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Containers and holders therefor for use in electrostatic spraying


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electrostatic spraying
holders therefor
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Ronald Alan Coffee
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Ici Plc
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    • B05B5/00Electrostatic spraying apparatus; Spraying apparatus with means for charging the spray electrically; Apparatus for spraying liquids or other fluent materials by other electric means
    • B05B5/16Arrangements for supplying liquids or other fluent material
CY134280A 1979-12-21 1980-11-24 Containers and holders therefor for use in electrostatic spraying CY1342A (en)

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GB7944150 1979-12-21
GB8036174 1980-11-11

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CY1342A true CY1342A (en) 1987-01-16



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CY134280A CY1342A (en) 1979-12-21 1980-11-24 Containers and holders therefor for use in electrostatic spraying

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