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Until the Tell-up of fiberboard


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    • B27N3/00Manufacture of substantially flat articles, e.g. boards, from particles or fibres
    • B27N3/08Moulding or pressing
    • B27N3/10Moulding of mats


Fiberboards are manufactured by defibration of fibre material, admixture of binding agent, drying of the fibres and forming of a fibre mat, which is pressed to boards. The fibre mat is formed of two outer layers and one intermediate central layer. The fibres intended for the central layer are caused at the drying to assume a very low moisture content, suitably 2-8%, in relation to the fibres intended for the outer layers, which preferably are given a moisture content of 15-30%.
SE8506018A 1985-12-19 1985-12-19 Until the Tell-up of fiberboard SE8506018L (en)

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SE8506018A SE8506018L (en) 1985-12-19 1985-12-19 Until the Tell-up of fiberboard

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SE8506018A SE8506018L (en) 1985-12-19 1985-12-19 Until the Tell-up of fiberboard
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SE8506018D0 SE8506018D0 (en) 1985-12-19
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SE8506018A SE8506018L (en) 1985-12-19 1985-12-19 Until the Tell-up of fiberboard

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