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一种系统和方法,允许第3方可通过因特网和万维网监视公司库存,并能自动订购所需物品。 A system and method that allows third only through the Internet and the World Wide Web monitoring company inventory and automatically order the required items. 本发明还提供一种座谈的方式,使转售者与客户可直接互动,以转卖库存剩货和用过的设备。 The present invention also provides a discussion of the way, so that resellers can interact directly with customers to resell the inventory surplus goods and used equipment. 本发明还允许第3方起到中间人的作用,从而确保实际送交所购设备,并且供应商得到合适的报酬。 The present invention also allows a third party acts as an intermediary, so as to ensure the actual delivery of the purchased equipment, and suppliers get the right compensation.


库存控制系统和方法 Inventory control system and method

优先权和著作权要求本申请要求2000年3月7日提出的美国临时专利申请序列号No.60/187,389的权益,其全部公开内容按参考资料在此引入。 Priority and copyright This application claims the benefit of US Provisional Patent March 7, 2000 raised interest in the application serial number No.60 / 187,389, the entire disclosure of which is hereby incorporated by reference.

本申请包含受著作权保护的资料。 This application contains information protected by copyright. 著作权所有者在专利商标事务所文件或记录中出现本专利公开件时,不反对任何人对其进行传真复制,此外,均保留全部著作权。 When the pieces of the copyright owner of this patent disclosure appears in the Patent and Trademark Office file or records, no objection to the facsimile reproduction by anyone, moreover, were to retain all copyrights.

发明领域本发明涉及电子库存控制领域。 Field of the Invention The present invention relates to an electronic inventory control. 具体而言,本发明涉及保健物资库存控制。 Specifically, the present invention relates to health-care supplies inventory control.

发明背景传统上,公司或组织一直是采用库存物品进行库存控制的。 Background Traditionally invention, company or organization has been the use of inventory items for inventory control. 小公司中,库存控制通常不是高度优先,每当物品缺货时才可订货。 Small companies, inventory control is generally not a high priority, whenever items out of stock before ordering.

随着公司规模扩大,库存管理变得超过一般的需要,对频繁使用或关系重大的物品进行监测就很重要。 With the expansion of company size, inventory management becomes more than the general need for frequent use or is of great items to be monitored very important. 通常有专人负责监视库存,并在物资减少时更改订货。 Usually there is someone responsible for monitoring inventory and change orders in reducing supplies. 随着公司规模进一步增大,可用更先进的库存管理技术。 With the further increase in size of the company, it can be used more advanced inventory management techniques. 例如,可分析供应和消费趋势,决定手头的最少货量,并可判断季节性消费或其他高峰消费。 For example, supply and consumption trends can be analyzed to determine the minimum volume at hand, and can judge or other seasonal consumption peak consumption.

有些较大的公司已转换到自动或半自动库存跟踪系统。 Some larger companies have been converted to automatic or semi-automatic inventory tracking system. 这些自动系统利用条形码扫描器或其他电子识别器跟踪出、入库存,并能在物资减少时准备好购货请求。 These automated systems use a barcode scanner or other electronic identification trace out the stock, and be ready to reduce the material upon purchase request.


本发明通过将库存跟踪的责任转移到第3方,改进已有技术。 The present invention is transferred to a third party by the liability inventory tracking, improvement of the prior art. 此概念称为售方管理库存,或VMI。 This concept is known as the sellers managed inventory, or VMI. 第3方为多家公司提供VMI服务时,它就获得了显著购买力,可用于商讨较佳交易,提高供应商响应率,使购买进程顺畅。 When the third party to provide VMI services for a number of companies, it gained significant purchasing power, can be used to negotiate better trade, improve supplier responsiveness, the smooth purchase process.

本发明使第3方可经因特网和万维网监视公司库存。 The present invention only the first 3 via the Internet and the World Wide Web monitoring company stock. 此外,本发明还通过为中小规模公司的库存跟踪需要提供节省成本的解决方案,使这些公司利用VMI。 Furthermore, the invention also by small and medium-sized companies need to provide inventory tracking cost-saving solutions that these companies take advantage of VMI.

本发明利用万维网的技术,通过跟踪库存,并在需要额外物资时,自动接触供应商、制造商或经销商,使库存管理彻底改革。 The present invention utilizes the World Wide Web technology, by tracking inventory, and when needed extra supplies, automatic contact suppliers, manufacturers or distributors, inventory management make a thorough reform. 与当前布置的劳力密集型库存维持系统相比,这可带来劳力的减少。 With the current arrangement of labor-intensive to maintain inventory system compared to, this can bring to reduce labor.

除减少人工费用外,本发明还可帮助公司削减其他费用。 In addition to reducing labor costs, the present invention can also help companies cut other expenses. 本发明可根据预测的需求按期订货,不需要加急送货,从而帮助减少运输费用。 The present invention can be scheduled based on demand forecasting orders, does not require expedited delivery, thereby helping to reduce transportation costs. 本发明还使第3方在客户所需产品时的报价可利用制造商或经销商的特价,从而进一步减少客户的费用。 The present invention also enables a quote in at third-party customers and products can take advantage of the manufacturer or dealer specials, thereby further reducing the cost to the customer.

尽管购买占库存维持工作的大部分,本发明还可促进其他交易。 Although the purchase accounting for stock-keeping most of the present invention may also facilitate other transactions. 例如,本发明使客户可将产品或设备转卖给其他公司,从而获得最大的效用。 For example, the present invention allows customers to products or equipment may be sold to other companies, thereby obtaining a maximum effectiveness. 虽然诸如MEOFORMA.COM和Medibuy.com之类的一些已有技术已试图通过网上拍卖提供公司与公司之间的设备转售,但拍卖未提供设备有效性的保证。 Although some of the prior art such as MEOFORMA.COM and like online auctions have been trying to provide equipment between the company and resell, but the auction did not provide a guarantee of the effectiveness of the device. 本发明提供一种网上座谈,转售者和客户可互动,本发明则起中间人的作用,从而确保所购设备送达,并且销售方收到适当补偿。 The present invention provides an online discussion, resellers and customers can interact, the present invention acts as an intermediary, in order to ensure delivery of the purchased equipment, and receive appropriate compensation for the seller.


图1是说明本发明主要硬件组成部分的框图。 Figure 1 is a block diagram showing the main hardware part of the composition of the present invention.

图2是说明本发明软件组成部分架构的框图。 FIG 2 is a block diagram illustrating the software architecture of the present invention is an integral part.

图3是说明客户软件试图更新服务器所存数据时实现的示例逻辑的处理流程图。 3 is a flowchart of an example client software attempts to process logic implemented in the server updates the stored data.

图4是说明客户软件轮询数据连接时实现的示例逻辑的处理流程图。 FIG 4 is a process flowchart of an implementation of the logical connection client software polling data.

图5说明示例的RFID入口和相关的计算机设备。 5 illustrates an inlet and an associated computer RFID device as an example.

较佳实施例详述本发明实现一种基于因特网的售方管理库存(“VMI”)系统。 Detailed Description of the preferred embodiments of the present invention is to realize an Internet-based sales party managed inventory ( "VMI") system. VMI系统通过将库存管理责任推到第3方或管理者,使客户减少费用。 VMI inventory management system by a third party to blame or managers, enabling customers to reduce costs. 管理者可为多家公司服务,使这些公司可商讨较佳交易,提高供应商响应率,从而起着有效客户维护者的作用。 Managers can serve a number of companies, so that these companies can negotiate better deals improving supplier response rate, which acts as an effective customer defenders.

本发明使管理者可经因特网和万维网廉价监视客户库存。 The present invention makes inventory manager via the Internet and the World Wide Web can be inexpensive monitoring client. 本发明利用万维网的技术,通过跟踪库存,并在需要产品时自动接触供应商,制造商或经销商,使库存管理彻底改革。 The present invention utilizes the World Wide Web technology, by tracking inventory, and automatic contact suppliers, manufacturers or distributors of products if needed, to make a thorough inventory management reform. 与当前布署的劳力密集型库存量维持系统相比,这可带来劳动力的减少。 Compared with the current deployment of labor-intensive inventory to maintain the system, which can bring a shrinking workforce.

图1是说明本发明主要硬件组成部分的框图。 Figure 1 is a block diagram showing the main hardware part of the composition of the present invention. 如图1所示,本发明利用客户机/服务器的体系结构构成客户库存系统与管理者之间的通信。 1, the architecture of the present invention using a client / server configuration of communication between the client system and inventory management. 可用客户库存系统130上运行的客户机跟踪库存,提出专门订货,并且与其他客户互动。 Available running on the client system 130 customer inventory tracking inventory, make special orders, and interact with other customers.

客户机可包含客户软件(诸如用Visual Basic、JAVA或C写的应用程序)、商业软件(诸如可通过万维网浏览器访问的网页)或客户软件和商业软件的组合(例如在浏览器上工作的plug-in)。 (Page such as accessible through a Web browser), or a combination of client may include client software (such as with Visual Basic, JAVA or C applications written), commercial software client software and business software (for example, work on the browser plug-in). 适用商业浏览器的例子包含微软公司(Redmond,华盛顿)开发的互联网资源管理器和网景公司(Mountain View,加洲)开发的导航器。 Examples of suitable commercial browsers include Microsoft Corp. (Redmond, Washington) developed by Internet Explorer and Netscape (Mountain View, California) developed the Navigator.

