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1399683 Sprues PACKAGING CORP OF AMERICA 3 Aug 1973 [18 Dec 1972] 36972/73 Heading B3F [Also in Division B1] A sprue comprises a pair of elongated sections 11 and 12 each section having one side thereof integral with and foldably connected to a corresponding side of the other section, and one side provided with means 14 for locking the sections together in a closed position to form a funnel. The sprue may be formed of moulded paper pulp and may be provided with protuberances 12d to prevent the molten metal from swirling. One of the sections is provided with a continuous bead (15a) on its side adjacent the tabs 14, the said bead fitting within a groove (15b) formed in the other section when the sections are locked together to form a seal. In use, the sprue is surrounded by foundry sand and disintegrates after pouring the molten metal.
GB3697273A 1972-12-18 1973-08-03 Pouring sprue Expired GB1399683A (en)

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US31586472 US3844337A (en) 1972-12-18 1972-12-18 Pouring sprue

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GB3697273A Expired GB1399683A (en) 1972-12-18 1973-08-03 Pouring sprue

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