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Florentij F Kazantsev
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The invention relates to a power system and can be used in fuel combustion plants for ignition.
The purpose of the invention is to increase the reliability of work.
The drawing shows the igniter, a longitudinal section.
The igniter comprises a gas distribution pipe 1 with a nozzle 2 and a body 3 connected to the gas distribution pipe 1, consisting of a diffuser 4 and a cylindrical 5 sections. In the diffuser section 4 of the housing 3 there are holes 6 for supplying primary air. 15 In the cylindrical section 5 of the housing 3, holes 7 are made to exit the air-gas mixture, forming perforations. At the ends of the perforated section 5, concentric with the axis of the housing 3 20 are stabilized rings 8.
In the furnace made a pilot hole 9.
Igniter works as follows.
Combustible gas enters the gas distribution pipe 1 and through the nozzle 2 enters the diffuser section 4 of the housing 3. Due to the kinetic energy of the gas jet coming from the nozzle 2, air is injected through the openings 6, forming a gas-air mixture in the housing 3, which leaves through the openings 7 and set on fire. Then the igniter is introduced through the pilot hole 9 into the firebox ..
Due to the presence of stabilizing rings 8, reinforced at the ends of the perforated section 5 of the housing 3, the high velocity of the air flowing through the opening 9 under the action of vacuum in the furnace decreases sharply and, forming vortex zones between the stabilizing rings 8, ensures normal burning of the torch in the zone of the pilot hole 9.

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  1. ZAPLNIK, containing a gas distribution pipe with a perforated section and two stabilizing rings, characterized in that, in order to increase reliability, the rings are fixed on the pipe at the beginning and at the end of the perforated section.
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