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Kauko Rautio
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    • F24F6/00Air-humidification, e.g. cooling by humidification
    • F24F6/02Air-humidification, e.g. cooling by humidification by evaporation of water in the air
    • F24F6/025Air-humidification, e.g. cooling by humidification by evaporation of water in the air using electrical heating means
SE8502136A 1984-05-04 1985-05-02 HUMIDIFIER WITH CONTROL DEVICE FOR WATER SUPPLY SE460619B (sv)

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FI841797A FI82303C (sv) 1984-05-04 1984-05-04 Luftfuktare

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SE8502136D0 SE8502136D0 (sv) 1985-05-02
SE8502136L true SE8502136L (sv) 1985-11-05
SE460619B SE460619B (sv) 1989-10-30



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SE8502136A SE460619B (sv) 1984-05-04 1985-05-02 HUMIDIFIER WITH CONTROL DEVICE FOR WATER SUPPLY

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US (1) US4764661A (sv)
CA (1) CA1241049A (sv)
CH (1) CH661784A5 (sv)
DD (1) DD242465A5 (sv)
DE (1) DE3513835A1 (sv)
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SE (1) SE460619B (sv)
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CH661784A5 (fr) 1987-08-14
SE460619B (sv) 1989-10-30
SE8502136D0 (sv) 1985-05-02
FI841797A (fi) 1985-11-05
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