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本发明公开了一种实现问答业务的方法,包括步骤:第一客户端将问题信息包含在呈现信息中进行发布;第二客户端获得包含问题信息的呈现信息;第二客户端将答案信息通过即时消息发送给第一客户端;第一客户端将所接收到的答案和对应的问题一起显示出来。 The present invention discloses a method for implementing service Q, comprising the steps of: a first client issues published information includes the presence information; a second client obtains the information of the presence information contains questions; answer information to the second client by an instant message to the first client; displayed together first client and corresponding answers to questions received. 本发明充分使用了即时通信系统中的人际关系网络信息,结合即时通信中的呈现业务和即时消息实现了问答业务,使用户可以方便的基于广泛使用的即时通信系统提出问题并获得答案。 The present invention uses a fully interpersonal information network instant messaging system, combined with the presence service and instant messaging services to achieve a Q & A in the instant messaging so users can easily ask questions based on the widely used instant messaging system and get answers.


实现问答业务的方法、客户端和服务器 Q & A way to achieve business, client and server

技术领域 FIELD

[0001] 本发明涉及即时通信领域,尤其涉及基于即时消息和呈现业务实现问答业务的方法、客户端和服务器。 [0001] The present invention relates to the field of instant messaging, and in particular relates to a method based on instant messaging service implemented Q presentation service, the client and server.

背景技术 Background technique

[0002] 目前在线问答业务已经在各个国家广泛开展,大型的问答网站有百度“知道”、新浪“爱问”、雅虎“知识堂”及博学吧等。 [0002] Currently online question and answer service has been widely carried out in various countries, large-scale Q & A site Baidu "know" Sina "Love asked," Yahoo "knowledge together" and learned of it and so on. 这类网站往往采用注册积分制度,注册成为会员后, 便能参与提出自己的问题或者为发问用户解答问题,如果回答出色还能获得积分。 Such sites often using registration points system, after registering as a member, will be able to participate or to put forward their own questions to ask the user to answer questions if the answer could well earn points. 在这些问答网站中,除了能针对自己的问题寻求其他用户的解答外,也能看到别人的问题和答案是什么。 In the Q & A sites, in addition to other users to seek answers to their own problems, but also to see what other people's questions and answers yes. 问答业务正是对搜索引擎的一种补充,因为有些问题很难用搜索引擎直接获得答案,人工解决问题是永远无法用机器完全替代的。 It is a kind of business question and answer search engine supplement, because some of the problem is difficult to answer with direct access to the search engine, artificial problem can never be completely replaced by machines.

[0003] 然而这些问答网站中的用户之间往往互不相识,用户提供答案的动力主要是可以获得积分,然后可以利用积分奖励来使自己的问题得到尽快的解答。 [0003] However, in between these Q & A site users tend to know each other, to provide users with answers to the main driving force is to earn points, bonus points can then be used to make their problems as soon as possible to get answers. 实际上在朋友之间是更愿意互相帮助的,而且有些问题也更适合熟悉的人如同事、同学等进行解答。 In fact, between friends are more willing to help each other, but some problems are more suitable person to answer such familiar colleagues, students and so on. 目前人们以即时消息互相进行通信的方式越来越流行,即时通信工具除了即时消息外同时还提供好友管理以及显示好友的呈现信息等功能,已经成为承载现代人际关系社会网络的最理想工具。 Currently the way people communicate with instant messaging each other more and more popular instant messaging tools in addition to instant messaging and buddy management also provides presence information to show your friends and other functions, it has become an ideal tool for carrying modern interpersonal social networks. 如果可以基于即时通信工具来实现问答业务,将是对目前以问答网站为主的问答业务的一个重大提升和补充。 If based instant messaging tools to achieve business questions and answers, will be based on the current site of questions and answers to the questions and answers of a major business improvement and additions.

