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Damper using fluid


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To provide a fluid damper capable of increasing resistance in pressing a piston therein, reducing resistance in the middle and reducing fluid resistance in drawing-out in comparison with that in pressing-in. In this fluid damper, a cylinder 10 is provided with a stationary member 22 on a tip portion of a working shaft 2, and a moving member 23 moving between the stationary member and a tip prescribed position 12A, and the moving member has a sliding member 24 radially eformable. The sliding member is closely kept into contact with and slid on cylinder inner walls 10A, 10B of a certain area S1, and has a clearance with respect to a large-diameter area inner wall 10B', and the moving member is provided with communication passages 24H, 26H for communicating a cylinder chamber A on one side and a cylinder chamber B on the other side. Further the stationary member has a stationary member communication passage 22H, and the moving member is constituted to be closely kept into contact with the stationary member so that the cylinder chamber at one side and the cylinder chamber at the other side are not communicated with each other, excluding a case of being communicated through the stationary member communication passage and the communication passage in the certain area.
TW95124240A 2005-08-11 2006-07-04 Damper using fluid TWI294020B (en)

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JP2005232846A JP2007046729A (en) 2005-08-11 2005-08-11 Fluid damper

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TW200714818A true TW200714818A (en) 2007-04-16
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TW95124240A TWI294020B (en) 2005-08-11 2006-07-04 Damper using fluid

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CN100406769C (en) 2008-07-30
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