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Method and arrangement for transmitting information in a packet radio service


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DK1231745T3 DK02250780T DK02250780T DK1231745T3 DK 1231745 T3 DK1231745 T3 DK 1231745T3 DK 02250780 T DK02250780 T DK 02250780T DK 02250780 T DK02250780 T DK 02250780T DK 1231745 T3 DK1231745 T3 DK 1231745T3
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Janne Parantainen
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    • H04W72/00Local resource management, e.g. wireless traffic scheduling or selection or allocation of wireless resources
    • H04W72/04Wireless resource allocation
    • H04W72/0406Wireless resource allocation involving control information exchange between nodes
DK02250780T 2001-02-09 2002-02-05 Method and arrangement for transmitting information in a packet radio service DK1231745T3 (en)

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FI20010251A FI112138B (en) 2001-02-09 2001-02-09 Advanced method and apparatus for transmitting information in a packet radio service

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DK1231745T3 true DK1231745T3 (en) 2008-11-03



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DK02250780T DK1231745T3 (en) 2001-02-09 2002-02-05 Method and arrangement for transmitting information in a packet radio service

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