客户库存系统130可允许人工库存跟踪、半自动库存跟踪,或者用自动系统分配库存。 Customer inventory system 130 may allow manual inventory tracking, inventory tracking semi-automatic, or automatic dispensing system inventory. 这只是作为例子,并不限制本发明,本发明的较佳实施例包含配备条形码扫描的手持装置,诸如Palm计算公司的Palm VII型机。 This is just by way of example and do not limit the present invention, the preferred embodiment of the present invention comprising a barcode scanning with handheld device, such as a Palm VII machines Palm Computing Corporation. 该装置在物品经销前或经销时,与各库存物关联的条形码或其他标识能得到扫描,或者输入该系统。 When the device prior to their distribution or distribution, with a bar code or other identifier associated with each scan can be obtained stock, or enter the system. 每次扫描物品时,可调整本发明所保持的计数,以正确跟踪库存程度。 Article each scan, the count held by the present invention is adjustable to properly track inventory levels. 然后,可对各扫描后的物品打印包含产品注意事项和其他信息的接受方专用标签。 Then, the product may contain notes and other recipient-specific label information for articles printed after each scan.

考虑其他库存经销方法包括了,但并不局限于本发明与售货机的接口。 Stock consider other distribution methods include, but are not limited to the present invention, the interface with the vending machine. 除对某物资或某组物资周期性重新进货外,售货机不需要人的互动就可准确跟踪库存。 In addition to the restocking of certain goods or group of goods periodically, the vending machine does not require human interaction can accurately track inventory. 软佳实施例中,售货机可包含保安措施。 Soft preferred embodiment, the vending machine can include security measures. 较佳实施例中,售货机可包含保安措施,防止非法物资经销。 Preferred embodiment, the vending machine may include security measures to prevent illicit cargo distribution. 该保安措施可包含,但并不局限于,利用身份证、个人识别号(“PIN”)和生物统计系统。 The security measures may include, but are not limited to, the use of identity cards, personal identification number ( "PIN") and biometric systems. 配备保安系统的售货机可逐一或逐组限制使用特定物资。 The vending machine can be equipped with a security system one by one or group by restricting the use of certain materials. 售货机还可配备标签打印机,使注意事项或其他信息可贴附于发放物品的包装上。 Vending machine can be equipped with label printers, or other information so that precautions can be affixed to the packaging issued items.

或者,可使物资密室或其他存储区配备射频标识(RFID)入口,如图5所示。 Alternatively, the material chamber or other storage area is equipped with a radio frequency identification (RFID) inlet, as shown in FIG. RFID入口(方框500)除在RFID标牌通过入口时能对其检测或扫描外,结构上类似于空港保安金属探测器。 RFID inlet (block 500) except through the inlet when the RFID tag can be detected or its scan, the airport security metal detectors similar to the structure. 本发明能监视包含分配给个人的标识符的RFID标牌的标识符,使得能监视进入存货区,并能跟踪个人拿掉的物品,而无需使用者直接互动。 The present invention can be assigned to monitor the RFID tags comprising the identifiers personal identifier, such that the stock can enter the monitor area, and to track individual items removed without direct user interaction.

本发明一较佳实施例也能跟踪各产品的发放,并且可在发放产品时要求附加信息。 A preferred embodiment of the present invention can also be issued to track each product, and may require additional information at the time of issuance of the product. 这只是作为例子,并不限制本发明,如果医生给病人发放药品,本发明也可要求病人标识符,而从存货拿出纱布绷带包重新存放到诊察室,则本发明可不要求病人标识符。 This is just by way of example and do not limit the present invention, distribution of medication to the patient if the doctor, the present invention also may require the patient identifier from the inventory out gauze bandage placed back into the consultation room, the present invention may not require the patient identifier. 本发明能用病人标识符产生各种产品的发放历史报告,可帮助供应商和制造商较好地理解典型接受者的收入、民族、种族或其他人口统计信息。 The present invention can be patient identifier produce historical reports issued various products to help suppliers and manufacturers a better understanding of the typical recipients of income, ethnic, racial or other demographic information. 本发明将该报告局限于人口统计的信息,可以不在该报告中包含个人专用信息。 The present invention is limited to demographic information report, the report may not contain personal information private.

本发明的另一实例是允许医生或其他人员可携带手持装置,并在与病人交谈的同时使用该手持装置书写处方。 Another example of the present invention is to allow a physician or other person portable handheld device, the handheld device using prescription writing while talking to the patient. 该手持装置能通过无线或有线的方式连接本地库存管理系统,并且在适当时由售货机自动发放处方药品。 The handheld device by way of wired or wireless connection to the local inventory management system, and an automatic vending machine by a prescription drug issued when appropriate. 或者,可在护士的工作站上显示信息,指示从存货中取出的药品。 Alternatively, the information may be displayed on a nurse's workstation, an indication of pharmaceutical removed from inventory. 药品由售货机发放或从存货中取出时库存计数能适当递减,并且在需要时能进行新的订货。 Issued or when the drug is removed from the vending machines stock inventory count is decremented appropriately, and can be a new order if necessary.

经销存货时,客户库存系统130可跟踪物资利用习惯,以决定手头的最小容许量。 When the distribution of inventory, customer inventory system 130 can be used to track the use of materials to determine the minimum allowable amount at hand. 可对不同时期研究耗用信息,本发明可根据收集的数据建立存货耗用模型。 Consumption information can be studied at different times, according to the present invention may be established Availability consumption model based on data collected. 随着模型的建立和改进,本发明可修改最小库存门限,以反映预期的利用。 With the establishment and improvement of the model, the present invention can be modified minimum stock threshold to reflect the intended use. 库存接近计算或规定的门限时,客户库存系统130可自动从服务器100请求新物资。 Stock close to the calculated or specified threshold, the client inventory system 130 can automatically request new supplies from the server 100. 物资请求可以包括多种信息,这只是包括,而不是限止于;例如,请求的迫切性,客户接受其他商标或规模的意愿、帐单信息和装运信息。 Material request may include a variety of information, including but this, rather than limiting, for; for example, the urgency of the request, the customer willingness to accept other trademarks or size, billing and shipping information.

服务器100收到供货请求时,可从若干制造商、供应商或经销商120(“经销商120”)请求报价。 When server 100 receives request service, request a quote available from several manufacturers, suppliers or distributors 120 ( "auto 120"). 经销商120提供可供量、价格、估计交货时间等信息的应答。 Dealer 120 provides availability, prices, estimated response time information delivery. 然后,服务器100可自动评价各经销商120的应答,找出与客户请求关联的各种因素的最佳值。 Then, the server 100 may automatically evaluate the response of each of the distributors 120, to find the best values ​​of the various factors associated with the client requests. 选择一适当经销商120的应答时,服务器100可自动安排客户库存系统130所请求物资的付款和装运。 When you select an appropriate response distributors 120, the server 100 can automatically schedule the payment system and customer inventory consignments of 130 requests.

客户库存系统130、服务器100和经销商120之间的通信可通过各种方法来实现,这些方法包括超方本传送协议(“HTTP”)、文件传送协议“FTP”)、简函传送协议(“SMTP”)或其他相关方法,但这只是包括,而不是限止。 Customer inventory system 130, the communication between the server 100 and the distributors 120 may be implemented by various methods, including the methods of this hypercube transfer protocol ( "HTTP"), File Transfer Protocol "FTP"), simple transport protocol function ( "SMTP"), or other methods, but this is only including, but not limiting,.

尽管购买占维持库存的大部分工作,本发明较佳实施例还可便于客户之间的沟通,提供信息传播的来源,鼓励客户互动。 Although the purchase accounting for most of the work to maintain stocks, preferred embodiments of the present invention may also facilitate communication between the customer, provide a source of information dissemination to encourage customer interaction. 本发明便于使客户对其他商店转卖产品、设备或过剩的存货,促进客户的沟通。 The present invention facilitates customers to resell the products, equipment or excess inventory to other stores, promote customer communication. 本发明通过提供客户可订货的现有设备和其他存货的最新目录,使信息得以传播。 The present invention provides existing equipment can be ordered through the latest catalog of inventory and other customers, make information dissemination. 本发明可通过允许管理者和客户创作并发布说明新规则、条例、手续、产生收益的前景或其他客户关注的信息,促进客户的沟通。 The present invention can be by allowing managers and customers to create and publish description of the new rules, regulations, procedures, information on the prospects of generating revenue or other customer-focused, promote customer communication.

客户库存系统130可用作客户与本发明互动的主要来源。 The main source of customer inventory system 130 can be used as customer interactions with the present invention. 客户可在服务器100存放条款、目录、存货信息等,并且该系统可与服务器100通信,以得到要求的信息。 Customers can provision server 100 to store, catalog, inventory information and the like, and the system may communicate with server 100 to obtain the required information.

图2画出服务器100的一个较佳实施例,说明数据存储器、万维网服务器和服务器100提供的应用服务之间的关系。 Figure 2 shows a server 100 of the preferred embodiment, the relationship between the application service data storage, and a web server 100 provided by the server. 全部客户机的通信可首先通过防火墙210。 All communication client 210 may first pass through the firewall. 防火墙210代表用于防止非法访问万维网服务器220、数据库服务器230和应用服务器240所存数据的软、硬件组合。 210 represents software firewall for preventing, a combination of hardware unauthorized access to the web server 220, database server 230 and application server 240 stored data.

