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    • B22C11/00Moulding machines characterised by the relative arrangement of the parts of same
    • B22C11/10Moulding machines characterised by the relative arrangement of the parts of same with one or more flasks forming part of the machine, from which only the sand moulds made by compacting are removed
NL7408140.A 1973-06-19 1974-06-18 Gieterij-inrichting. NL159303B (nl)

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DK338373A DK129631C (nl) 1973-06-19 1973-06-19

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NL7408140A NL7408140A (nl) 1974-12-23
NL159303B true NL159303B (nl) 1979-02-15



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NL7408140.A NL159303B (nl) 1973-06-19 1974-06-18 Gieterij-inrichting.

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US (1) US3960202A (nl)
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