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Patented Mar. 1, 1921.
2a K \i 66 64 Q m o c n o ff g; I v 193 \v 36 Zlvwcntoz UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE.
Specification of Letters Patent.
Patented Mar. 1, 1921.
Application filed April 3, 1920. Serial No. 370,941.
To all whom it may concern:
Be it known that I, Josnrn SHARPE, a-
citizen of the United States, residing at Homestead, in the county of Allegheny and State of Pennsylvania, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Cookers, of which the following is a specification.
This invention relates to cooking stoves or ranges, and has for one of its objects to improve the construction and increase the efliciency and utility of devices of this character.
Another object of the invention is to provide a device of this character capable of being adapted for liquid gaseous or solid fuel either coal or wood, without material structural change.
With these and other objects in view, the
invention consists in certain novel features of construction as hereinafter shown and described and then specifically pointed out in the claim, and in the drawings illustrative of the preferred embodiment of the invention.
Figure 1 is a longitudinal sectional elevation,
Fig. 2 is a transverse section on the line 2-2 of Fig. 1,
Fig. 3 is a transverse section on the line 33 of Fig. 1.
The improved device comprises a base member 10 having an upwardly directed flange 11 and a downwardly directed flange 12. The base is oblong in outline and at each corner the depending flange 12 is formed with an L shaped socket 13 to receive a supporting leg 14, the legs being L shaped transversely and conforming to and fitting at their upper ends in the sockets. Each leg is also formed with a stop shoulder 15 to bearbeneath the lower edge of the socket, as shown, and firmly secured in place by tie bolts 16 or other suitable fastening devices.
At its lower edge the outer side of each socket is formed with a head or rib 17 to enter a corresponding seat in the shoulder.
By this means the legs are firmly secured in position to rigidly support the base 10 and the parts carried thereby.
Bearing upon the base 10 within the flange 11, is the shell or body portion of the stove or range, comprising side walls 18- and end walls 19, having outturned flanges 20 and 21 at their upper edges and bolted or otherwise secured at the lower edges the flange 11 as shown at 22.
The top member of the stove is represented as a whole at 23, and is formed with an encompassing shoulder 24 to receive the flanges 20 and 21 to which the top is bolted or otherwise secured as shown at 25.
The top 23 is provided with a plurality of vessel receiving openings or holes 26, each having a closure or lid 27 of the usual form.
A smoke escape opening is formed in one corner of the top 23 and surrounded by a flange 28 to receive a smoke flue, a portion of which is represented at 29, the flange 28 being arranged to support a damper 30 of the usual form.
Disposed transversely within the shell or body is a partition 31, the partition being secured water and steam tight to the bottom 10, side walls 18 and the top 23, for instance by an encompassing flange 32, riveted or otherwise secured to. the members of the shell, as shown at 33. By this means a reservoir or chamber for hot water is produced at one end of the shell or body.
Depending from the bottom member 10. intermediate its ends is a flange or rib 34, the rib being preferably integral with the bottom 10 and the flanges 12 at the sides.
Attached at 35 to the cross flange 34 and to the flanges 12 at the side, is an ash pit 36 having a door 37 movably connected as by hinges 38to the ash pit, the door having suitable means, such as a slide damper 39,
to admit air to the ash pit and thence through the grate, and to control the flow of air.
An ash pan 40 is disposed within the ash pit 36 and removable through the door 37 When wood or coal is used for fuel, a grate of suitable construction will be located in a suitable opening in the bottom 10, and represented conventionally at 41.
A fire door providing admission to the fire chamber is employed and represented conventionally at 43.
The oven portion of the improved stove or range is formed in one piece and comprises a bottom 44 top 45 and ends 46 and 47, but without sides. The oven is disposed within the shell and bears by the edges of its members against the inner faces of the side walls 18 of the shell, andby the end 46 against oven 44 is spaced above the gratevdl' and forms the top of the fire chamber. The top of the oven is spaced below the top 23, while the end 47 is spaced from the partition '31, the portions between the oven and the partition 31 and top 23 forming the smoke pas sages between the fire chamber and the outlet 2829.
The side Walls 18 andthe end wall 19 are formed respectively with inwardly directed V ribs or rests 4S and 49 to support the oven.
The oven is thus exposed on three sides to the heated air passing "from the fuel on the compartment, is a valve casing '59 having 7 means at the upper end for receiving a water intake pipe and with an internal valve seat 61. v 1 v V A valve 62 engages the seat 61 and is provided with a downwardlyextending stem 68. Depending from the top 23 within the hot water chamber is a bracket 6%,and pivoted at 65 to'the bracket is a lever arm 66; V
The lever arm is pivoted at one end at 67 tothe stem 66 and is providedwith a float 68 at the other end.
The float is influenced by thewater in the chamber, and when the water is low, will hold the valve. 62 in open position, and when the water risesabove a normal stage, the
float will be actuated thereby, and close the valve and shut off the flow. The water in the chamber a is thus automatically maintained at a uniform stage. 1
A pluralityof holes 69 are formed in the arm 66 between the pivots (35 and 67 to support a counterweight 70, to enable the resistanceto the action of the float to be controlled according to the pressure, when required.
An overflow pipe 71 and an upper draw Hoff pipe 72 are provided, as shown, and. a
lower draw off or blow off pipe 73 is also provided.
Each of the pipes will be provided with a suitable controlling valve.
Formed in the bottom of the oven are a plurality oi. holes or openings, to receive the cooking vessels, and each provided with 'a suitable closure or lid as shown.
The preferredembodiment of'the invention is disclosed in the'drawings and set forth in the specification, but it will be understood that any modifications within-the scope of the claims may be made in the con struction without departing from the principle of'the invention or sacrificing any of its advantages. 7
Having thus whatI claim is:
A'stove of'the class described comprising described the invention,
, a shell having means ior supplying hot air thereto at one point and discharging the heated air therefrom at another point-,and an oven formed with a bottom, top and end members and open at the sides and-adapted to be disposed within the shell withits top and bottom and one end spaced from'the confronting portions o'lthe s'hell'andthe other end adjusted against the shell and with one open side closed by one side wall of the shell, another of the side walls of the shell having an opening covered by a door and communicating with the oven, thebottom of the oven having griddle openings providing communication between the source of heat and the oven, and a griddlefor each of the openings g In testimony whereof Taflix my signature hereto.
JOSEPH snaern
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