[0004] 一般的即时通信工具可以分为三部分,包括即时消息、呈现信息、好友管理。 [0004] Generally instant communication tools can be divided into three parts, including instant messaging, presence information, buddy management. 很多即时通信工具还实现了即时消息与短消息/多媒体消息的互通,以及支持语音、视频等多媒体通信,甚至还可以和传统的电话互通。 Many instant messaging tool also enables multimedia communication with instant messaging SMS / MMS interworking, as well as support voice, video, etc., and can even traditional telephone exchange. 而即时通信工具中通过好友管理所建立的人际关系网络,则是其最有价值最值得发掘利用的信息。 The instant communication tool created by friends management of interpersonal networks, is its most valuable information to explore the most utilized.


[0005] 本发明实施例提出了一种实现问答业务的方法,使用户可以基于广泛使用的即时通信工具提出问题并获得回答。 Embodiment [0005] The present invention proposes a method for implementing service Q, so that the user can ask questions based on the widely used instant messaging tools and get answers.

[0006] 本发明实施例还提出了一种即时通信客户端,用户使用该客户端即可提出问题并获得回答。 Example [0006] The present invention further provides an instant messaging client, the user can ask questions, and to receive an answer using the client.

[0007] 本发明实施例提出的技术方案如下: [0007] Example embodiments of the present invention proposes a technical solution as follows:

[0008] 一种实现问答业务的方法,该方法包括步骤: [0008] One way of service Q, the method comprising the steps of:

[0009] 第一客户端将问题信息包含在呈现信息中进行发布,所述第一客户端即提出问题者对应的客户端,包含问题信息的呈现信息直接发送给订阅呈现信息的第二客户端,或先发布到呈现服务器再由所述呈现服务器进行分发; [0009] The problem of the first client to publish information contained in the presence information, i.e., the first client's questions corresponding to the client, containing a second problem presents information directly to the customer information terminal subscribed presence information , or to publish to the presence server and then distributed by the presence server;

[0010] 第二客户端获得包含问题信息的呈现信息; [0010] The second issue contains client information obtained presence information;

[0011] 第二客户端将答案信息通过即时消息发送给第一客户端; [0011] The second client transmits the answer information to the first client via instant messaging;

[0012] 第一客户端将所接收到的答案和对应的问题一起显示出来;[0013] 在第一客户端将问题信息包含在呈现信息中进行发布后,第三客户端获得第一客户端所发布的包含问题信息的呈现信息,然后将其中的问题包含在自己的呈现信息中进行发布; [0012] The first client and displayed together with the corresponding answer questions received out; [0013] In the first information includes the client issues presence information published after, the third client to obtain the first client the release contains information about issues presence information, which will then issue included in your presence information publishing;

[0014] 第二客户端从第三客户端获得第一客户端的问题信息。 [0014] The second client obtains the first information from the client issues a third client.

[0015] 一种即时通信客户端,所述客户端包括: [0015] An instant messaging client, the client comprising:

[0016] 问题呈现信息设置模块,用于接收问题的输入,并将问题信息包含在呈现信息中进行发布,包含问题信息的呈现信息直接发送给订阅呈现信息的第二客户端,或先发布到呈现服务器再由所述呈现服务器进行分发; [0016] The information setting module presented problems for inputting reception problems, and problems in the information contained in the presence information publishing, comprising the problem of presenting information to the second information directly subscribe to presence information of the client, or the first to publish presence server and then distributed by the presence server;

[0017] 答案即时消息发送模块,用于从呈现信息中提取问题信息,并接收答案的输入,然后将答案信息通过即时消息发送; [0017] The answer instant messaging module, for extracting presentation information from the question information, and receive input answer, the answer information is then sent via an instant message;

[0018] 问题和答案显示模块,用于将即时消息中的答案以及对应的问题显示出来; [0018] Questions and answers a display module for displaying questions and corresponding answers out of an instant message;

[0019] 问题呈现信息转发模块,用于从所获取的呈现信息中提取问题信息,并将提取的问题信息包含在自己的呈现信息中进行发布。 [0019] issue presents information forwarding module, used to extract information from the problems presented in the acquired information, and the information contained in the extracted question his presence information to publish.

