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Electronic timepiece


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HK4178A HK41/78A HK4178A HK4178A HK 4178 A HK4178 A HK 4178A HK 41/78 A HK41/78 A HK 41/78A HK 4178 A HK4178 A HK 4178A HK 4178 A HK4178 A HK 4178A
Hong Kong
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electronic timepiece
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Suwa Seikosha Kk
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Priority to JP47061101A priority Critical patent/JPS4922974A/ja
Application filed by Suwa Seikosha Kk filed Critical Suwa Seikosha Kk
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    • G04G5/00Setting, i.e. correcting or changing, the time-indication
    • G04G5/04Setting, i.e. correcting or changing, the time-indication by setting each of the displayed values, e.g. date, hour, independently
    • G04G5/041Correction of the minutes counter in function of the seconds' counter position at zero adjustment of the latter
HK41/78A 1972-06-19 1978-01-19 Electronic timepiece HK4178A (en)

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JP47061101A JPS4922974A (en) 1972-06-19 1972-06-19

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HK4178A true HK4178A (en) 1978-01-27



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HK41/78A HK4178A (en) 1972-06-19 1978-01-19 Electronic timepiece

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US (1) US3889460A (en)
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GB (1) GB1412512A (en)
HK (1) HK4178A (en)
MY (1) MY7800072A (en)

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MY7800072A (en) 1978-12-31
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US3889460A (en) 1975-06-17
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