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    • B66B9/00Kinds or types of lifts in, or associated with, buildings or other structures
    • B66B9/003Kinds or types of lifts in, or associated with, buildings or other structures for lateral transfer of car or frame, e.g. between vertical hoistways or to/from a parking position
    • B66B9/00Kinds or types of lifts in, or associated with, buildings or other structures
    • B66B9/10Kinds or types of lifts in, or associated with, buildings or other structures paternoster type


A service transport system for use in facilities having a plurality of access stations. One embodiment of the invention shows the transport system as a service lift system for use in multi-storey buildings and which is housed in one or more vertically disposed shafts formed in the building. The system includes a plurality of service capsules such as elevator cabs which are independently drivable on continuous flow guide rails and auxiliary rails at a plurality of access stations. In the case of the service lift system, each access station would be located at each story in the building. The service capsule can be diverted from the flow guide rails to any selected auxiliary rails for access thereto. A service capsule moving on the flow guide rails may also pass a capsule which is stationed temporarily on the auxiliary rails. Cross-over rails are also provided for moving the capsule from the flow guide rails to the auxiliary rails. In addition, each of the capsules are carried by a carrier mechanism so that the capsule may be swung away from the flow rails and presented to an access station when temporarily located on the auxiliary rails.
IT26699/72A 1971-07-07 1972-07-06 SERVICE TRANSPORT SYSTEM IT962484B (en)

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IT26699/72A IT962484B (en) 1971-07-07 1972-07-06 SERVICE TRANSPORT SYSTEM

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