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Improvement in Grain Wagons.





Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 123,065, dated January 23, 1872.

SPECIFICATION. To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, DAVID WARNCCK, of Champaign, in the county of Livingston and State of Illinois, have invented certain Improvements in Grain-Wagons, of which the Ibllowing is a specification, reference being had to the accompanying drawing.

My invention relates to doors to be applied to the bottoms of grain-wagons, to facilitate the discharge or unloading of the grain; and consists in a metal door and frame adapted for application to all ordinary wagons, and intended to be put into the market as an article of sale, so that they may be obtained and applied by the owners of Wagons.

Figure lis a bottom plan view of a wagon-body having one of my doors applied thereto. Fig'.

2 is a longitudinal vertical section through the saine on the line x x of Fig. 1.

In the drawing', A represents a small metal door, hinged in a iiat metal frame, B, so as to shut closely therein. The door is provided with a tongue or hasp, a., and the fra-me with a staple, b, over which the tongue a fits when the door is closed, so that the door may be fastened by inserting la pin or key through the staple, as shown, and the frame is also provided with a series of holes to receive screws for fastening it in place.

In applying my door a hole of less size than the door is cut through the bottom of the wagon-body at any desired point7 and then the frame B applied to the underside of the body around the hole and screwed fast, so that when the door A is closed it will cover the hole. A block, C, is then secured to the upper side of the door, so as to t snugly into the hole or opening' in the body and ll the same up flush with the inside of the body. The block thus fitting' into and filling the hole prevents dirt from lodging therein when the wagon is being used for other purposes, leaves a smooth flush bottom inside, which is frequently necessary, and prevents the grain from escaping. The escape of the grain, in case it works down around the blocks C, is prevented by the door, which being larger than the opening in the body, extends outward and covers the joint around the block.

It will be seen that where a wagon has its body provided with one of my doors the grain may be discharged by simply opening the door and allowing' the grain to iiow down through the opening, a little grain in the corners of the body requiring, of course, to be shoveled up to the opening. In this manner the labor' of shoveling the grain into measures or receptacles and then lifting them from the wagon by hand in the usual manner is avoided, and the grain also unloaded in less time. The receptacles may be placed under the opening so as to have the grain fall into them, or a trough may be arranged from the opening to the receptacle or bin at one side of the Wagon. The door and frame may be made of any size and forni desired, and of any suitable material, cast-iron being, however, preferred. It is also obvious that instead of the hinged door the frame may be provided with a sliding' door, but the former is preferred.

The doors made on my plan may be applied by any person of ordinary ability to any of the ordinary wagons in a few minutes.

I am aware that wagons have been heretofore made, having their bottoms provided with doors, and also with their entire bottoms hinged; but in all such cases the wagons were con structed with especial reference to the application of such doors or bottoms, and were heavy and expensive; and, moreover, could not be fitted and kept tight enough to prevent the leakage of the grain.

It is evident that instead of lia'vingthe frame surrounding the door, as shown, the door may be provided simply with two hinges, and the staple for fastening it driven into the body of the wagon.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim is- As a new article of manufacture, the frame B provided with the door A, adapted for application to grain-wagons, as setforth.

Vitnesses: DAVID WARN OOK.


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