如上文所述,客户机可通过各种协议(包括HTTP)与本发明通信。 As described above, the client through various protocols (including HTTP) to communicate with the present invention. 万维网服务器220代表能采用HTTP或其他协议收发信息的软件。 220 represents a web server software can use HTTP or other protocols to send and receive information. 该软件的例子包括微软公司(Redmond,华盛顿)开发的互联网信息服务器、网景公司(Mountain View,加洲)开发的企业服务器和Apache软件创建公司(Forest Hill,马里兰)开发的Appache服务器。 Examples of this software include Microsoft Corp. (Redmond, Washington) developed by Internet Information Server, Netscape (Mountain View, California) developed by the Apache Software Enterprise Server and create a company (Forest Hill, Maryland) developed Appache server.

客户机请求信息时,万维网服务器220判断客户请求是要求预处理,还是仅简单要求满足该请求的数据。 When the client requests information, the web server requests the client 220 determines a pre-processing requirements, the data is simply required to satisfy the request. 前者的情况下,将请求所递给应用服务器240;后者则万维网服务器220可直接与数据库服务器230通信。 In the former case, the application server 240 requests handed; the latter the web 220 may communicate directly with the database server 230 server.

数据库服务器230代表市售数据库软件,诸如微软公司(Redmond,华盛顿)开发的微软SQL服务器、Oracle公司(Redwood Snores,加洲)开发的Oradle 8i或其它类似软件。 The database server 230 on behalf of a commercially available database software, such as Microsoft Corp. (Redmond, Washington) developed by Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Company (Redwood Snores, California) developed Oradle 8i or other similar software. 数据库服务器230可存放原始数据,诸如客户库存信息、客户地址、销售者姓名、销售者产品级别和其他类似信息。 The database server 230 may store the raw data, customer inventory information, customer addresses, names of sellers, sellers and other similar product level information such as. 该信息可由万维网服务器220发给客户机,或者应用服务器240可在发送前解释据库服务器230存放的信息。 This information may be sent to the client web server 220, or application server 240 may interpret the information stored in the database server 230 before sending.

应用服务器240可包含本发明关联的交易规则,可用于在对客户发送数据库服务器230的数据前解释数据。 The application server 240 may include rules associated with the transaction of the present invention, it may be used to interpret the data before the data is sent to the customer database server 230. 除解释数据库230存放的信息供客户机用外,应用服务器240还可监视数据库服务器230反映的库存程度,根据来自数据库服务器230的信息接触销售者,在收到新库存时调整库存信息,并且提供促进数据服务器230所存设备或产品的商店对商店转卖所需的服务。 In addition to explaining the adjustment of inventory information database 230 stored in the client information for use, the application server 240 may also monitor the degree of stock reflected database server 230, in accordance with the contact information of the seller from the database server 230, in receiving a new stock, and to provide promote the required service data stored in the server device or product resale shop store 230 pairs.

万维网服务器220、数据库服务器230和应用服务器240分别代表可在同一计算机或多个计算机上运行的软件。 Web server 220, database server 230 and application server 240 on behalf of software running on the same computer or on multiple computers. 此外,应用服务器240可在数据库服务器230内作为一组交易规则来实现。 Further, the application server 240 may be used as a set of rules implemented within the transaction database server 230.

本发明的另一说明,是通过一系列功能规范来阐述本发明。 Another description of the present invention, the present invention is to set forth a series of the functional specification. 该信息包含能达到实现的目的,并且阐述在提交本说明书时认为最佳的模式。 This information includes the object can be achieved achieved, and set forth the best mode in that the time of filing this specification. 尽管以下的功能规范阐述发明较佳实施例,但不应将该功能规范中的阐述当作限制本发明。 Although the following functional specifications set forth the preferred embodiments of the invention, but should not be set forth in the functional specification as limiting the present invention.

为了避免混乱,该功能规范采用以下述语。 To avoid confusion, this specification uses the following function words.

客户—指通过本发明的产品卖方。 Customer - means the product seller by the present invention. 客户可具有“公开帐户”的关系,以免除信用卡和COD装运问题。 Customers can have a relationship "open account" in order to exempt the credit card and COD shipping issues.

链接供应商—已知应付款项会在共同帐户应付款系统中进行,所以进行区分,以避免与本发明进行交易的其他销售者混淆。 Link suppliers - known in common will be payable accounts payable system, so to distinguish, in order to avoid other sellers trading confused with the present invention. 通过是否采用本发明的库存跟踪和计费软件,从而其数据库是否具有询问,订货处理和开帐单用的在线因特网链接,对经销商、制造商或其他销售者(统称为“供应商”)作出区别。 Whether through inventory tracking and billing software using the present invention, so its database whether the inquiry, order processing and billing with online Internet links, dealers, manufacturers or other distributors (collectively referred to as "supplier") make a difference.

人工供应商—如果供应商通过本发明提供货物或服务,但通过人工接口跟踪库存,该供应商在术语上称为“人工供应商”。 Artificial supplier - If the supplier of goods or services provided by the invention, but by a manual interface to track inventory, the supplier is called "artificial supplier" in the terminology. 与链接供应商或人工供应商之间保持公开帐户关系,以避免支付的复杂。 Maintain an open account relationship between suppliers or artificial links to suppliers and to avoid complicated payment.

非链接供应商—不与本发明链接的供应商。 Unchained suppliers - not linked to the present invention suppliers.

产品—经本发明销售的物品。 Product - items sold by the present invention.

客户产品清单—要在给定客户现场保持的货物清单。 Customer Product List - a list of goods to be given to keep the customer site.

除上述一般定义外,本功能规范还规定一些系统功能。 In addition to the above general definition, the present specification also function predetermined number of system functions. 这些系统功能可以是以下总子系统类别中的一种。 These systems can be a function of the following sub-categories in total.

互动—适用于跟踪库存量计数、存货消费率、关键订货产品等的人工接口和相关功能。 Interactive - for tracking inventory count, inventory consumption rate, the key to ordering products, such as artificial interfaces and related functions. 互动处理基于万维网或PC(客户机一服务器)。 Interactive process based on the World Wide Web or PC (client-server).

夜间处理—能产生订货并进行发票和相关处理的周期性处理,包括与经销商仓库的经销系统进行互动。 Overnight processing - can generate orders and process invoices and related periodic processes, including interaction with the distribution system dealer warehouse.

联合—在更新数据库的集体办公室内进行的处理。 United - were treated in the collective office to update the database. 其中包括计算、客户机数据管理和其它该类处理。 In which the computing, a client data management and other such processing.

经销—与本发明综合的链接供应商。 Distribution - Comprehensive links with the present invention suppliers. 可将工业标准企业资源规划(ERP)软件与商业财务软件捆在一起,为链接供应商提供完整的交易系统。 Can be industry standard enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and business financial software bundled together, provide a complete trading system links suppliers.

数据库设计—可用于本发明较佳实施例的数据库方案。 Database design - a database program of the present invention according to a preferred embodiment.

本发明在总体上,而功能规范具体地定义了要用于系统范围的详细网页和其他用户接口单元中的包含的样式和功能。 The present invention in general, but specifically the functional specification defines styles and features contained in web pages and other details to the user interface unit in a system-wide. 本发明中的网页、应用窗、程序屏和事务处理须遵守共同规则。 The present invention web pages, applications windows, screens and program transaction is subject to common rules. 这些规则包括以下各项,但不受其限制。 These rules include the following, but not limited thereto.

·客户不能观看、查询、更新或用任何方法来更改另一客户的数据。 · Customer can not view, query, update or change in any way to another customer's data. 事务处理能将IP地址或其他专用标识用作对随所发页而进入的客户ID的交叉校验,以确保执行规则。 Transactions can special IP address or other identifier used as a cross-check with the issued page into the customer ID in order to ensure implementation of the rules. 对于该安全程序,只能通过公司职员可访问的功能才能改变客户IP地址或其他专用标识符。 For the safety procedures, functions only by company employees can access in order to change the IP address or other customer-specific identifier.

·链接供应商不能看属于另一链接供应商的数据。 · Links belonging to another supplier can not see links to suppliers of data.

·能通过帐户建立和编辑处理设定客户选项的系统参数。 · Account creation and editing process by setting system parameters customer options. 仅具有授权标识符的人员能访问该处理。 Only authorized personnel have access to the identifier of the process. 初始阶段标识符仅供给公司职员。 The initial stage of identifiers only to company employees.

·一般由事务处理记录或事务处理履历来反映数据变化,该记录或履历可被客户或经销商访问,具有适当安全级的公司职员也可访问。 · General made the transaction record or transaction history to reflect the data changes, the record or history can be accessed by customers or distributors, with the appropriate level of security company employees can access.

涉及改变数据的功能可作为服务器侧的脚本来执行而不是通过客户机的逻辑执行。 It involves changing the data functions may be performed instead of the logic performed by the client as a server-side script. 一般来说,该服务器侧的脚本能采用类似于图3的逻辑流程。 Generally, server-side script that can be employed similar to Figure 3 the logic flow. 如图3所示,客户设备上运行的客户软件可产生含由万维网更新的数据的页面,并将所述页面发送到所述万维网服务器(框300)。 3, running on the client device client software may generate a page containing the updated data from the World Wide Web, and sends the page to the web server (block 300).

万维网服务器收到来自客户设备的页面时,本发明会试处理所述页面请求的改变。 When the web server receives the page from the client device, the present invention will again change processing of the page request. 如果该改变成功(框320),本发明可以对客户设备送回确认的页面或产生要显示的确认信息,并且发生适当的事务处理记录。 If the change is successful (block 320), the present invention may be returned to the client device generates an acknowledgment or confirmation page information to be displayed, and the appropriate transaction record occurs.

