken away showing the same installed in a house. y
-Fig. 2 is a fragmental vertical section of my device showing the chute closure in opened position. Y
Fig. 3 is a horizontal'section taken on the line 3 3, Fig. 1.
Fig.' 4 is a fragmental perspective view of the auxiliary containerand closure opening levers.
The handling of garbage in this manner is Fig. 5 is a horizontal section taken on the line 5-5, Fig. 1. Y
Fig. 6 is a View of the lower portion of my device with part in section, showing the manner or" releasing the primary garbage receptacle from the chute.
Referring to the drawings in detail:
1 represents the outer wall of a house,2 an inner wall, and 3 the floor.
Secured to the wall 2 is the back i of la sink 5 having the usual waste or drain pipe 6 and a strainer 7. A plate 8 is slidably mounted adjacent the upper edge of the sink so that the sink can be closed and used as a temporary table or shelf.
Formed through the back 4 of the sink is an opening 9 which is provided with a closure 10 having a rod 11 secured to its upper edge. The rod projects beyond both side edges of the closure and these projecting ends are pivotally mounted in ears 12 projecting from the back 4. A weight 13 is secured to the rear face of the closure 10 which aids in moving the closure into closed position. 'Ihe lower portion of the closure is bent rearwardly as at 14, the purpose of which will be explained later. Cam bars 15 are secured to the rear face of the closure parallel to and adjacent the side edges of said closure.
Projecting rearwardly from the back l and adjacent the lower edge of the opening9 are ears 16 in which a rod or shaft 17 is rotatably mounted. Rigidly secured to the shaft 17 is the upper edge of the rear wall 19 of the auxiliary garbage container 20, which has its bottom, side and rear walls perforated or reticulated so that it will not retain moisture. The back wall is inclined upwardly and rearwardly so that when the container 20 is raised into the position shown, garbage will slide readily thereover. The container normally rests in the sink as shown, and is provided on its front'wall with a knob or handhold 2l so that it can be leasily raised. The container is of a width slightly less than that of the opening 9 in the Aback 4, thus permitting it to swing partly into the opening when raised.
Rigidly secured to the shaft 17 are Yarms or levers 22 having their free ends inturned as at 23. Loosely mounted on the shaft arethe short arms 24 of an L-shaped'leven the long arms 25 of which have their ends'inturned as at 26, which inturned ends are designed to contact the cam bars 15 for the purpose of opening the closure l0.
Extending upwardly between the walls l and 2 is a casing or chute 27, its upper-end being provided With a cowl 28 which extends through the 30 ldecent-the closure.`
ing and serves as a vent for thechute 27, carry-- l ing off odors and gases risin'gffrointhe garbagef and preventing them from entering the room.
The lower end of the chute 27 extends into a casing 33 and is provided with a hood Bride# signed to surround the upperwend of ,.a..main
garbage receptacle 35. The li'o'od'is held in position by means of straps 36 ywillich?are..attached to it and to certain walls ofthecasing.
The casing 33 is provided in 'one ofv it'sside Walls with a closure or door 37 hinged ati its 2o lower edge, the closure being so arranged as to befpperable y'rorn withou'tfthei'buildinglnand is Llatch 38.
brackets il` ysecured .toy the bottom ofthe-casing 2 33. It will be'observedfrorn Fig. y5-that the levers parallel the sidewalls 42 o the casing ad- @formA i4-iii The'pivot's 45 which securethe links to'the false l bottom elif extend beyond the-'flinke 43 and operate in slides or guides ivcarried by theside walls i-2,-an`dr thus-restrain the bot-ftoin '44' against anyhorizontat movement.
" Tha-casing 33 is preferably o'i-'the :insulated:y
" type so' that' garbage inthe *receptacle 2wi-ll not gowfreezepand; 'while -Ifhave1=shown thecasing as being-'located inside the b`uildin'g,-1 do not-*desire tobelimited t`o this*particular-'locatiom as in n"certain-instances it'may be-desirable orfvnecese' VWMsary to-locate'it on rthe outside 4of --the building.
"`depende'ntly cig-any movement of-fthe'laiixiliary .v garbage receptacleg-permitting liqnidfgarbage to"l v "be'thrown into they chute. Theoperationoim'y deviee'is as'lfollows:
Jis'then' closedan'd during the closing'fthe-arms 39"conta'ct-'the-levers 40;'causingthem to'rnove on'their pivots, and"throngh -the'l-inks 43 raisei thebottom 44,thereby'raising-thelreceptacle 35 soA that its upper vend-willenter thehood 34.
