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Ventilated smoking article


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    • A24D3/00Tobacco smoke filters, e.g. filter-tips, filtering inserts; Mouthpieces for cigars or cigarettes
    • A24D3/04Tobacco smoke filters characterised by their shape or structure
    • A24D3/043Tobacco smoke filters characterised by their shape or structure with ventilation means, e.g. air dilution


Artikl za pušenje sa ventilacojom koji sadrži cilindrični filterski čep (16) od homogenog filtracionog materijala, nepropustljiv za vazduh omotač (18) čepa za filterski čep (16), kružno raspoređene žlebove (20) koji se protežu uzdužno duž filterskog čepa (16) i koji su takođe utisnuti u omotač (18) čepa, ovoj ni papir za povezivanje filterskog čepa (16) za duvanski štapić (12), naznačen time što su svi žlebovi (20) otvoreni na strani duvanskog štapića (12) i da se protežu kontinuirano preko dela dužine filterskog čepa (16), a stoga se ne protežu do usnog kraja filterskog čepa (16) i da su svi žlebovi (20) pokriveni ventilirajućim ovojnim papirom (22).Prijava sadrži još 20 zavisnih patentnih zahteva. A smoking article with ventilacojom comprising a cylindrical filter plug (16) of homogeneous filtration material, impermeable to the air layer (18) of the plug for the filter plug (16), the circular grooves (20) extending longitudinally along the filter plug (16) and which are also embedded in the sheath (18) of the stopper, this is not paper for connecting the filter plug (16) for a tobacco rod (12), characterized in that all the grooves (20) open on the side of the tobacco rod (12) and that extends continuously over part of the length of the filter plug (16), and therefore do not extend up to the mouth end of the filter plug (16) and that all the grooves (20) covered by the ventilated tipping paper (22) .Prijava contains 20 more dependent claims.
YUP-509/04A 2001-12-18 2002-12-11 Ventilated smoking article RS50890B (en)

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EP20010129382 EP1321050B1 (en) 2001-12-18 2001-12-18 Filter for a smoking article

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YU50904A YU50904A (en) 2006-08-17
RS50890B true RS50890B (en) 2010-08-31



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YUP-509/04A RS50890B (en) 2001-12-18 2002-12-11 Ventilated smoking article

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