如果改变不成功,本发明使重试计数递增1(框340)。 If the change is not successful, the present invention is that the retry count is incremented by 1 (block 340). 如果重试计数小于或等于3,本发明对框310重发客户的改变(框370),努力作适当改变。 If the retry count is less than or equal to 3 appropriately changed, block 310 changes the present invention is to retransmit the client (block 370), as hard. 重试计数超计3(框350),本发明则使客户设备上显示含差错码或其他反馈信息的页面。 Retry Count superatmospheric 3 (block 350), the present invention is that the page containing the error code, or other feedback information displayed on the client device. 该页面也可包含原来的客户数据改变和重新提出所述改变的手段(框360)。 This page may also contain the original customer data change means the change and resubmit (block 360).

客户软件还可周期性验证所述客户软件和作为本发明一部分的服务器之间存在数据连接。 The client software can also periodically verify the client software and server as part of the present invention between the data connection exists. 该软件可按照图4所示的逻辑来获得准确的数据连接监视。 The software to obtain accurate data monitoring logical connections shown in FIG. 如框400所示,客户软件可发送一条或多条TCP/IP的命令或其他网络测试命令,验证作为本发明一部分起作用的服务器还有高速连接。 As shown in block 400, the client software may send one or more TCP / IP or other network test command command, function as part of the server to verify the present invention there is high-speed connection.

如果检测到高速网络连接,本发明可继续进行正常操作(框410)。 If a high-speed network connection is detected, the present invention can continue normal operation (block 410). 未检测到高速网络连接,则本发明试再建立该连接(框420)。 High-speed Internet connection is not detected, then the test of the present invention is to establish the connection (block 420). 如果能再建立高速网络连接(框430),本发明继续进行正常操作(框410)。 If you could establish a high-speed network connection (block 430), the present invention is to continue normal operation (block 410). 不能建立该连接,则本发明建立速度较低的网络连接,诸如拨号网络连接(框440)。 The connection can not be established, the present invention is to establish a slower speed network connections, such as dial-up network connection (block 440). 如果能建立较低速网络连接,本发明继续进行正常操作,包括周期性试图重建高速网络连接(框410)。 If the low-speed network connection can be established, the present invention is to continue normal operation, comprising periodically attempt to reestablish high-speed Internet connection (block 410).

如果不能建立较低速网络连接,则客户软件用替换用户接口和替换功能显示应用或页面(框460)。 If you can not establish a low-speed network connection, the client software application or page is displayed (block 460) by replacing the user interface and replace function. 该替换功能可包含本地产品耗用信息存储、本地库存跟踪和经拨号或其他临时连接的方式与已知供应商的有限重新订货(框470)。 This alternative may include a feature local product consumption information storage, local inventory and tracking by way of a temporary dial-up connection or other known finite reorder vendor (block 470). 无数据连接的客户机功能可周期性试图重建高速或低速网络连接(框480)。 No client function data may periodically attempt to re-connect the high or low speed network connections (block 480). 重建连接时(框490),客户机可对作为本发明一部分起作用的服务器发送产品耗用扫描信息。 When reconnection (block 490), the client may consume as part of the scan function information server transmits the product of the present invention.

除库存跟踪应用外,本发明还可利用高速网络连接对客户机发送新产品报价或特别推销,显示给用户。 In addition to inventory tracking applications, the present invention may also utilize high-speed network connection to send new products offer particular client or sell, displayed to the user. 将新产品输入产品表或类似结构时,本发明可使客户机上出现该产品。 When new products enter the product sheet or the like, the present invention allows the product appears on the client. 较佳实施例中,本发明允许客户选择其关注的产品,并且本发明仅显示符合客户选择其关注的产品,并且本发明仅显示符合客户先前标准的新产品或特别交易。 In preferred embodiments, the present invention is to allow customers to choose their product of interest, and the present invention is only to select products which meet customer display of interest, and the present invention shows only meet customer previous standards or new products special transactions. 该标准可包含,但并不限止于,制造商的分类、产品的商品名、具体产品型号、一般产品级别和可供量或每一装运单元的量。 The criteria may include, but are not limited to ending the amount of classification manufacturer's trade name products, specific product type, product level and the general availability of each shipment or units.

显示该信息的客户机使客户可通过打入命令、点击按钮或其他图形接口单元或与所述客户机互动指明产品的关注。 The client displays information so that customers can enter the command, click the button or other graphical interface units or interact with the client specified in the product concerned. 如果客户表达对特色产品的关注,客户机使客户可建立一次订货或配置循环订货。 If a customer express concern about the characteristics of the product, the client allows customers to order or build a configuration cycle orders.

除允许客户记录产品利用情况和对新存货或新产品订货外,客户软件还可循环显示广告,用于其他目的。 In addition to allowing customers to record and product utilization outside the new stock or new product orders, client software can also cycle through advertisements for other purposes. 典型的客户软件屏幕还包含附加信息和产品SKU段、用户ID段、医生ID段和销售咨询者联系段,该类段不受此限制。 A typical client software screen also contains additional information segment and product SKU, user ID section, and the doctor ID field sales consultants contact section, the class segment is not so limited.

客户不直接与客户软件互动时,客户软件可通过约定在产品SKU段设置光标。 When customers do not interact directly with the client software, client software can set the cursor in the product SKU period by agreement. 在产品SKU段设置光标使客户软件可准备受理自动或人口输入的产品标识符,诸如经楔形条形码扫描器扫描的条形码标记。 Product SKU segment disposed in the client software so that the cursor can be prepared automatically accept input of a product identifier or population, such as a bar code label is scanned by the barcode scanner wedge.

当输入产品标识符时,客户软件可对每一产品标识符或产品标识符组请求用户ID。 When the input product identifier, the client software may request the user identifier ID for each product or product group identifier. 用户ID是在该组织中的各雇员或雇员组所建立的专用标识符。 The user ID is created for each employee or an employee in the organization of the group specific identifier. 可通过主动用户接口(诸如键盘、触屏或号码盘,但不受此限制),或通过被动用户接口(诸如生物统计识别设备、相关雇员佩带的条形码识别器,但不受此限制),或通过雇员佩带的RFID标牌,输入该标识符。 Active via a user interface (such as a keyboard, a touch screen or dial, but not limited thereto), or by passive user interface (such as a biometric identification device worn by an employee associated bar code reader, but not limited thereto), or RFID tags worn by employees, enter the identifier. 可将用户ID与密码组合,建立更安全的库存跟踪系统。 User ID and password can be combined to build a more secure inventory tracking system.

可用用户ID跟踪从存货中拿去物品的人员,但也可进行另外的跟踪或其他控制。 Available user ID of the tracking personnel take items from the inventory, it is also possible for additional tracking or other control. 例如,雇员从存货拿走昂贵品或控制物时,可要求额外的核准。 For example, when an employee or a take expensive products from inventory control thereof, may be required additional approval. 本发明在取走该库存品时可进行识别,客户软件会要求额外标识符(称为医生ID)作为核准。 The present invention is removed when the inventory can be identified, the client software will require additional identifier (referred to as a doctor ID) as approved. 客户软件甚至允许任何用户输入一些库存品的医生ID,而其他库存品则要求医生ID和相关密码。 Client software even allows any user to input a number of doctors inventory of ID, while others require a doctor inventory ID and associated password. 有些应用可用生物统计或其他明确的识别符代替医生ID或医生ID加密码。 Some applications can be used biometric identifiers or other specific ID instead of a doctor or physician ID plus password.

客户软件已输入适当库存跟踪数据时,本发明可对服务器发送该数据。 When the appropriate client software inventory tracking data has been entered, the present invention can transmit the data to the server. 收到该数据时,服务器对客户机发送确认信息。 Upon receipt of the data, the server sends an acknowledgment to the client. 如果预定时间内未收到确认信息,本发明会重发库存跟踪数据。 If the confirmation is not received within a predetermined time, the present invention retransmits inventory tracking data. 如果连接试重发不成功,本发明遵照类似于图3所示的处理。 If the connection is unsuccessful try a retransmission, the processing in accordance with the present invention similar to that shown in FIG. 客户软件允许发生进行额外的存货扫描,同时等待来自客户机的确认。 Client software allows for additional inventory scan occurs while waiting for confirmation from the client.

除记录库存扫描信息外,客户软件还使客户可访问各种选项。 In addition to recording inventory scan information, the client software also enables customers to access a variety of options. 该选项可包含,但并不受此限止管理页面、存货状态询问页面和存货接收页面。 This option may include, but is not so limiting, page management, inventory status and inventory receiving inquiry page page. 管理页面使授权客户可建立、编辑或去除用户ID、医生ID、其帐户组和帐户专用信息。 Authorized management page allows customers to create, edit, or remove user ID, a doctor ID, which account group and account-specific information. 存货状态询问页可检索并显示含客户产品清单记录、订货状态等信息的页面。 Inventory Status Inquiry page to retrieve and display the list of products containing customer records, order status and other information pages.

可通过客户软件发送含客户专用信息和存储于客户设备中的现场专用识别信息的页面,启动存货状态询问。 Contain customer-specific information can be sent and stored by the client software on the client device on-site-specific identification information page, start the inventory status inquiries. 较佳实施例中,接收该请求的服务器可从客户产品清单记录表选择适当现场专用和用户专用信息的记录。 Server preferred embodiment, receiving the request can be appropriately selected site-specific records and user-specific information from the customer record table item list. 服务器可产生含客户产品清单信息的页面或屏幕,其中包含来自若干表的信息。 Server may generate the list of products containing the customer information page or screen that contains information from several tables. 以下的表1提供典型存货询问屏幕上显示的栏目例以及能提取数据的表例和段名。 Table 1 below provides examples columns displayed on the screen asks typical inventory and patients and can extract table data segment name.