[0020] 本发明的有益效果如下: [0020] Advantageous effects of the present invention are as follows:

[0021] 本发明实施例通过在呈现信息中发布问题信息,用即时消息发送答案信息,巧妙得利用即时通信中的呈现业务和即时消息来实现问答业务,充分使用了用户在通信网络尤其是即时通信系统中已形成的人际关系社会网络数据信息,而且不必群发消息主动向众多好友征询问题的答案,避免了用户为获得答案而要发送大量消息,而众多好友也可以免受騷扰。 [0021] The embodiments of the present invention is illustrated by the published presence information issues the information, transmits the answer information IM and a clever use of instant messaging in a presence service and an instant messaging to achieve Q service, full use of the user in a communication network, especially an instant interpersonal social network data communication system has been formed, but do not have the problem of bulk unsolicited messages seek answers to the many friends, to avoid the user to get answers and to send a lot of messages, but also many friends from harassment. 另外还提供了问题的转发机制,使问题可以在用户的人际关系网络中广泛传播,问题获得解答的几率大大提高,并且问题的答案还可以通过即时消息发送给初始提出问题者或者其他也关注该问题的转发者,从而使除提问者之外的更多人也可以获得问题的答案。 It also provides a mechanism for forwarding the problem, the problem may be widespread in the user's interpersonal networks, the probability of obtaining answers to questions greatly improved, and the answer can also be sent to the initial proposed through instant messaging or other problems were also concerned about the forwarder problems, so that more people in addition to the questioner can also get answers to your questions.


[0022] 图1为本发明实施例实现问答业务的方法基本流程图; [0022] FIG. 1 Q business method implemented in a basic flowchart embodiment of the present invention;

[0023] 图2为本发明实施例即时通信客户端的结构示意图。 [0023] Fig 2 a schematic diagram of the structure of the instant messaging client of the embodiment of the present invention.

具体实施方式 Detailed ways

[0024] 参照图1,该图是本发明实施例实现问答业务的基本流程图,包括如下步骤: [0024] Referring to FIG 1, which is a flowchart of a basic embodiment of the present invention to achieve Q services, comprising the steps of:

[0025] 步骤101、第一客户端将问题信息作为呈现信息进行发布。 [0025] In step 101, the first client to issue information as presence information for publication. 第一客户端即提出问题者对应的客户端,包含问题信息的呈现信息可以直接分别发送给订阅其呈现信息的其他客户端,也可以先发布到呈现服务器再由其进行分发。 The first question asked by a client that is corresponding to the client, contain the problem of information presence information can be directly sent to subscribers respectively presented their other client information, or you can publish to a server and then presented its distribution. 为了实施简单,可以在呈现信息中只包含一条问题信息。 In order to implement simple, can contain only a problem of information in the presence information.

[0026] 步骤102、第二客户端获得包含问题信息的呈现信息。 [0026] Step 102, the second client obtains the presence information contains information problems. 第二客户端订阅了提出问题者即第一客户端的呈现信息,第二客户端一般为第一客户端好友列表中的用户的客户端。 The second client who subscribed to ask questions that is the first client of the presence information, the second client is generally first client buddy list of the user's client-side. 如果用户不希望收到问题信息,则可以在订阅呈现信息时将问题信息过滤掉。 If you do not wish to receive information problem, you can filter out the problem of information at the time of subscription presenting information.

[0027] 步骤103、第二客户端将答案信息通过即时消息发送给第一客户端。 [0027] Step 103, the second client transmits the answer information to the first client via instant messaging. 第二客户端将用户输入的答案信息包含在内容类型为答案的即时消息体中,发送给第一客户端。 The answer to the second client user input information included in the content type of the message body in an instant answer, send to the first client.

