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Patented Mar. 14, 1916.
Application filed May 19, 1914..
T0 at whom it may concern Be it known that I, THoMAs subject of the King of Great Britain, residing at Steveston, in the Province ofBritish Columbia and Dominion of Canada, have invented new and useful Improvements in Record-Cabinets, of which the following is a specification.
An object of the invention is to provide a record cabinet for holding phonograph records of the cylinder type, and whereby any desired record or records can be conveniently removed from the cabinet at any time and as readily replaced therein.
The invention contemplates, among other features, the provision of a cabinet which preferably is not provided with a closure or door and has only a slot formed in one of the walls of the cabinet and through which the records are removed "or replaced, thus preventing to a great degree the entrance of dust and dirt into the cabinet for the reason that a large number of cabinets are provided with swinging doors, but the doors are ofttimes carelessly left open, thus exposing the records to dust and dirt which enters the grooves of the surfaces of the records and destroys their musical value.
The invention further contemplates a cabinet which is provided with suitable mechanism whereby any record or number of records can be readily removed from the cabinet by a slight manipulation of the mechanism and can be as readily replaced therein.
. The invention still further embodies a cabinet whereby any particular record can be readily removed from the cabinet, it being only necessary to know the name or number thereof.
In the further disclosure of the invention reference is to be had to the accompanying drawings, constituting a part of this specification, in which similar characters of reference denote corresponding parts in all the views, and in which:
Figure 1 is a perspective view of one form of my record, cabinet; Fig. 2 is a vertical transverse sectional view taken through the cabinet; Fig. 3 is a fragmentary enlarged elevation showing the means whereby a particular record can be readily removed from the cabinet.
Referring more particularly to the views, I disclose a cabinet 10 arranged to support a phonograph 11 and which cabinet consists,
Specification of Letters Patent.
Patented Mar. 14, 1916.
Serial no. 839,629.
more particularly, of a boX-like body 12 supported on suitable legs 13 and having a wall 14 thereof provided with a vertical slot 15. The wall 14 is preferably secured to the body of the cabinet by suitable hooks 16.
A horizontal bar 17 projects transversely to the wall 1 1, within the body 12, and has its medial portion provided with an opening 18 registering with an opening 19 in the wall 14. A record holder 20 is keyed to rotate with a shaft 21 journaled in a bearing22 on an opposite wall 23 of the body 12, with one end of the shaft projecting through the openings 18, 19 and terminating in an indicator 24 adapted to operate over a dial 25 secured to the wall 14 adjacent the lower end of the slot 15 therein, it being thus seen that the bar 17 constitutes a bearing for the shaft and that when the indicator 24L is rotated around the dial 25 rotation will be imparted to the record holder 20. The record holder 20 preferably is formed in two circular sections 26, 27, the section 26 having a series of spaced spindles 28 projecting from a face thereof and extending through enlarged openings 29 in the section 27 and which is secured to the section 26. The spindles 28 are preferably covered with felt or cloth 30 and the openings 29 are preferably lined with the, same material.
The dial 25 preferably contains a series of numerals 31 and a card 32 bearing numerals 83 similar to the numerals 31 is secured in any convenient manner to the wall 14:, below the indicator 2%, with the names of the selections on the records inscribed on the card opposite the numerals thereon. Now when it is desired to remove a certain record from the cabinet, and which record is one of many supported on the spindles 28 and projecting through the openings 29 of. the record holder, the selection is first found on the card 32 and then the particular numeral opposite the selection, constituting a key, is located on the dial 25. The indicator 2 1 is now rotated around the dial until it registers with the particular numeral mentioned and when this occurs the particular record desired will aline with the slot 15 in the wall 14 and can be conveniently removed from the record holder. Thus with a construction of this kind it will be seen that a large number of records can be conveniently sup ported within the cabinet and easily arranged in position for ready removal there- 2 ifrom,it being simply necessary to turn thei indicator to the numeral corresponding to 'as mentioned heretofore.
' j the numeral on the card, opposite toe the 5 name of the selection on the card, in order to bring the record in alinement with-slot wall 1 1 is made removable from the body and is normally held thereon by the hook 16 To this end the dial 25 is preferably provided with a slot 3 1 slightly larger than the indicator 24 and whereby, whenthe indicator is alined with" the'slot' and thehooks unfastened, the Wall 14min be removed fromthe body, thuseX-' posingthe record holder. It will of course be understood that in the use of the cabinet the wall 14 remains in engagement with the body and is only removed when it is desired "to cleane the cabinet or place new records upon the record holder.
' v 0rd can be conveniently removed "from the From the foregoing description it will be seen that the recordcabinet described is of a simple construction, consists of few'parts and cannot readily get out of order. By simply turning the indicator to a numeral on the dial and which constitutes a key as between the indicator and the'card having the selections inscribed thereon, any desired reccabinet without necessitating the removal of fGopi es of this patent may b obtained for one of the Walls thereof or the opening of the side of the cabinet as is the case in the j usual cabinets now generallyused and which are provided withswinging doors. 7
claim; l o A record cabinet comprising a boX having Having thus j described my invention, I
a slot in the front wallthereofterminating above'the longitudinal centerofthe box, a horizontal barfextendmg acrossethe boxesw within the same the said bar being provided with a central opening, a shaft journaled in;
therear wall and passing through the opening of the bar, a revoluble record holder supportedon the shaft including a pair. of 7 sections, one of such sections being'formed with aseries of centrally arranged openings,
a series of record holding'memberspiroJectf ing. from the face of the other section and eX- tending l horizontally forward toward the front wall, and through the openings of the first mentioned section, a dial on the'exterior of thefront Wall, andan indicator formed by a continuation of the shaft projecting through the front wall and bent laterally to T- operate over the dial below and in alinement wlth said slot, sa1d dial having a ser es of indications'adapted to correspond withrecords upon the record'holder and whereby, when the indicator points to a particular in dication the record ionv the record holder corresponding with said indication willappear through the slot in the front; wall of the casing. I V r I e V In testimony whereof I aflix my signature .in presence of two witnesses. v
Witnesses: A.. E. NEEDES, ROB RT RUssELL.-j
five cents each, addressing the fcommiissioner of 'P ate'nts." Washington, D. 0,.
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