L .2Lisigrasped arid the frontend of .the .receptacle Visraised,.causing rotation httheshaft 17 wliich,l y as before-stated,.is rmly. .attached to. theuppe'r" edge of the V.rearawall 19 of'. thefreeeptacle. 20.
Sib, The-rotation ofthe shaft.l7:also.causes=the :12v 22 to@swingfbackwardlyiand dowfnwardlyaand ff wfloringstheir,.intnrned -ends 23.dntoeontactwith 'in thezarms 24 ofnthe fin-shapedflevers. v,(3ontin1.ied
nu movi-)mentfoie thereceptacle 2|3-andpconsequently.
ai of? the zfarrns; 22, eause'scthese leversgxrwhich-fare loosely mounted on theshaft 1.7,.tor-swing;rnov-l ngrtheislongiarns 25thei'eoffbackwardly;bring- Pivotally secured to the in `ner endsof Itheflevers 40 are'links 43 which are.. `--alsopivotallyf secured toV a dalse'bottom or plat-d -for each opening.
It-will-also be-noted that' th`e-closnrel l0/can 5; be'opened by-rnerely pushingI against and-'ineshing the inturnediends v26 oiitlfieseiarmsxintozcoiv,. g5- tact'with the cambars lzrcarried by the: .910-1 sure 10, and, in moving along these bars, open the closure.
When the closure is fully opened, as shown in Fig. 2, the auxiliary receptacle is in substantially a vertical position and its contents discharge into the chute automatically. VJhen it is desired to empty garbage which will not be retained in the receptacle 20, the closure 10 may be opened by pushing against the same. This opening is permited by reason of theL-shaped levers being loosely mounted on the shaft 17 and, consequently, the closure 10 can be opened .Lwithout disturbing the container 20.
It will be noted from the foregoing that the container 20 becomes interlocked With the closure opening mechanism only after it has been moved some distance.
When it isdesired to remove the receptacle 35, the closure 37 is opened. This moves the arms 39 away from the levers 40, permitting the bot- 95 tom 44 to move downwardlyfanddreeaithe top held in closed position by means ofval snitablef;l
` yWhile 11'.: have ishownz only. one i auxiliaryf- Yreceptacle `pivotallyrmounted in anfsopening inthe chute, it isfto bennderstood that=tlie chiite may be' extended upwardly :any lnumber of: floors andiv 105 have an opening its side-Wall atweveryzoor, with a pivotally: lmonntedvzaufdliary :receptacle Ot course, in.l suchrico'nstruction, the cowl 28;'ffwith1its ventgcwouldi'only be placedat the uppermostfopening. w'Ihisiconstruct-'J` 11( tion isifadaptableffon-apartment: buildings,` as
" it'felimihatesathe "carrying" of-:garbagewthreugh V the :shall-si andflprovides as`ing1e2imainf garbage f container vfor 'a' -number fof apartments.
What I claim and desire to secure byf-Letters'" 11,' Patent is:
f' l.A 1n apparatus Mathe-character'described, a
chuteincludinga 'side iWal1= having an: opening,
a :hinged closure'Y forfsaidopening'a shaft'rotatably supportedpara'llel tofiandi adjacenteth'ei 12| opening byl'saidlside lwalli an auxiliary-Icontainer xed to the shaft,.camf bars on-ftlie closure, leversu rotatably mou-ntedf on. `thel"^r-s,liaft and fixed on the-shaft Iand -operably connected:with#` 12 :said levers to effect-opening iof'ithef closure 1in re- -with an 'Jopeningf'aclosure" member-,r Emeans for, 1
hingingthe closure member in`. thel opening, a
When it is "desired to' empty garbage'ffrom' the" auxiliary receptacle 20, the handheld or knob movable' with- 'the container, -a-second-'1everf Yarm vpivotally as'sox-:iatedlwith'the`J containers:andI 15 adapted to be engaged by the rst namedlever arm `nponswinging movement of--the'conta1iner to '3x vIn` apparatus otthecharacter described including a chute having a side wall provided -with an opening;a'closuremember; means forrhing- "ingthel closurermember in the^ opening,v aecon# 1i tainer, means for pivotally mounting thef-con- Y Atainerl toJV swing-toward#saideopening; l a lever arm movable with the container, a sedond leverrarm pivotally 1 associated ifwitl'ilethe zcontainer* and adapted to be :engaged by# theirst named lever i operating with the container to close said opening, an arm member movable with the container, a second arm member engageable with the first arm member and lost motion means connecting said second named arm with the closure member to eiect opening of the closure member upon swinging movement of the container and to allow independent opening of the closure member independently of movement of the container.
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