[0028] 步骤104、第一客户端将所接收到的答案信息和对应的问题信息一起显示出来。 [0028] Step 104, the first client issues information is displayed together the received answer information and the corresponding. 第一客户端在收到即时消息后,检测到其内容类型为答案,则将即时消息其中的答案信息和对应的问题信息一起呈现给用户。 The first client after receiving an instant message, whose content type is detected as an answer, then instantly presented to the user with a message in which the question and answer information corresponding to the information.

[0029] 值得注意的是,即使呈现信息中只包含一条问题信息,也最好为问题信息设置一个本地唯一的问题标识,第二客户端发送包含答案信息的即时消息时也带上相应的问题标识,这样第一客户端可以明确无误的匹配问题信息和答案信息。 [0029] It is noted that, even if the presence information message contains only a problem, a problem of information provided locally unique identifier is also preferably issues, problems also include the corresponding second client sends an instant message containing answer information logo, so that the client can first unmistakable matching information and answer information. 否则有可能第一客户端在收到第二客户端的答案信息时,其当前的问题信息已不再是第二客户端所看到的问题信息了,从而产生匹配错误。 Or it may first client when it receives the answer information for the second client, the current problem of information is no longer a second client can see the problem of information, resulting mismatch error. 当然另外一种方案就是在第二客户端发送包含答案信息的即时消息时,可以直接从呈现信息中获取问题信息,第二客户端发送答案信息和对应问题信息的即时消息给第一客户端。 Of course another scheme is to send an instant message containing answer information in the second client, can obtain information directly from the problem of the presence information, the second client sends answer information and the information corresponding to the issue instant message to the first client. 这样虽然简单,但消息内容增加了冗余的问题信息,而且不利于第一客户端对问题信息和答案信息做进一步的自动处理,如在用户接受答案后,客户端无法自动清除已经被解决的问题信息,需要用户手动进行处理。 So simple, but the message content increases the problem of redundant information, and not conducive to the first client information and answers to questions for further information automatic processing, such as when the user accepts the answer, the client can not be cleared automatically has been resolved the problem of information, require users to manually processed.

[0030] 第一实施例中基于互联网工程组IETF(Internet Engineering Task Force)的SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)协议的即时消息和呈现业务规范来实现问答业务(Question and Answer)。 [0030] Examples of Internet-based engineering group IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) of the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) protocol instant messaging and presence service first embodiment of specifications to achieve business Q & A (Question and Answer). 可以将发布问题呈现信息的客户端称为呈现体客户端,订阅问题呈现信息的客户端称为观察者客户端。 You can post a question of presenting information client called presentity client, subscribe to the problem of presenting information client called observer client. 当然实际中一个用户的客户端可以同时既发布自己的呈现信息又会订阅其他人的呈现信息。 Of course, in practice a user's client can simultaneously both publish their own presence information will subscribe to other people's presence information. 此处所说的客户端同时具有呈现业务和即时消息业务的客户端功能。 Here said the client has both client functionality presence service and instant messaging services.

[0031] 首先扩展目前的呈现信息,增加问题信息,如在目前的人物元素〈person〉中增加 [0031] First, expand the current presentation of information, increase the problem of information, such as the increase in the current character elements <person> in

问题子元素,其内容举例如下: Problem child elements, the contents of which include the following:

[0032] <person> [0032] <person>

<question-list> <Question-list>

〈question id=”qls34r">谁能买到10 月1 号的火车票〈/question〉 〈question id="q2f27h">张三的电话是多少〈/question〉 </question-list> </person> <Question id = "qls34r"> Who can buy a train ticket on October 1 </ question> <question id = "q2f27h"> John's telephone number </ question> </ question-list> </ person >

[0033] 其中〈person〉元素包含一个问题列表子元素<question-list>,该问题列表子元素包含一个或多个问题元素如〈question〉,每个问题元素具有一个标识属性如“id”,唯一标识一个问题。 [0033] where <person> element contains a list of questions subelement <question-list>, the problem list element contains one or more sub-elements such as problems <question>, each element has a problem of identification attributes "id", uniquely identifies a problem. 问题元素的值则可以包含问题的具体文字信息。 The problem is the value of the element can contain text information specific problems.

