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A shell of a portable electronic device comprises an integral metal shell which is formed by using the technology of metal impact extrusion and a bottom cover which is coordinated with the bottom of the shell, wherein, a main panel of the metal shell is provided with rectangular apertures which are used for installing a display screen and a plurality of key holes which are used for installing push-buttons and the bottom of the shell is provided with a channel; and the bottom cover is used for coordinating with the channel in order to close the metal shell. In addition, the portable electronic device is provided with a plastic stent which is used for supporting a location integrated circuit module group; and the plastic stent is provided with a slide rail to assemble such electronic components as a circuit board and so on. With the integral structure design, the positions which need connecting can be effectively reduced; the aesthetic degree is increased; the cost is reduced; and the electromagnetic interference is prevented more effectively.


便携式电子装置 The portable electronic device

【技术领域】本实用新型涉及一种便携式电子装置,尤指一种用一整体式金属外壳来屏蔽集成电路模组且增加美观的便携式电子装置。 TECHNICAL FIELD The present invention relates to a portable electronic device for a portable electronic device, particularly to a metal housing with a monolithic integrated circuit module is shielded and increases aesthetic.

【背景技术】随着信息科技的迅速发展,便携式电子装置如移动电话、PDA(个人数字助理)等普及率日益升高,这些电子装置的美观程度及触觉效果也愈来愈受到人们的关注与重视。 BACKGROUND With the rapid development of information technology, portable electronic devices such as mobile phone, PDA (personal digital assistant) such as the growing popularity increased, the extent of these beautiful and tactile effects of electronic devices and more and more people's attention and seriously. 由于塑料材料本身具有质轻、成本低、加工技术简单、抗腐蚀等诸多优点,所以大多数便携式电子装置都采用塑料外壳。 As the plastic material itself with a light weight, low cost, simple processing technology, corrosion resistance and many other advantages, most portable electronic devices are plastic housing. 然而,传统塑料产品前、后盖体在配合形成外壳时,容易出现断差问题。 However, the former conventional plastic products, when the rear cover is formed with the housing, easily broken difference problems. 而且随着消费性电子产品的不断发展,消费者需求的不断变化,除在产品功能上作改进之外,在产品造型、选材、质感等方面也需要具有吸引力。 And with the development of consumer electronics products, changing consumer demand, in addition to product features to make improvements in product modeling, material, texture, also we need attractive. 因此,一些金属外壳被用于便携式电子装置,不仅使得产品外观亮丽,而且在一定程度上还具有屏蔽电磁波作用。 Thus, some of the metal housing is used in a portable electronic device, so that not only beautiful appearance, but also has electromagnetic wave shielding effect to a certain extent.

但是,传统的便携式电子装置均采用前、后外壳组合的方式来屏蔽电子装置中的集成电路模组。 However, the former conventional portable electronic devices are used, the manner in combination to shield the housing of the electronic device in an integrated circuit module. 美国专利第6,229,993号揭示了一种由前、后两部分组成的移动电话外壳,主要要通过前、后两部分外壳相互迭合的方式结合,其中在前壳侧壁内设置有舌状弹片,通过舌状弹片收容在后盖的凹槽内及螺钉的作用将前、后两部分牢固结合。 U.S. Patent No. 6,229,993 discloses a mobile phone case one kind of a front, rear two-part, primarily through the front, the two parts of the housing together mutually overlapping manner in conjunction with the front side wall wherein the inner shell is provided with a tongue shrapnel, housed in the recess and the back cover by the screw action of the tongue-like elastic piece front and rear two portions firmly bonded. 然而,对金属件采用铆合或焊接工艺均会对产品外观造成一定缺陷,事实证明要除去这些缺陷会增加制造成本并且会对大批量生产造成困难。 However, the metal parts using riveting or welding process are the appearance of the product will cause certain defects, these defects proved to be removed and would increase the manufacturing cost mass production difficult.

【创作内容】本实用新型主要目的在于提供一种表面美观、可有效屏蔽电磁波且容易制造、成本较低的便携式电子装置。 [SUMMARY] Creation primary object of the present invention is to provide a surface appearance, can effectively shield electromagnetic waves and easy to manufacture, low cost portable electronic device.

