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dem sans @met @91Min,


Letters Patent No. 103,818, fla-teal May 31, 1S70.


The Schedule referred to in these Letters Patentand making part of the same To all persons to whom these presents 'may come:

A Be it known that I, ANDREW Mouse, of Skowhegan, of thecount-y of Somerset and State of Maine, have invented a new and useful or Improved Apparatus for 'Weighing Heavy Bodies; and do hereby `declare the saine to be fully described in thefollowing specification and represented in the accompanying drawing, of which- Figure 1 denotes a front elevation, and

Figure 2 an edge view of it.

The apparatus is designed by me for use, either within or without a ships block In either case, it may be arranged so as tol indicate the weight or strain to which the block may be subjected in raising an article. It may be suspended from a block, andthe article to be raised may be' appended to the lower hook ofthe apparatus, in which case the weight of the article may he ascertained by the apparatus.. I would also remark that vthe apparatus may be otherwise used tor-,weighing objects.

In the drawingi A and B denote two levers of equal length, oonjoined by two vertical rods C D, which .are also equal in length, and at their ends are jointed to the ends of the levers, the said levers being arranged in inclined positions, to the'horizon, while the rods are disposed vertically.

Near its middle each lever is provided with knifeedges to give support to one oi' two hangers E F, each'of which is furnished with a hook, o or b, and is formed and arranged, with respect to the levers, in

manner as represented.

A helical spring G is extended diagonally or obliqncly across the space between the levers and their connecting-rods, and is connected to the two leversr or to screw-bolts b b', going through them and provided with nuts c c.

Furthermore, a scale or divided bar H is fastened to and arranged upon the lowerlever, and operates with an index pointer I, which is projected from one of the knife-edge bearings of the upper lever, the whole being as representedin the drawing. The fullcruln of each of the two levers is not to be disposed at the middle ofthe lever, but somewhat aside thereof or at a small distance therefrom, thereby making one arnr of the lever shorter than the other, the longer arm of the upper lever being arranged directly over the shorter arm of the lower lever. The spring is to be connected to the shorter arms of the levers,

By pulling the two hooks in opposite directions ,there will be a tendency to draw the levers into positions as represented at A' B', (by dotted lilies in tig. 1,) which tendency will be resist-ed by the spring. As it and the levers may move under the strain, the index pointer will move over the arc or scale, and indicate thereon the amount of the force of traction.

Should the elasticity of the spring be lessened by use of the apparatus, so as to cause the index pointer not to rest over the zero of the scale when no weight is suspended from the lower hook, lwe can restore the index pointer to its proper position by simply'isufticiently setting up one or bot-l1 of the nuts of the screw-bolts. l

I claim the combination of the two levers A B, their connecting-rods C D, the hangers E F, index pointer I, the scale H, and the spring G or its equivalent, the whole heilig arranged and applied together, substantially in manner, and to operate as and for the pulpos@ as explained.



It. H. EDDY, J. It. Snow.

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