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The utility model relates to an oxygen increasing type fuel economizer, wherein a filter cavity and a filter screen are arranged in a main body, the filter cavity is connected with an air inlet, the filter screen is connected with an air supply opening, and the air supply opening is designed into a 0.3mm limiting hole. Firstly, the air supply opening is connected with an air inlet throat tube of an engine through a soft tube, the air inlet is connected with an air filter, the air inlet enters the main body of the fuel economizer through clean air which is filtered by the air filter under the suction of the engine because the quality of air is lighter than gasoline, and enters the air inlet throat tube through a 0.3mm air supply opening after being filtered by the filter cavity and the filter screen again, thereby entering a combustion chamber first. Secondly, combustible mixture which comes from the fuel economizer is atomized again and is sent to the engine, thereby forming the mixture closing to the combustion chamber to be thin and the mixture closing the position of a spark plug to be in a normal air-fuel ratio which is 14.8:1, and achieving the functions of the stratified combustion in the combustion chamber, saving fuel, and increasing the power.


增氧型节油器 Oxygen type fuel economy

技术领域 FIELD

本实用新型涉及一种机动车的进气系统,具体的讲是一种增氧型节油器。 The present invention relates to an intake system of a motor vehicle, particularly a speaking oxygen type fuel economy. 技术背景 technical background

目前,摩托车普遍采用化油器供油的占了绝大部分,这种机构构造简单,维修方便,但存在明显不足之处:由于化油器属于被动供油,行驶一段时间后,化油器各量孔会出现不同程度的磨损,导致发动机耗油量过大。 At present, the commonly used motorcycle carburetor fuel oil accounted for the majority, this mechanism simple structure, easy maintenance, but there are obvious shortcomings: As the carburetor is a passive fuel supply, after running for some time, oils is the amount of each hole will be varying degrees of wear and tear, resulting in excessive engine oil consumption.

实用新型内容 SUMMARY

本实用新型的目的在于提供一种增氧型节油器,使得在保证原化油器供油构造简单,维修方便的基础上,还具有降低油耗,延长发动机使用寿命,可用作摩托车的供油系统的增氧型节油器。 The present invention aims to provide a fuel economy-type oxygen, such carburetor fuel supply ensure that the original structure, easy maintenance on the basis of having further reduce fuel consumption, prolong the life of the engine, the motorcycle can be used as oxygen type of fuel supply systems.

本实用新型是以如下技术方案实现的:本增氧型节油器主要由补气口、主体、滤网、过 The present invention is based on the following technical solution: The present fuel type oxygen mainly by qi port body, the filter, through

滤腔、进气口组成,补气口设计成0.3mm的限流孔。 Filter cavity, the composition of the intake port, port designed qi restricted orifice of 0.3mm. 首先将补气口通过软管与发动机的进气喉管连接,进气口与空气滤清器相连接,在发动机的吸力下,因空气的质量轻于汽油,进气口借助空气滤清器过来的干净空气进入节油器的主体,经过滤腔和过滤网再次过滤后,通过0.3mm的补气口进入进气喉管,抢先一步进入燃烧室;其次与化油器过来的可燃混合气再一次雾化,送入发动机,形成燃烧室靠近活塞段的混合气稀,靠近火花塞位置的混合气在正常空燃比14.8: 1,实现了燃烧室内的分层燃烧,节省燃油增加动力的功能。 Qi first port through an intake pipe of the engine hose connecting the air inlet and the air cleaner is connected, under suction of the engine, because gasoline is light weight air intake port of the air cleaner means over clean air into the main body of the fuel economy, was filtered and the filter chamber filtered again through a 0.3mm qi opening into the intake pipe, the first step into the combustion chamber; second time over the carburetor combustible mixture and then atomized, into the engine combustion chamber is formed close to the piston section of the lean air-fuel mixture, the mixture gas air-fuel ratio near the spark plug in the normal position of 14.8: 1 function, achieved stratified combustion within the combustion chamber, fuel savings increase power.

与已有技术比较,使用本增氧型节油器可解决化油器雾化不良,导致的油耗大,动力不足等弊端。 Compared with the prior art, the use of this type of oxygen fuel spray can solve the bad carburetor, fuel consumption due to large, power shortage and other defects.

综上所述,正因为本增氧型节油器具有解决化油器雾化不良,导致的油耗大,动力不足和实现燃烧室分层燃烧的功能,从而延长发动机使用寿命和节省燃油。 In summary, because of this type of fuel has solved oxygen bad carburetor atomization, resulting in fuel consumption, lack of motivation and realization of the combustion chamber stratified combustion function, thus extending engine life and fuel savings. 附图说明 BRIEF DESCRIPTION

图l是本实用新型增氧型节油器的工作原理图。 Figure l is a fuel-type oxygen present invention's operating principle. 图中l.补气口, 2.主体,3.滤网,4过滤腔,5.进气口。 FIG l. Qi mouth, body 2, 3 filter, the filter chamber 4, 5. The intake port. 具体实施方式 Detailed ways

图l是本实用新型增氧型节油器的机械原理图,其机械原理是由补气口(1)、主体(2 )、滤网(3)、过滤腔(4)、进气口(5)组成。 Figure l is a schematic diagram of the present invention a mechanical type fuel economy of oxygen, which is a mechanical principle port qi (1), the body (2), filter (3), the filter chamber (4), the intake port (5 )composition. 在图1中,在主体(2)里面依序安装有过滤腔(4)和滤网(3),过滤腔(4)与进气口(5)连接,滤网(3)与补气口(1)连接,补气口设计成O. 3mm的限流孔。 In Figure 1, the body (2) which in turn is attached to the filter chambers (4) and screen (3), the filter chamber (4) and the intake port (5) is connected to the filter (3) and the opening qi ( 1) is connected, qi port is designed to limit the orifice O. 3mm.

4 4

Claims (1)

1.一种增氧型节油器,其机械部件由补气口、主体、滤网、过滤腔、进气口组成,其特征在于:主体里面依序安装有过滤腔和滤网,过滤腔与进气口连接,滤网与补气口连接,补气口设计成0.3mm的限流孔。 An oxygen type fuel economy, the mechanical components of qi mouth, body, filter, filter chamber, an intake port, and is characterized in that: the body inside the filter cavity and sequentially attached filter, the filter chamber and an intake port connected to the filter port is connected qi, qi port designed to restricted orifice of 0.3mm.
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