为达到上述目的,本实用新型采用以下技术方案:该便携式电子装置包括利用金属挤压成型技术(impact extrusion)形成的一整体式金属外壳和收容在该金属外壳内的集成电路模块及与所述金属外壳底端配合的底盖。 To achieve the above object, the present invention adopts the following technical solution: The portable electronic device comprises a metal extrusion technologies (impact extrusion) forming a unitary metal shell and housed in the metal casing and the integrated circuit module the bottom end of the metal shell with a bottom cover. 其中,在该金属外壳的主面板上设置供安装显示屏的矩形孔和若干供安装按键的键孔,在其底端则设有通道,以供集成电路模块插入。 Wherein the main panel is provided on the metal case for mounting the display of the keyhole and a plurality of rectangular holes for installation of keys, at its bottom end is provided with a passage, for an integrated circuit module is inserted. 而底盖用来封闭上述金属外壳。 And said metal shell for closing the bottom cover. 另外,该便携式电子装置还设有用来支撑定位集成电路模组的塑料支架,该塑料支架设有滑轨以组设电路板等电子组件。 Further, the portable electronic device is also provided for supporting and positioning the integrated circuit module of a plastic stent, the plastic stent is provided with a circuit board disposed in groups rails and other electronic components.

相较于现有技术,本实用新型便携式电子装置由于外壳通过整体式结构设计可有效减少需要连接的部位,增加美观程度,降低成本,并进一步有效地防止电磁波干扰。 Compared to the prior art, the present invention, since the portable electronic device housing unitary structure design can effectively reduce the portion to be connected to increase the aesthetic appearance, reduce costs, and further effectively prevented by electromagnetic interference.

【附图说明】图1是本实用新型应用在移动电话实施例的示意图。 BRIEF DESCRIPTION FIG. 1 is a schematic view of an embodiment of the present invention applied in a mobile phone.

图2A是图1所示实施例的外壳的制造方法,其为金属毛坯被挤压成型前的示意图。 2A is a manufacturing method of the housing of the embodiment shown in FIG. 1, a schematic view of the front forming a metal blank which is pressed.

图2B是图1所示实施例的外壳的制造方法,其为金属毛坯挤压成型后的示意图。 2B is a manufacturing method of the housing of the embodiment shown in FIG. 1, a schematic view of the shaped extruded metal blank.

图3是挤压成型出的外壳经过局部冲压技术处理后的示意图。 FIG 3 is extruded out of the housing after partial schematic punching through process technology.

图4是移动电话集成电路模组与上述挤压成型外壳在组装前示意图。 FIG 4 is a mobile telephone integrated circuit module housing a schematic view of extrusion molding the above-described prior to assembly.

图5是移动电话的底盖与装入集成电路模组后之金属外壳的配合示意图。 FIG 5 is a schematic view of the bottom cover with the integrated circuit module after loading the metal housing of the mobile phone.

【具体实施方式】图1所示是本实用新型应用于移动电话上的一实施例,包括一整体式金属外壳5、金属底盖4、按键6、显示屏7、集成电路模组8及塑料支架9(如图4所示)。 DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF EMBODIMENTS Figure 1 shows an embodiment of the present invention applied to a mobile phone, comprising a unitary metal shell 5, the metal bottom cover 4, the key 6, display 7, 8 and the integrated circuit module of plastic holder 9 (as shown in Figure 4). 其中金属外壳5在其主面板51上设置有供安装显示屏7的矩形孔511及安装按键6的若干键孔512,按键6用来输入指令,显示屏7用来显示信息,集成电路模组8用来接收与处理信号,而底盖4则设置在金属外壳5的底端通道57处以封闭金属外壳5。 Wherein the metal casing 5 is provided on a main display panel 51 has a plurality of key holes for installation of rectangular mounting hole 7 and buttons 6 511 512, a key 6 for inputting an instruction, the display 7 for displaying information, the integrated circuit module 8 for receiving and processing signals, while the bottom cover 4 is provided at the bottom of the channel 57 of the metal shell 5 closed metal shell 5 imposed.