[0034] 另外对每个问题还可以对应设置有效期,其值可以是绝对时间,如“2007-11-06Τ12:10:00Ζ”,代表该问题的截止有效时间,当过了有效时间之后则问题失效。 [0034] Also provided is valid may correspond to each question, which may be an absolute time value, such as "2007-11-06Τ12: 10: 00Ζ", representing the effective time off problem, the effective time when the problem is over failure. 服务器可以自动清除呈现信息中失效的问题信息,观察者客户端也可以不再显示失效的问题呈现信息。 The server can automatically clear information presented problems in the failure of the observer client can no longer issue the failure to display presence information.

[0035] 有时候提问者希望尽快获得答案,则可以在问题呈现信息中设置紧急标志,当观察者客户端获得具有紧急标志的问题呈现信息时,对该问题呈现信息可进行醒目模式显示,如在提问者头像图标旁边显示红色或闪烁的问号,或者“S0S”图标等方式表示提问者有紧急需要解答的问题。 [0035] Sometimes the questioner want a quick answer, you can present information in an emergency flag is set, when the observer clients have problems obtaining emergency signs of the presence information, the problem presents eye-catching pattern information can be displayed on issues such as red or flashing head icon next to the questioner a question mark, or "S0S" icon, etc. indicate a problem with the questioner urgent need to answer. 以下举例描述包含有效期和紧急标志的问题呈现信息: The following example describes the problem and a validity period of the emergency sign presence information:

[0036] 〈question id= “ q2f27h “ until = “ 2007-11-06T12:10:00Z “ urgent=〃 true" > [0036] <question id = "q2f27h" until = "2007-11-06T12: 10: 00Z" urgent = 〃 true ">

[0037] 张三的电话是多少〈/question〉 [0037] Bob's telephone number </ question>

[0038] 其中问题元素的有效期属性“until”中包含问题截止的有效时间,紧急标志属性“urgent”置为真“true”表示为紧急问题。 [0038] in which the property is valid issue element of "until" there is a valid question of time off, emergency signs property "urgent" is set to true "true" represented as a matter of urgency.

[0039] 呈现体客户端将问题信息包含在呈现信息事件包中发布,具体的可以采用SIP的发布PUBLISH方法。 [0039] presentity client issues publish the information contained in the information package presented in the event, the release of a specific SIP PUBLISH method can be used. PUBLISH的消息部分内容举例如下: Part of the PUBLISH message for example as follows:

[0040] [0040]

Figure CN101431479BD00071

[0041] 为了简明起见,PUBLISH的消息头和消息体的内容做了一些省略。 [0041] For simplicity, the content of the PUBLISH message header and body do some omitted. 其中头字段Event中的“presence”指示所发布的内容为呈现信息,呈现信息内容的类型Content-Type 具体为“application/pidf+xml”格式。 Wherein the Event header field of the "presence" indicating the content for publishing presence information, presence information content type is particularly Content-Type "application / pidf + xml" format. 另外通常呈现信息还包括业务和设备信息,即一个或多个<tuple> 和〈device〉元素。 Also typically present and service information further comprises device information, i.e., one or more of <tuple> and <device> element. 具体可参见RFC 4779 (A Data Model for Presence) 等IETF SIMPLE工作组的标准规范。 Specific standards can be found in RFC 4779 (A Data Model for Presence) and other IETF SIMPLE working group.

