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Samuel P Larrison
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    • F23D5/00Burners in which liquid fuel evaporates in the combustion space, with or without chemical conversion of evaporated fuel


1922. 2 SHEETS-SHEET l.
Patented Oct. 3
APPLICATION man FEB. 1. 1922.
1,439,821 Patented @nt. 3 1922.
Patented Unit. 3, i922.
an enna, or Hanson; Iowa.
Application filed February To aZZ whom it may concern: H W
Be it known that we, SAMUEL l". iiannison and SAMUEL S. SADLER, citizens of the United States, residing at Pierson, in the county of Woodbury and State of Iowa, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Gas Burners, of which the following is a specification.
This invention relates to liquid fuel burners and has for its object to provide means whereby the liquid fuel is vaporized by the same plan which is utilized for cooking or the like.
A further object is to provide an oil burner that is adapted for use in stoves and furnaces, special reference being made to its use for burning a lower grade of oil for domestic purposes, and it comprises agenerator of special construction; also a burner or m1xture, of special design and structui'e; also a combination of generator, burner or mixer; also the parts, improvement and comblnation hereinafter set forth and claimed.
A still further object to provide an economical and eflicient burner of the character described that will secure perfect combustion with the minimum amount of smolre; also one that can be cheaply made and easily installed in the ordinary stove or furnace.
lln the accompanying drawings forming a part of this specification, and in the description of the drawings, we have shown our invention in its preferred form. and have shown what we deem to be the best mode of applying the principles thereof, but it is to be understood, that within the spirit and scope of the intended claims, some inverted changes in form proportion and mater als, the transportation of parts and a subst1tution of the equivalent members. without departing from the spirit of the invention.
/Ve illustrate our invention in the accompanying drawings in which Figure 1 is a vertical sectional View of our invention.
Figure 2 is a plan view on the line 2--2 f Fig. 1.
Figure 3 is a plan view on the line 33 of Fig. 1.
Figure 1 is a top plan view of one of the burner plates showing the corrugated face of same.
Figure 5 is an end view of the generating chamber and feed pipe partly in section.
Referring specifically to the drawings, there is shown a circular base 1, having a 1922.." Serial in. 523,255.
recessed top preventing a deep surface one time to receive a liquid fuel for the starting of the burner. A hollow tubular casting 2 is made integral with one side of the base 1 and extends upwardly therefrom. A generating chamber 3 is mounted on the upright casing 52 and extends over the base 1 and is adapted to be securely held thereon by a thumb screw 4. A feed pipe .5 connects with a suitable reservoir (same not being shown) extends upwardly in a casting 2 and is con nected with the generating chamber 3 as indicated by the numeral 6. A gas tube 7' leads from the chamber 3 to the burner plates 8 and 9, said burner plates held together by adjusting screws 10. When it is desired to have a large flame the plates 8 and 9 are moved further apart and the move ment is reverse when it is desired to obtain a small flame. These movements are accomplished by the adjusting screws 10. The lower plate 9 has its inner face corrugated which causes the flame to emit therefrom at a series of points instead of a continuous circular flame. The base 1 is provided with a curcular opening 11 which permits air to enter therethrough and mix with the gas passing from the burner plates 8 and 9. An overflow pipe 12 is suitably placed in the dished surface 1 of the base 1.
Liquid fuel is first placed within the dished surface of the base 1 and after being united by suiiicient means to generate the liquid fuel that is supplied through the feed pipe 5 into the generating chamber 3, then through the tube 7 to the burner plates 8 and 9 and mixing with airenterin circular open ing 11 thereby causing a per 'ect combustion and a blue White flame to issue from the burner plates.
The device is then used as the present burner, the heat serving both to heat the generator chamber and to supply heat for any other purpose.
What we claim is j l. A liquid burner having a dish base, a generating chamber, a support for said generating chamber, burner plates located between the generating chamber and dish base and means for adjusting the plates for the size of the flames desired.
2. A liquid fuel burner having a dished base, a generating chamber, a hollow tubular support for said generating chamber carried by the dish base, a feed pipe extending through said hollow tubular support and en tering the generator chamber, and adjust able burner plates located between the feed space and the generating chamber.
3. A liquid burner having a dish base including a central air passage therethrough, a generating chamber, a hollow support for said generating chamber, adjustable burner plates located between the dish base and the generating chamber and one of said plates provided with a corrugated face adapted to create a series of blaze points issuing therefrom.
t In testimony whereof We aflix our signatures.
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