图2所示为图1所示实施例的金属外壳5的制造方法,首先,利用延展性金属,如铝、铝合金或铜等制成长方体毛坯块3,而后置入模具2的模腔22中,其中模腔22的形状与毛坯块3相吻合。 Figure 2 shows the production process of the metal shell 1 shown in Example 5, first, a ductile metal, such as aluminum, aluminum alloy, or copper, rectangular blank made of block 3, then into the cavity 22 of the mold 2 in which the shape of the cavity 22 of the greensheet segments 3 coincide. 接着,开动冲头1向下运动,该冲头1的横截面积比长方体毛坯块3的横截面积略小,因此当冲头1刚抵压在长方体毛坯块3的表面时,可保证其四周边缘与长方体毛坯块3的四周边缘平均留有1~3mm的距离,而在冲头1继续向下运动挤压长方体毛坯块3时,金属毛坯块3发生塑性变形而沿着冲头1周围在模腔中反方向移动,从而形成中空的长方体型腔。 Next, start a downward movement of the punch, the punch cross-sectional area slightly smaller than the cross-sectional area of ​​a rectangular blank block 3, so that when the punch is pressed against the surface of a rigid rectangular blank block 3, which can ensure around the peripheral edges of the cuboid four weeks greensheet segments edge 3 1 ~ 3mm average distance is left, and in the continued downward movement of the punch 1 pressing block 3 rectangular blank, the metal blank is plastically deformed block 3 along the punch 1 moving in the opposite direction in the mold cavity, the mold cavity to form a hollow rectangular parallelepiped. 最后,向上返回冲头1,取出所得中空金属外壳5坯件。 Finally, the punch 1 upwardly return, remove the resulting hollow metal housing 5 blank.

请参照图3所示,经上述成型处理后的金属外壳5包括主面板51、底板54及三侧壁53,并在其底端52形成通道57。 Referring to Figure, the above-described process after forming the metal casing 5 includes a main panel 51, bottom plate 54 and three side walls 533, passage 57 and 52 is formed at its bottom end. 此后通过对前述金属外壳5坯件局部采用冲压技术,在主面板51上距离通道57较远部位开设有矩形孔511,以供安装显示屏7,在矩形孔511的下方冲出若干键孔512以供安装按键6。 Thereafter the metal shell 5 by partial stamping technology blank, opened in the main panel 51 farther from the portion 57 with a rectangular passage hole 511, for mounting the display 7, a plurality of key hole 512 punched in the bottom of the rectangular hole 511 button 6 for installation. 另外在侧壁53冲压若干通孔531、532,以供安装其它功能键。 Also in the side wall 53 a plurality of holes punched 531, 532 for mounting other function keys. 并在金属外壳5的底端52内表面开设有凹孔541及与底面等长的凹槽56,最后再根据产品需要采用不同装饰工艺对上述金属外壳5进行表面处理,就可以得到外观亮丽的移动电话外壳。 52 and the bottom surface of the metal casing 5 defines a long groove 541 and the bottom surface of the recesses 56 and the like, and finally require different decorative product according to the above process the surface treatment the metal shell 5, beautiful appearance can be obtained mobile phone case.

请参照图4所示,组装移动电话时,可以先将显示屏7装入金属外壳5内,定位并粘结在矩形孔511的边框上,然后,将金属外壳主面板51朝下放置,安装弹性按键6使其对应于各键孔512并突出于主面板51的表面。 Referring to FIG. 4, when the mobile phone is assembled, the display 7 can be charged first metal housing 5, and the adhesive is positioned on the frame of the rectangular hole 511, and then, the metal housing of the main panel 51 facing down, is mounted 6 so flexibility of the key corresponding to the key hole 512 and protrudes on the surface of the main panel 51. 接着,将集成电路模组8置于塑料支架9上,该塑料支架9由底壁(未标号)及两相对侧壁(未标号)组成,所述两相对侧壁上设置有一对滑轨91,供电路板81沿其滑入并定位固定在塑料支架9上。 Next, the IC module 8 is placed on a plastic holder 9, the plastic carrier 9 by a bottom wall (not numbered) and two opposite side walls (not numbered) consisting of, disposed on the two opposite side walls 91, a pair of rails , the power supply circuit board 81 is positioned and fixed and which slide along on the plastic carrier 9. 然后,将前述组装有集成电路模块8的塑料支架9以从通道57插入中空金属外壳5内,并使其下表面所设的扣接块与金属外壳5上所述的凹孔541扣接,以稳固固接塑料支架于所述金属外壳5内。 Then, the integrated circuit module incorporating the plastic carrier 9 from the passage 8 is inserted into the housing 57 within the hollow metal 5, the upper fastening block and the surface of the metal shell 5 and the set of its lower fastening recesses 541, securely affixed to the stent in a plastic housing 5 of the metal.

