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    • H01Q1/00Details of, or arrangements associated with, antennas
    • H01Q1/42Housings not intimately mechanically associated with radiating elements, e.g. radome
    • H01Q1/422Housings not intimately mechanically associated with radiating elements, e.g. radome comprising two or more layers of dielectric material


1375906 Radomes SUMITOMO ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES Ltd 9 March 1972 [11 March 1971] 11066/72 Heading H4A A sandwich type radome has three layers, the equivalent dielectric constant of the outer layers being equal to the square root of the dielectric constant of the inner layer, in order to reduce transmission losses. The core is made of a substantially non-magnetic dielectric material and the thickness of each outer layer is an odd number multiple of #/4 (#= wavelength in the layer at the operating frequency). As shown, the outer layers are in the form of strips 2 of dielectric material arranged upon the surfaces of the inner layer 1, and parallel to the electric field vector. The width W of the strips and their pitch P are chosen so that the required equivalent dielectric constant is obtained. The material of which the strips are made may be the same or different from that of the inner layer, and they may be attached thereto by means of an adhesive; alternatively, they may be formed from a sufficiently thick plate by machining or moulding (Figs. 6(a-c), not shown). The thickness of the inner layer may be an odd number multiple of a quarter of the wavelength therein at the operating frequency. A latticelike or regularly spaced embossed configuration may be adopted for the outer layers in cases where the electric field vector has components in two perpendicular directions.
GB1106672A 1971-03-11 1972-03-09 Radomes Expired GB1375906A (en)

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GB1106672A Expired GB1375906A (en) 1971-03-11 1972-03-09 Radomes

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