表1本发明超过现有技术的优点是具有简化库存添加新物品或物品再存库的功能。 Advantages over the prior art of the present invention in Table 1 by adding a new item or reload a simplified functional library stock. 给客户装运货物的链接供应商能提供专门编码的包装清单,并且客户能自动或人工输入该编码到客户软件。 Links to suppliers of customer shipments can provide a list of special coded packaging, and customers can automatically or manually input the coding to the client software. 客户软件能确认属于客户的包装清单号,并确保该清单对客户系统的贷款不超过一次。 The client software can be confirmed packing list numbers belonging to the customer, and ensure that the list of loans to client systems no more than once. 无效或以前有效的包装单的输入会使客户软件显示出错信息。 Invalid or previously effective packaging single input client software will display an error message.

如果输入有效包装单,客户软件可从集中数据库或供应商数据库检索装运内容,并自动更新客户产品清单信息,以反映收到存货。 If you enter a valid packing slip, client software from a centralized database or database vendor to retrieve the contents of the shipment, and customer product inventory information is automatically updated to reflect the receipt of inventory. 然后,客户软件显示确认库存成功改变的信息,并使客户返回主页。 Then, the client software displays a confirmation message inventory success changed, and the customer returns home.

也可通过客户软件访问产品查找页。 You can also access product finder using Client software. 产品查找页使用户能选择查找类型,如果合适,还可选择查找参数和查找参数值(统称为“查找标准”)。 Product Finder page allows users to select the type of look, if appropriate, can also choose to find the parameters and parameter values ​​find (collectively referred to as "search criteria"). 作为例子,不限制本发明,产品查找页使客户可根据特定制造商和某类别产品进行查找。 By way of example, without limiting the invention, the product may look to find the page that the customer in accordance with a particular manufacturer and product category. 客户选择了适当查找标准时,客户软件可将该查找标准传给服务器。 When customers choose the appropriate search criteria, the customer can find the standard software to the server. 服务器询问产品和产品说明数据库,并送回符合或接近客户查找标准的产品。 Product and product descriptions server inquiry database, and back in line with or close to the customer to find standard products.

如果用户已选择说明性查找,服务器可从产品表或其他类似表选择数据符合或接近用户所输入说明文本的记录。 If the user has selected an illustrative look, the server can choose from a table, or other similar product data in line with or close to the user record description text input. 用户已选择参数查找,则服务器选择段符合或接近用户查找请求的产品表记录。 Find the user has selected parameter, select the server segment in line with or close to the user's request to find the product table records. 为了加快这些选择,服务器可编说明、制造厂、产品级别、产品名和其他常查找段的索引。 In order to accelerate these options, the server can be programmed instructions, the manufacturer, product level, product names and often find other sections of the index.

选择适当记录时,服务器可发送这些记录给客户软件显示。 When you select the appropriate record, the server can send these records to the client software displays. 客户软件可用各种格式提供该记录,包括栏目或表格式,但不受此限制。 Client software is available in various formats to provide the records, including the column or table format, but not limited thereto. 表2列出显示该记录时可提供的示例栏目名、示例源表名、源段名和附加功能客户软件。 Table 2 shows an example provided when the column name to the recording, sample source table name, source name, and additional functionality segment client software.

表2如表2所示,客户软件使客户能校验产品可获量并对库存规划添加产品。 Table 2 As shown in Table 2, the client software enables customers to check product availability and inventory planning to add the amount of product. 较佳实施例中,客户软件可使显示的各记录有该功能。 Preferred embodiment, the software allows each customer has a record of the display function. 另一实施例中,记录可具有校验栏或其他选择控制,从而使客户可校验多种物品的可获量并对库存规划添加多种物品。 Another embodiment, the record may have a checksum field or other selection control, so that the customer can check the availability of the various items and the amount of inventory planning to add a variety of items.

客户校验产品可获量时,本发明查找链接供应商存货,决定可供量、实际占位、预计交货时间等。 When customers check product availability amount, the present invention find links to suppliers of inventory, determine availability, actual mass, the expected delivery time. 有存货时,客户软件使客户能订购产品。 When inventory client software enables customers to order products.

客户选择对库存规划增添产品时,客户软件可从客户请求再次库存参数和其他参数,然后给服务器发送适当信息。 When customers choose products to add to inventory planning, customer may request from the client software inventory and other parameters again, and then send the appropriate information to the server. 服务器可对客户产品清单或类似的表添加适当项目,从而通过本发明启动库存跟踪。 You can add items to the appropriate server client list or any similar table to start tracking inventory by the present invention.

客户软件还使客户可从销售咨询者那里得到电话呼叫,电子函件或其他的联系。 The client software also allows customers may get a phone call from a sales consultant there, e-mail or other contact. 较佳实施例中,客户可选择产品或供应商,客户软件能询问服务器,以确定所选产品或供应商的销售咨询者。 In preferred embodiments, the customer can choose the product or the supplier, the client software can query the server to determine the selling vendor or consultant of the selected product. 然后,可给用户提供对话框或其他互动接口,询问客户,证实联系请求。 Then, you can provide a dialog box or other interactive interfaces to the user, ask the customer, confirm contact requests. 一旦联系请求得到证实,客户软件就使服务器在联系记录表或其他类似的表存放请求信息。 Once the connection request is confirmed, the client software on the server request information contact records in a table or other similar table storage.

较佳实施例中,服务器周期性扫描联系记录表的项目。 Embodiment, the project server periodically scans the recording sheet contact preferred embodiment. 发现新的请求或未应答的请求时,服务器给供应商发送通知,提醒所述供应商存在该请求,所述通知包含客户电子函件地址、电话号、传真号或其他联系信息,还包含其他有关客户和产品的信息。 Found a new request or request a response, the server sends a notification to the supplier, a reminder of the existence of the request vendor, the notification e-mail address, telephone number, fax number, or other contact information contains customer, also contain other relevant customer and product information.

尽管本发明能监视视存货的使用,并在需要时自动订购新存货,客户还可根据本发明以外的参数预计额外存货的需要。 Although the present invention can be monitored using visual inventory and automatically order new inventory when needed, customers can expect the need for additional inventory based on parameters other than the present invention. 作为例子,不限制本发明,如果本发明用于医院,并且在该医院所处的城市或其附近举行奥林匹克运动会,医院管理者可预见需要订购额外数量的常用物资。 By way of example and do not limit the present invention, if the present invention is used in hospitals, and the Olympics will be located in or near the city hospital, hospital administrators may need to order additional materials commonly predictable amount. 客户软件可使客户能快速进行该订货。 The client software allows customers to quickly carry out the order.

客户可通过点击按钮或以图形接口或者物理接口互动,启动该订货。 Customers can click a button or a graphical interface or a physical interface interaction, the start order. 较佳实施例中,客户可从库存规划已包含的产品或产品组选择,或者客户可通过类似于前文所述的接口查找产品。 Embodiment, the selected product or group of customers may have been included in the inventory planning preferred embodiment, the interface or the customer can look similar product before hereinbefore described. 如上文所述,客户可指定标准再进库存量,并且客户软件在客户机请求额外存货时可按约定使用该量。 As described above, the client can specify criteria and then into inventory, and the client software in the client request to use the additional inventory can be agreed amount. 客户软件还可提供手头掌握的量,帮助客户作出较精明的采购判决。 The client software can also provide the amount on hand to grasp, to help customers make a more astute purchase decision. 根据该信息,客户可在提出订货前修改订货量。 Based on this information, customers can modify the order quantity before making the order.

客户软件可对服务器发送客户的订货,一旦收到客户的订货时,服务器就能启动订货履行处理。 The client software can send the order to the customer's server, once you received the customer's order, the server will be able to start the order fulfillment process.

服务器还可根据客户要求自动进行订货。 Server also automatically be ordered according to customer requirements. 服务器周期性扫描客户产品清单表,监视存货的耗用。 Server periodically scans the list of products the customer table, monitor inventory consumption. 存货减少时,服务器能预测常用物品,并订购适当的量,服务器先订购限制的量,以限制客户费用。 While reducing inventory, the server can predict commonly used items, and order the appropriate amount, the server first order quantity limit to limit the cost of the customer. 服务器可按照客户耗用习惯的支配,增加常订购产品的订货量。 Server according to customer consumption habits of domination, often increase the amount of the order ordering the product. 服务器还可构建历史性利用特征,以便自动考虑季节耗用模式或其他阶段耗用模式。 Also be constructed using historical server features to automatically take into account seasonal consumption mode, or other mode of consumption stage.

提出订货时,服务器可查询链接供应商存货,以决定各供应商履行合同的能力。 When the proposed order, the server can query link supplier inventory to determine the ability of suppliers to fulfill the contract. 处理各订货时,服务器能计算装运费用,并且选择能费用最省地满足客户需求的一个或多个供应商。 When processing each order, the server can calculate shipping costs, and be able to select most of the cost to meet the needs of a customer or more suppliers. 识别合格的供应商时,提出订货,可按照客户规定或服务器判定,包含快速送货和其他选项。 Identifying qualified suppliers, proposed order may be determined in accordance with the provisions client or server, and other options include fast shipping.

服务器还能将供应商发票记入帐户应付款系统,根据供应商发票产生客户发票,将客户发票记入帐户应收款系统。 The server also credited the supplier invoice payment system should generate customer invoices based on supplier invoices, customer invoices recorded in the accounts receivable system. 服务器还可以与自动支付系统进一步组合起来,从而限制开发票和其他开销。 The server can also be further combined with the automatic payment system, thus limiting the invoicing and other overhead.