请参照图5所示,最后,将在边缘设置有突起弹片(图未示)的底盖4插入金属外壳5底端的凹槽56中,利用突起弹片(图未示)与凹槽56扣合,以封闭通道57,从而形成整体式移动电话。 Referring to FIG. 5, and finally, the elastic piece is provided with a protrusion (not shown) at the edge of the bottom cover 4 is inserted into the groove 5 of the bottom end of the metal shell 56 by the projection tabs (not shown) engaging with the recess 56 , to close the passage 57, to form an integral-type mobile phone. 因为外观没有接缝,不仅美观而且还有较好的电磁波屏蔽作用。 Because there is no appearance of a seam, not only the appearance but also a good electromagnetic wave shielding effect.

显然,该整体式外壳设计也可应用于如PDA等手持装置达到美观实用的功效。 Obviously, the unitary housing may also be applied to design a handheld device such as a PDA achieve aesthetic and practical effect.

Claims (6)

  1. 1.一种便携式电子装置,包括金属外壳、底盖、用来显示信息的显示屏、用来输入指令的若干按键、用来接收与处理信号的集成电路模组及塑料支架,其中底盖与所述金属外壳配合,形成封闭电子装置外壳,其特征在于:所述外壳为一整体式结构且由主面板、底板及三侧壁所组成,并在外壳底端开设有通道,电路模组定位于所述塑料支架上,从所述通道装入以完成该便携式电子装置的组装。 A portable electronic device, comprising a metal shell, a bottom cover, a display screen for displaying information, a plurality of keys for inputting an instruction for an integrated circuit module, and receiving and processing the plastic carrier signal, and wherein the bottom cover the complex metal shell, forming a closed electronics housing, characterized in that: said housing is a unitary structure and is composed of the main panel, and a bottom plate composed of three side walls, a bottom end and defines a passage in the housing, the positioning circuit module on the plastic holder from the loading channel to complete the assembly of the portable electronic device.
  2. 2.根据权利要求1所述的便携式电子装置,其特征在于:所述外壳底端通道内侧开设容置所述金属底盖的凹槽。 2. The portable electronic device according to claim 1, wherein: said inner metal base cap defines the accommodating groove housing the bottom end of the channel.
  3. 3.根据权利要求2所述的便携式电子装置,其特征在于:所述塑料支架由底壁及两相对侧壁组成。 The portable electronic device according to claim 2, wherein: said plastic support by a bottom wall and two opposite side walls composition.
  4. 4.根据权利要求3所述的便携式电子装置,其特征在于:所述塑料支架的两相对侧壁处设置有以使电路模组沿其滑入与抽出的滑轨。 4. The portable electronic device according to claim 3, wherein: said two opposite side walls of the plastic carrier so that the circuit module is provided along the slide rail and extracted.
  5. 5.根据权利要求4所述的便携式电子装置,其特征在于:所述外壳的内表面设置有与塑料支架下表面的扣接块扣接配合的凹孔。 The portable electronic device as claimed in claim 4, wherein: said housing is provided with an inner surface of the lower plastic support block engaging surfaces engaging mating recesses.
  6. 6.根据权利要求1所述的便携式电子装置,其特征在于:所述外壳所用材料为金属铝、铝合金或金属铜之一。 6. The portable electronic device according to claim 1, wherein: said housing is one of the materials aluminum, aluminum alloy or copper.
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