[0042] 呈现服务器将包含问题信息的呈现信息通过SIP通知方法NOTIFY发送给观察者。 [0042] The presence server will contain the problem of information presence information is sent to the viewer through the SIP NOTIFY notification method. 观察者的客户端上可以显示收到的问题信息,具体的显示方法可以在好友列表窗口对应用户的旁边显示一个问号图标,当鼠标停留在该问号图标上后,可以用一个浮动窗口显示该用户的问题信息。 Problems may display the information received on the client viewer, the specific display method may correspond to the next user in the buddy list window displays a question mark icon, when the mouse cursor is over the question mark icon, a user may be displayed with a floating window the problem of information. 如果一个观察者要回答一个问题,可以用鼠标单击该问号图标,观察者的客户端获取呈现信息中的问题标识,并弹出一个窗口提示输入答案信息,然后将输入的答案信息和对应的问题标识一起用SIP的MESSAGE方法发送给提出该问题的用户。 If a viewer to answer a question, can click the question mark icon, the viewer client obtains the information presented problems of identity, and a pop-up window prompts for answers to information, and then enter the information and answer the corresponding question sending the problem to the user who is using the SIP MESSAGE method together with the identification. MESSAGE MESSAGE

方法的部分消息内容举例如下: The method of the content part of the message for example as follows:

[0043] [0043]

Figure CN101431479BD00072

[0044] 其中部分内容进行了省略,在MESSAGE方法的消息中包含内容类型为答案如"application/answer+xml"的消息体,消息体内容可以包含一个答案元素如〈answer〉,该答案元素还可以包含一个问题标识属性如“question-id”,答案元素的值包含答案的相关 [0044] wherein part of the contents is omitted, comprising a content type of the message MESSAGE method to answer such as "application / answer + xml" in the message body, the message body content may comprise an answer element such as <answer>, this answer element further may contain a problem identifying attributes such as "question-id", the answer element contains answer the correlation value

又子{曰息。 And said sub {interest.

[0045] 接收到该MESSAGE消息的客户端检测到该即时消息的内容类型为答案类型,则根据MESSAGE消息体中的问题标识获取呈现信息中对应的问题,然后同时将呈现信息中的问题信息和MESSAGE消息体中对应的答案信息一起显示出来。 [0045] receives the MESSAGE message, the client detects the content type of the instant message as an answer type, according to the problem MESSAGE message body identifier acquisition presents problems information corresponds, then while presenting problems information in and mESSAGE displayed together answer information corresponding to the message body.

[0046] 用户的客户端可以根据问题和答案的对应关系记录问题和相应的一个或多个答案,一个问题可以对应多个答案。 [0046] The user can record the client issues and associated with one or more corresponding relationship to answer the questions and answers, may correspond to a plurality of answers to a question. 这些问答历史记录可以供用户以后查阅,或者转发给其他的用户。 These questions and answers later history can be used for user access, or forwarded to other users.

[0047] 对于一些问题,用户希望在有答案时能立即通知自己,但当用户不在线时,无法获得即时消息。 [0047] For some problems, when the user wants to have the answer immediately inform their own, but when the user is not online, you can not get an instant message. 用户可以对单个问题设置是否实时通知,具体的可在即时消息服务器设置问题标识和对应的手机号码,当即时消息服务器接收到即时消息如MESSAGE消息,其中的问题标识与用户所设置的相同,并且当前用户不在线,则将消息中的文本内容即答案内容通过SMPP (短消息点对点协议)等协议经短消息中心或通过MM7接口协议经多媒体消息中心转发给用户所设置的手机号码。 The user can set a single question whether the real-time notification, concrete may be an instant messaging server settings identify the problem and the corresponding phone number when the instant message server receives the instant message as MESSAGE message, the same wherein the problem of identifying the user set, and the current user is not online, text message, that the answer will be content via SMPP (short message peer to peer protocol) and other protocols through short message service center or forwarded by MM7 interface protocols via multimedia message center's phone number is set by the user.