除客户订货有关功能外,服务器还提供管理功能。 In addition to customer orders related functions, but also provides server management capabilities. 作为例子,不限制本发明,不是客户的用户可通过提供服务器的接口登记为客户。 By way of example, without limiting the invention, the client user can not be registered as providing server through the client interface. 这种接口允许用户使用规定交易名称、交易类型、执行经理或总经理、实际地址、邮寄地址、专用地址、一个或多个电话号、雇员名称和信用信息等。 This interface allows the user to use the provisions of trade names, transaction type, executive manager or general manager, physical address, mailing address, private address, one or more telephone numbers, employee name and credit information.

用户提出这些信息时,服务器确实地址、电话号和邮政编码各自都有效,并且全部需要的栏目已填。 When users make these information, the server does address, telephone number and postal code of each are valid, and all the required section has been filled. 如果确认失败,服务器提供带有无效数据的数据输入页面,从而简化数据的校正。 If the validation fails, the server provides the data input of the page with the invalid data, thereby simplifying the correction data.

服务器和客户软件还允许客户和供应商改变各种信息,作为例子,不限制本发明,供应商可改变价格,增添或去除销售者和产品,增编或去除联系,观看帐户状况和公开发票,并且执行其他此类功能。 Server and client software also allows customers and suppliers to change a variety of information, as an example, without limiting the invention, the supplier can change prices, add or remove products and sellers, addendum, or remove links to view account status and open invoices, and perform other such functions. 客户能调整库存量计数,以反映审计结果,增编或去除雇员和雇员信息,更新支付和联系信息,观看帐户余额和所作支付,并执行其他此类功能。 Customers can count inventory adjustment to reflect the audit results, addendum or remove employees and employee information, update payment and contact information, view account balances and payment made, and perform other such functions.

链接供应商还能利用许多上述要素。 Link suppliers can take advantage of many of these elements. 实现本发明的链接供应商能跟踪库存,提供实时库存信息给预期的客户,受理电子订货,产生挑选/包装列表,跟踪订货履行处理(包括跟踪订货中各物品装入哪些集装箱),产生条形码配备表和各集装箱装运标记,并且产生发票。 Implementation of the invention link suppliers to track inventory, provide real-time inventory information to prospective customers, the admissibility of electronic ordering, resulting in the selection / packing list, track order fulfillment process (including which container tracking each order items into), resulting in barcodes with each of the containers and shipping tag table, and generates invoices.

本发明还为链接供应商提供超过已有技术的其他优点。 The invention also provides other advantages over the prior art as a link suppliers. 作为例子,不限制本发明,可根据先前订货履历,先前订货间隔期、安全库存量等,预测链接供应商库存要求,从而减少总库存投资。 By way of example, without limiting the invention, may be ordered according to the previous history, interval, previous orders, and other safety stock, inventory requirements predicted link suppliers, thereby reducing the total inventory investment. 本发明还使链接供应商能跟踪订货中各产品的处理和装运状态,从而提供较高级的客户服务。 The present invention also enables suppliers to track links in processing orders and shipping status of each product, thus providing a higher level of customer service. 本发明还使管理者或其他有权者能对购买订货单、发票、其他帐单或订货文件作电子签名,并且对适合的接受者电子发送该文件。 The invention also enables managers or other persons entitled to be able to purchase orders, invoices, bills or other order documents for electronic signature, and sends the file to the appropriate recipients electrons.

为了达到上述功能,本发明较佳实施例包含以下的表结构。 To achieve the above function, the preferred embodiment of the present invention includes the following table structure. 包含下述表结构是为了能实现且方式最佳,不应当作限制本发明。 Comprising the table structure is the best way to achieve and should not be taken as limiting the present invention.

表名—客户机控制表的说明和功能—本表可本机驻留于客户计算机。 Table - Client Description and function control table - this table may reside on the client computer of the present machine. 它可存储含远端管理在线和离线功能所需控制数据的一个或多个记录。 It can store one or more desired recording control data containing remote management online and offline functionality. 这些记录可通过从万维网服务器的SQL数据库传到本控制的更新小应用程序进行更新。 These records can be updated by the present control passes from the web server's SQL database update applet. 其目的是即使离线也提供对本地计算机上运行的处理的控制,并使其能自动重新连接。 Its purpose is to provide control of even offline process running on the local computer, and enable it to automatically reconnect.

表名—客户机差错记录表的说明和功能—本表包含客户机上始发处理的差错产生履历。 Table - Client Error record table description and function - This table contains the originating process on the client error generation history. 它能提供检查跟踪,观察处理功能良好程度,并提供记录严重差错状况和不需要对客户显示的差错状况的部位。 It provides an audit trail to observe how well the processing functions, and provides a record of serious error status and error conditions do not need to show the customer's site. 其数据可以不被处理,但可加以存储,供系统管理员和管理者观察。 Which data may not be processed, but can be stored for system administrators and managers observed.

表名—系统差错记录表的说明和功能—本表能包含客户机一侧开始本处理所产生差错的履历。 Description and function of the system error log table - - table This table can contain the client side of the process is started by the generation of the error history. 该表能提供检查跟踪,观察处理功能良好程度,并提供记录严重和非严重差错的部位。 The table provides an audit trail, to observe how well the processing function, and provides a record of serious and non-serious error locations. 该数据使系统管理员、程序员和管理者可监视自动的无直守处理。 This data enables system administrators, programmers and administrators can monitor automatically keep non linear process. 系统差错记录能用类似于客户差错记录表的数据词库/段结构。 The system error log table can be similar to the error logging data the client thesaurus / segment structure.

表名—系统参数表的说明和功能—在共同的表中存放系统范围的参数。 Table - Description and functions of the system parameter list - system-wide parameters stored in a common table.

表名—客户应用表的说明和功能—本表能具有类似于客户表的数据词库,能用于暂时存放客户/客户机应用页能提出的未认可且未处理的应用数据。 Table - Description and function client application table - this table can have similar customer data dictionary table can be used for temporary storage when not recognized and no application data processing client / client application page can be raised. 在处理应用时,可从本表删除适当的记录。 When processing applications, appropriate records can be deleted from this table.

表名—成员应用程序表的说明和功能—本表可用类似于开业成员表的数据词库,并能暂时存放客户/客户机应用页能提出的未认可且未处理的应用数据。 Description and function members of the application tables - - table This table can be used similar to the opening of the members of the data-thesaurus, and can temporarily store the client / client application page and not be able to put forward the application of data processing is not recognized. 在处理应用时可从本表删除适当的记录。 Delete records from the appropriate table when this processing applications.

表名—客户表的说明和功能—能在永久表中存放每一客户唯一的标识符。 Table - Description and function table of customers - can store a unique identifier for each customer in a permanent table. 活动记录于客户维护履历表。 Customer maintenance activities recorded in the resume. 能链接第3方应用,以得到信用条件、对地址开帐单和装运、电话以及其他财务数据。 Third-party applications can link to obtain credit terms, billing and shipping address, telephone and other financial data.

表名—开业成员表的说明和功能—本表能链接客户表的记录,并能存放工作或开业的各医生或其他保健专业人员所属的数据。 Table - opening member table of instructions and functions - This table can link customer records table, and can be stored for each job opening data or a doctor or other health professional belongs.

表名—折扣码表的说明和功能—能包含代表对各客户收取或容许打折的独特价格的十进制数值。 Table - Description and function discount code table - can contain decimal values ​​unique to each customer on behalf of prices charged or allowed a discount. 任何数量的客户可用一个折扣码。 Any number of customers a discount code available. 当改变给定码关联的十进制极值时,会造成用该码的全部客户的全部价格的改变。 When changing the code associated with a given decimal extremes, cause changes in the price of all customers with all of the code is. 如果给定产品的客户的折扣码的规定的折扣值大于允许值,本发明可限制最大折扣价。 If a customer specified a given product discount coupon code value is greater than the allowable value, the present invention limit the maximum discount.

表名—客户产品清单表的说明和功能—在客户办事处存放库存资料。 Table - descriptions and product feature list of customer tables - store inventory data in the customer office. 每一客户/SKU组合有一个记录,包括过去用过的或下一订货周期要用的全部资料。 Each customer / SKU combinations have a record, including all the information used in the past or next order cycle to be used. 永久表。 Permanent table. 在客户产品清单事务处理表中记录着活动。 Record activity in customer product inventory transaction table.

表名—产品表的说明和功能—规定任何时间点可供销售的产品。 Table - descriptions and product feature tables - provides that any point in time the product available for sale. 包括不再活动的产品。 Including product no longer active. 对每一产品/SKU/物品号有一个记录。 There is a record of each product SKU / item number /.

表名—制造商表的说明和功能—本表存放产品表中所载产品的全部制造商,用作产品的参考验证表。 Description and function manufacturer table - - the table name in this table to store all of the manufacturer of the product contained in the product table, used as a reference product verification table.

表名—订货表的说明和功能—存放由夜间处理和/或紧急订货处理产生的订货,然后将其下载到经销商。 Table - Description and function ordering tables - store order processing by the night and / or emergency order processing generated, and then download it to the dealer. 用作订货单“首部”。 As a purchase order, "the head." 链接存放系列物品的订货细节表。 Ordering details link table stored series of articles. 无维持履历记录表。 No maintain history recording table. 每一产生并下载的订货都有一记录。 Each order has generated and downloaded a record.

