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Apparat til kunstig inseminering.


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Bertrand Cassou
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    • A61D19/00Instruments or methods for reproduction or fertilisation
    • A61D19/02Instruments or methods for reproduction or fertilisation for artificial insemination
    • A61D19/027Devices for injecting semen into animals, e.g. syringes, guns, probes
NO851776A 1984-05-04 1985-05-03 Apparat til kunstig inseminering. NO165325C (no)

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FR8406963A FR2563726B1 (fr) 1984-05-04 1984-05-04 Appareil d'insemination artificielle, notamment des carnivores

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NO851776L NO851776L (no) 1985-11-05
NO165325B NO165325B (no) 1990-10-22
NO165325C true NO165325C (no) 1991-01-30



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NO851776A NO165325C (no) 1984-05-04 1985-05-03 Apparat til kunstig inseminering.

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