[0048] 为了充分利用已有的问答网站,在问题呈现信息被发布到呈现服务器后,呈现服务器也可以自动将问题信息提交到问答网站。 [0048] In order to fully utilize the existing Q & A site in question after the information is released to the presence server, presence server can also automatically submit information to the question Q & A site. 为了避免重复问题,可以禁止发布转发的问题到问答网站。 To avoid duplication, you can prevent issues not forwarded to the Q & A site. 而网站中对该问题的答案信息也自动包含在即时消息中发送给提问者。 The website information in answer to the question is automatically sent to the questioner included in an instant message. 另外呈现服务器还可以将问题信息提交到用户对应的博客Blog网站中,这样用户的博客页面上可以显示类似“我的问题”的标签页,将用户所提过的问题集中显示在这里。 In addition the presence server can also submit questions to the information corresponding to the user's blog Blog website, you can display something like "my problem" tab on this user's blog page, the user had raised questions focused on display here.

[0049] 对于问答网站已有的问题,如果用户在网站登录后浏览时对一个问题感兴趣,但目前网站还没有答案,则可以点击问题网页上的一个按钮,指示将该问题设置到自己的呈现信息中。 [0049] Q & A site for the existing problems, if the user browses the site after log in on an issue of interest, but the site does not answer, you can click a button on a web page issue, the issue is set to instruct their presence information. 具体的问答网站在接收到用户的超文本传输协议HTTP(HyperText Transfer Protocol)设置请求后,问答网站作为用户的呈现信息源将问题信息作为呈现信息发布到用户归属的呈现服务器中,呈现服务器将该问题信息与用户发布的其他呈现信息进行合成,然后分发给订阅者。 Q & A site specific hypertext transfer protocol after receiving the user's HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) request is set, Q & A site as the user's presence information as a source of information to issue the presence information published to the subscriber's home presence server, the server presents the the problem of information and other users to publish presence information synthesis, and then distributed to subscribers. 用户一般在问答网站注册有自己的地址标识,通常电子邮件地址可以同时作为问答网站、即时消息和呈现业务的登录账户标识。 In the Q & A site registered users generally have their own identity address, e-mail address can be used as usual Q & A site at the same time, instant messaging and presence service account ID to log in.

[0050] 考虑到社区交友网站本质上可以提供即时通信工具所具有的好友列表即人际关系网络,如Facebook、Myspace、校内网和中国缘等网站,也可以在这些网站中提供问答业务应用。 [0050] Taking into account the nature of the community dating sites can provide instant communication tool has a buddy list that is interpersonal networks, such as Facebook, Myspace, and Chinese school network edge and other sites, business applications can also provide questions and answers in these sites. 可以在网站的个人信息资料中设置问题信息,用户在网站中浏览其他用户的个人信息时可以看到问题信息。 You can set the problem of information in personal information website, you can see the problem of information users browse other users' personal information in the site. 然后可以通过网站的网页对问题提供答案。 It can then provide answers to questions via the web site. 提出问题的用户可以查询自己问题的状态以及对应的答案。 Users can query their own questions of the status of the problem and the corresponding answers. 这种基于人际关系网络的问答业务,可以不必使用复杂的积分制度来激励用户回答问题,充分利用了用户在通信网络中已经形成的人际关系数据信息。 This network of relationships based Q & A service, to encourage users can answer questions without having to use complex points system, full use of the interpersonal user data information in the communication network has been formed.