表名—订货细节表的说明和功能—存放订货表的系列物品细节。 Table - descriptions and ordering details table function - to store the details of series goods orders table. 订货的每一系列物品有一记录。 Orders each series of articles have a record.

表名—链接供应商表的说明和功能—存放并设定接入网站的每一链接供应商,即经销商。 Table name - link suppliers table descriptions and functions - storage and access to the site set for each link suppliers, namely dealers. 现链接,已链接的每一供应商在进入Med-e-Track时都有一记录。 Now link, linked to each vendor has a record at the time of entering the Med-e-Track. 活动记录在链接供应商维持履历表。 Resume activity record in maintaining links suppliers. 在SOLOMAN帐户应付款子系统将帐户链接到供应商表。 The account is linked to subsystem supplier list in SOLOMAN accounts payable.

表名—供应商发票表的说明和功能—存放从链接供应商上传的发票/包装清单。 Table - Description and function table of supplier invoices - from storage to upload links supplier invoices / packing list. 用作发票的记录首部。 Record used as an invoice header. 给定的订货能有多种发票。 Given orders to have multiple invoices. 链接到带系列物品细节的供应商发票细节表。 Link to the vendor invoice detail table with a series of articles detail. 从经销商上传的发票反映已装运并用于产生客户发票的订货。 Uploaded from the dealer invoice reflect the shipment of customer orders and used to generate invoices. 上传的发票数据还传到Solomon IV软件的帐户应付款模块,用于联合付款/跟踪。 Upload invoice data also spread to Solomon IV software accounts payable module for the Joint Payment / tracking. 本表中的产生并记录的客户发票还传到帐户应收款模块。 Produce this table and record customer invoices also spread to accounts receivable module.

表名—内部发票装运细节表的说明和功能—本表包含内部发票所属装运物用的装运信息。 Table - internal shipping invoice detail table description and function - This internal table contains shipment information relevant to the shipping invoice was used. 含发票所属装运单的每个纸箱都有一记录。 Each shipping carton containing a single invoice belongs has a record. 链接内部发票表。 Link internal invoice table.

表名—供应商发票细节表的说明和功能—本附带有系列物品的等级细节,用于从链接供应商/经销商上传发票。 Table - vendor invoice detail table description and function - comes with this level of detail are series of articles, links for uploading invoice from the vendor / dealer. 有些系列物品的等级细节用于更新订货数据,用于支持快速订货状态查询和反向跟踪订货的物品。 Some level of detail used to update articles series Ordering data to support fast track order status inquiries and reverse the order of items.

表名—供应商费用表的说明和功能—存放付款系统中每一链接供应商的价格。 Table - Description and function suppliers Fee Schedule - store price of each payment system links suppliers. 每一链接供应商和SKU永久表有一记录。 Each link suppliers and SKU table has a permanent record. 活动记录在供应商费用维持履历表。 Activities resume at the supplier maintain records costs.

表名—供应商费用维持履历表的说明和功能—记录对供应商费用记录进行的改变。 Table - Supplier description and cost of maintaining the resume function - recording changes to the vendor's expense records. 在给定记录更新时,每一变代组段都有一记录。 When a given record is updated, each segment has a variable record on behalf of the group.

表名—产品维持履历表的说明和功能—记录对产品表进行的改变。 Table name - Product description and maintain functional resume - the record of changes in the product table. 在更新给定记录时,每一变化段都有一记录。 When updating a given record, each segment has a record change.

表名—产品级别表的说明和功能—规定有效产品的级别,用作参考表。 Table - level descriptions and product feature tables - defined level of effective products, used as a reference table.

表名—产品组表的说明和功能—规定有效产品组,用作参考表。 Table - and functional description of the product group table - valid predetermined product group, used as a reference table.

表名—产品系列表的说明和功能—规定有效产品系列,用作参考表。 Table - Description and function table of product family - provide for effective product line, used as a reference table.

表名—客记产品清单事务处理表的说明和功能—用于更改客户产品清单表中数据活动的事务处理履历表,每一项更改记录都有一记录,主要用途是记录库存活动,尽管产生事务处理,用于改变状态、ROP、ROQ和注释值,即非现存量的值。 Table name - description and list of product features guest Hutchison transaction table - resume transaction processing for customers to change the product inventory data in the table of activities, each of which has a record changes, the main purpose is to record inventory activities, although produce affairs processing for changing the state, ROP, ROQ and annotation values, i.e. the value of the amount of non-existing. 每一事务处理仅影响一个数据段。 Each transaction affects only one data segment. 事务处理码指明进行什么更新/改变活动,因而指明更新哪一数据段。 Transaction code indicates conduct any update / change activity, thus indicating which update the data segment.

表名—联系记录表的说明和功能—本表按纳来自咨询者请求功能的事务处理,对其进行输入和跟踪,以便跟踪并管理。 Table - table descriptions and contact recording function - in this table are satisfied that the request from the transaction consultant function, its input and tracking, order tracking and management.

表名—客户的用户表的说明和功能—本表存放关于客户现场中各用户的信息。 Table name - customer's user list and description of function - in this table to store information about each customer site users. 有两类用户:主管和员工。 There are two types of users: executives and employees. 仅具有主管权的用户能增添新用户。 Only users with supervisor rights can add new users. 这种客户的网页硬连线使得客户的用户能保持与正确客户关联。 This client's website hardwired enables customers to maintain a user associated with the correct customer.

表名—销售咨询者表的说明和功能—本表存放有关各销售咨询者的数据,基本上是一种参考表。 Table - table sales consultants description and function - this table is stored about each sales consultant data, essentially a reference table.

本领域的技术人员会明白本发明通过人工、半自动和自动方法的组合可进行库存的跟踪和管理。 Those skilled in the art will appreciate that the present invention may be tracked and managed by a combination of artificial stock, semi-automatic and automatic methods. 本发明还使管理者可大量购买并利用推销和其他特价,从而降低库存费用。 The present invention also enables managers can use to buy and sell a lot of other specials, thus reducing inventory costs. 此外,本发明通过准确模拟并预测库存需求,减少必须保持在库的库存量。 Further, by the present invention is to accurately simulate and forecast inventory requirements, reduce inventory must be maintained in the library. 本发明还进一步为客户提供能观察新设备,相互通信,买卖过剩存货、翻新的设备等的能力。 The present invention further provide customers with the ability to observe the new device, communicate with each other, the sale of excess inventory, equipment, etc. refurbished.

虽然这里已详细揭示并说明本发明的较佳实施例和各种替换实施例,但本领域的技术人员会清楚其形式和细节上可作各种改变,包括将本发明用于保健以外的领域,而不偏离本发明的实质和范围。 Although various alternative embodiments and details have been disclosed and described preferred embodiments of the present invention embodiments, those skilled in the art will be apparent that various changes in form and detail thereof, the present invention includes a field for the health care than without departing from the spirit and scope of the present invention.

Claims (29)

  1. 1.一种库存管理系统,其特征在于包含:一个或多个计算机;驻留在所述计算机的一个或多个数据库,其中存放产品清单和客户信息;客户软件,提供对所述数据库的接口并执行管理功能;用户识别子系统;能对所述产品清单数据库增添新产品的子系统,该子系统能对所述产品清单数据库内再次进货的产品正确计费;所述数据库内的产品移出产品清单时对该产品计费的子系统。 An inventory management system, characterized by comprising: one or more computers; one or more databases residing in the computer, wherein the storage product inventory and customer information; client software provides an interface to the database and perform administrative functions; user identification subsystem; subsystem can add new products to the product inventory database, the subsystem can correct the accounting for inventory database within the product again to purchase the product; the product within the database is removed the product when the product inventory accounting subsystem.
  2. 2.如权利要求1所述的库存管理系统,其特征在于,一个或多个所述子系统包含光学读出器,能读出物件上的或人员的专门编码的信息。 2. The inventory management system according to claim 1, wherein said subsystem comprises one or more optical reader, specially coded information on the person or object read.
  3. 3.如权利要求1所述的库存管理系统,其特征在于,一个或多个所述子系统包含电子装置,用于扫描物件或人员关联的可无线访向的标识符。 3. The inventory management system according to claim 1, wherein said subsystem comprises one or more of the electronic means for wirelessly access identifiers to scan an object or person associated.
  4. 4.如权利要求1所述的库存管理系统,其特征在于,所述用户识别子系统包含生物统计识别装置。 4. The inventory management system according to claim 1, wherein said user identification subsystem comprises a biometric recognition device.
  5. 5.如权利要求1所述的库存管理系统,其特征在于,所述客户软件可允许各个用户的登记和取消,以及用户信息的修改。 5. The inventory management system according to claim 1, characterized in that, the client software may allow each user registration and cancellation, and modifying the user information.
  6. 6.如权利要求1所述的库存管理系统,其特征在于,所述客户软件将用户分级成为组,并对该组设置权限或职能。 6. The inventory management system according to claim 1, wherein said user rating client software will be set, and the set permissions or function.
  7. 7.如权利要求1所述的库存管理系统,其特征在于,所述客户软件使产品可分组成为一些级别,对该产品的经销施加限制,可在发放属于规定组的产品时记录病人信息,并可打印从产品清单去除的各产品要包含的产品专用或组专用标记或者信息。 7. The inventory management system according to claim 1, wherein said software enables the customer item grouped into several levels, the restrictions of products, may belong to a predetermined group of products distributed recording patient information, and printing from the product-specific removal of the products in the list to include or group-specific marking or information.
  8. 8.如权利要求1所述的库存管理系统,其特征在于,所述客户软件监视库存程度,并报告预计的短缺。 8. The inventory management system according to claim 1, wherein said client software monitors inventory levels, and to report the expected shortfall.
  9. 9.如权利要求1所述的库存管理系统,其特征在于,所述客户软件监视库存程度,并产生包含预计短缺的订货。 9. The inventory management system according to claim 1, wherein said client software monitors inventory levels, ordering and comprising generating projected shortage.
  10. 10.如权利要求1所述的库存管理系统,其特征在于,所述客户软件允许用户可在需要时订购新产品或补充库存。 10. The inventory management system according to claim 1, characterized in that, the client software allows the user to order a new product or can restock when needed.
  11. 11.如权利要求1所述的库存管理系统,其特征在于,所述客户软件允许用户可在产品清单中规定货物销售价。 11. The inventory management system according to claim 1, characterized in that, the client software allows the user may specify the goods in the sales price of the product list.
  12. 12.一种售方管理库存系统,其特征在于包含:利用库存管理系统维持库存的一个或多个供应商;利用库存管理系统维持库存的一个或多个客户;中央服务器,促进客户和所述供应商之间的通信和库存管理;所述供应商,所述客户和所述中央服务器之间的余数据连接。 12. An inventory management system of the sellers, characterized by comprising: using the inventory management system to maintain an inventory of the one or more vendors; maintain inventory management system using an inventory of one or more clients; central server, clients and to promote the inventory management and communication between the supplier; the suppliers, I data between the client and the central server.
  13. 13.如权利要求12所述的售方管理库存管理系统,其特征在于,所述中央服务器接收来自客户和供应商的库存信息,预计库存短缺,产生包含该短缺的订货,选择该订货的供应和产品,对选择的供应商提出订货,并监视订货状态。 13. The inventory management system managing the sellers according to claim 12, wherein the central server receives inventory information from customers and suppliers expected inventory shortages, comprising generating the ordering shortage of supply of the selected orders and products, the selection of the suppliers of orders, and monitor order status.
  14. 14.一种存货经销系统,其特征在于包含:售货机;连接所述售货机的计算机;在所述计算机上运行的软件;打印机;用户识别子系统;以及数据输入子系统。 14. An inventory distribution system, characterized by comprising: a vending machine; computer is connected to the vending machine; software running on the computer; a printer; a user identification subsystem; and a data input subsystem.
  15. 15.如权利要求14所述的存货经销系统,其特征在于,所述用户识别子系统包含生物统计扫描器、RFID读出器、条形码扫描器、键盘、触感显示器或其组合,通过这些装置,用户可经所述软件对所述计算机正确识别自己。 15. The inventory distribution system according to claim 14, wherein said user identification comprises a biometric scanner subsystem, the RFID reader, a bar code scanner, a keyboard, a touch-sensitive display, or combinations thereof, by these means, the user can correctly identify itself to the computer via the software.
  16. 16.如权利要求14所述的存货经销系统,其特征在于,所述数据输入子系统包含主动或被动用户接口,通过该接口,用户能请求发放某些产品。 16. The inventory distribution system according to claim 14, wherein said subsystem comprises a data input user interface actively or passively, through the interface, the user can issue requests for certain products.
  17. 17.如权利要求14所述的存货经销系统,其特征在于,所述打印机在受到请求时,按需要打印产品信息,以满足对可用范围的规定。 17. The inventory distribution system according to claim 14, wherein said printer when requested, by the need to print product information, in order to meet the requirements of the available range.
  18. 18.如权利要求14所述的存货经销系统,其特征在于,还包含中央服务器以及连接在所述售货机与所述服务器之间的冗余数据连接。 18. The inventory distribution system according to claim 14, wherein further comprising a central server and a connection between the vending machine and the server is connected to redundant data.
  19. 19.如权利要求18所述的存货经销系统,其特征在于,所述计算机监视所述售货机内含产品的经销,将该经销状况经所述冗余数据连接发送到所述服务器,由此,所述服务器能将存货短缺通知售货机的业务提供者。 19. The inventory distribution system according to claim 18, wherein said computer monitors the contents of the vending machine of products, the distribution server transmits status to the connection via the redundant data, thereby the server can notice a shortage of stock vending machines with a service provider.
  20. 20.一种自动库存管理方法,其特征在于包含以下步骤:对库存中收到的产品计费;从库存中拿出产品时监视该产品;根据产品使用频度计算其趋势;决定各订货的最佳产品量,使装运费用减少,并考虑不同量的价点,使开支也减少;按需要订购额外存货;跟踪所述订货;根据各供应商和各产品的交货时间计算订货履行趋势;根据该订货履行趋势判定较佳供应商。 20. A method for automated inventory management, characterized by comprising the steps of: charging the product inventory received; monitoring out when the product items from the inventory; The product frequency calculating the trend; decisions of ordering the optimum amount of product, the shipping cost reduction, taking into account the different amounts of price points, but also reduce the expenditure; needed to order additional inventory; track the order; order fulfillment computing trend according to various suppliers and delivery time for each product; supplier preferable for the decision in accordance with the order fulfillment trend.
  21. 21.如权利要求20所述的自动库存管理方法,其特征在于,对库存中收到的产品计费的步骤包含以电子方式读取与各包装一起提供的文件,并自动更新库存信息,以反映包装内容。 21. The automated inventory management method according to claim 20, wherein the step of charging the product inventory included in received electronic document read in conjunction with the packages provided, and automatically update inventory information to reflect the contents of the package.
  22. 22.如权利要求20所述的自动库存管理方法,其特征在于,从库存拿出产品时监视该产品的步骤包含以电子方式读取产品或产品组关联的产品标识符。 22. The automated inventory management method according to claim 20, wherein the step of monitoring the product out from the inventory to electronically read the product contains products or product groups associated product identifier.
  23. 23.如权利要求20所述的自动库存管理方法,其特征在于,还包含通过电子检索从库存拿走产品的用户的标识符识别该用户的步骤。 23. The automated inventory management method according to claim 20, wherein further comprising the step of product away from the electronic inventory retrieving the user identifier identifying the user.
  24. 24.一种自动订货履行方法,其特征在于包含以下步骤:接收客户对一个或多个产品的可获量和报价的请求;根据客户偏爱,决定所述产品的合格替代品;决定可供量、报价、跌价所需的量,并预计一个或多个供应商的交货时间,以符合所述请求,包括任何可接受的替代品;当仍满足客户库存需求时,选择产品、产品量及提供最大值的供应商;为各供应商产生产品挑选和包装单;从供应商库存“挑选”出产品时,记录该产品;产品包装成装运包时,记录该产品;产生货包包装单和装运标记;使装运信息与包装信息相关;装运所述货包;跟踪所述装运。 24. A method for the automatic discharge order, characterized by comprising the steps of: receiving a client request for one or more products and the amount of available quotes; according to customer preference, the decision alternatives qualified products; availability decision , quotes, decline in value of the amount required, and is expected to one or more suppliers delivery time, to meet the request, including any acceptable alternatives; when the inventory is still to meet customer demand, product selection, product volume and providing vendors maximum value; generate product selection and packaging for the single supplier; when supplier inventory to "pick" from the product, record the product; the product is packed into a shipping package, record the product; generating a single package and packaging shipping marks; packaging shipping information so that information; shipment of the package; track the shipment.
  25. 25.如权利要求24所述的自动订货履行方法,其特征在于,通过对该产品关联的标识符进行电子扫描,记录挑选的产品。 25. The automatic ordering to perform the method of claim 24, wherein the electronic scanning by an identifier associated with the product, the product selected record.
  26. 26.如权利要求25所述的自动订货履行方法,其特征在于,通过用带有条形码扫描器的手持计算装置对该产品关联的标识符进行电子扫描,记录挑选的产品。 26. The automated order to perform the method of claim 25, characterized in that, for the product identifier associated with a handheld computing device through a bar code scanner with a scanning electronic recording selected products.
  27. 27.如权利要求24所述的自动订货履行方法,其特征在于,包装产品时记录该产品的步骤还包含以下步骤:在对包装到装运货包中的各物品进行扫描前,扫描装运货包关联的标识符。 27. The automatic ordering to perform the method of claim 24, wherein the step of recording the product packaging further comprises the step of: prior to the packaging of each article in the shipping package is scanned, the scanning shipping package identifier associated.
  28. 28.如权利要求24所述的自动订货履行方法,其特征在于,包装和装运标记包括机器可读标识符。 28. The automatic ordering to perform the method of claim 24, characterized in that the packing and shipping labels include a machine readable identifier.
  29. 29.一种售方管理库和综合购买系统,其特征在于包含:一个或多个服务器;在所述服务器上运行的一个或多个数据库;在客户现场的一个或多个计算机上运行的客户软件,该软件能监视客户的库存,并经冗余通信数据连接对所述服务报告该信息;在供应商现场的一个或多个计算机上运行的客户软件,该软件能监视产品现存量,依据定货量支持多个产品价格,并能经冗余通信数据连接对所述服务器发送该信息;在所述服务器上运行的软件,该软件整理客户的订货,通过所整理订货量的杠杆作用,减少客户费用。 29. A sell-side management and integrated library purchasing system comprising: one or more servers; one or more databases running on the server; client running on one or more computers customer site software, which can monitor customer's inventory and connect to the service reports this information via the redundant communication data; running on one or more computer vendor on-site client software, which can monitor the amount of an existing product, in accordance with a plurality of support given volume of product prices, and can be connected via a redundant communication server transmits the data of the message; software running on the server, the client software finishing orders, order quantity leverage collated by reducing client fees.
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