[0051] 当然本发明的技术方案也可以结合一些激励机制,如常用的悬赏提问机制和答题积分机制等。 [0051] Of course the technical solution of the present invention may also be combined with some incentive, such as the commonly used mechanisms and questions pts reward mechanisms. 如果实现问答业务的系统中支持虚拟货币或虚拟物品,还可以直接利用虚拟货币或虚拟物品代替积分奖励。 If you implement the system in question and answer service support virtual currency or virtual goods, but also can directly use the virtual currency or virtual goods instead of reward points. 如提问者在获得答案后,可以向提供答案的用户赠送一定数量的虚拟货币或者虚拟物品作为答谢。 As the questioner after obtaining an answer, could give a number of answers to users virtual currency or virtual goods in return. [0052] 第二实施例中,提供了一种方法使用户的问题在更大范围进行传播。 [0052] In the second embodiment, there is provided a method for allowing users to spread in a wider range of problems. 一个用户的呈现信息通常只有自己的好友才能看到,而一个普通用户一般也不会有超过两百个好友, 而与用户同时在线的好友一般更少,平均不会超过一百个。 A user's presence information is usually only their friends can see, while a general ordinary users will not have more than two hundred friends, and friends of concurrent users generally less, an average of not more than one hundred. 实际上知道问题的人越多,用户获得答案的机会就越大,因此最好能让更多的人看到问题信息。 In fact the more people who know the problem, users get the opportunity to answer the greater, it is best to let more people see the problem of information. 本实施例中,当一个用户A 的客户端发布了问题呈现信息后,订阅了其呈现信息的好友B的客户端获得了问题呈现信息后,可以将其问题呈现信息作为自己的呈现信息进行发布,当然在B的客户端发布的问题呈现信息中除了问题外还包括问题初始提出人以及原始的问题标识等信息。 In this embodiment, when the client is a user A has released the problems presented information, subscribe to a client presenting friend B information gained after the problem presented information, the problem can present information as their presence information publishing , of course, present information in question client B issued in addition to the initial question raised problems include people as well as the original problem identification and other information. 举例如下: For example as follows:

[0053] [0053]

Figure CN101431479BD00091

[0054] 其中在B的问题列表中包含两个问题元素,一个是用户A的问题,在子元素问题描述〈description〉中包含问题的描述信息,在另一个子元素初始提问者〈original-asker〉 中包含初始的提出问题的用户标识如'' sip : useraiexample. com"和初始的问题标识如“qid”。用户标识一般采用SIP URI (统一资源标识符),其中还可以包括显示名或昵称,如“Alice<sip:usera@example. com〉”。另外一个是用户B自己的问题,只包含一个〈description〉子元素。两个问题元素的问题标识属性值是由B的客户端生成的,每个问题标识保证在B的问题集中唯一即可。即使与另一个用户如A初始的问题标识相同也没关系。 [0054] wherein B is included in the list in question issues two elements, a problem of the user A, the description information description <description> contains subelements problem issues another subelement initial Asker <original-asker user ID> included in the initial questions such as '' sip:. useraiexample com "and the initial identification of problems such as" qid "user identifier commonly used SIP URI (uniform resource identifier), which may further include a display name or nickname. as "Alice <sip:. usera @ example com>" another problem is the user's own B, contains only a <description> subelement issues two elements issues identification attribute value by the client terminal B is generated. each question can be identified to ensure unique problem B concentrated even if another user a as the original problem of identifying the same does not matter.

[0055] 客户端可以缺省的设置自动将好友的问题也作为自己的问题进行发布。 [0055] The client may default setting automatically publish friend's problems as their own problems. 但是可以限制自己问题的总数上限如10个,以避免问题数过多。 But you can limit yourself to limit the total number of issues, such as 10, in order to avoid too many problems. 当问题总数达到上限,用户希望发布自己的问题信息时,则可以用自己的问题替换已有的好友的问题。 When the total number reaches the upper limit problem, users want to publish their own information problem, you can replace the existing Friends of problems with their own problems. 还可以进一步设置是否自动将好友转发的问题也作为自己的问题进行发布,如上例中包含〈original-asker〉 信息的问题则不是用户B自己提出的问题,用户B的好友C的客户端可以设置对这种用户B 转发的问题是否继续进行转发。 You may be further set whether to automatically friend forwarded problem published as their problems, as described in Example Inclusions <original-asker> question information is not user B their raised friend C to the user B's client may be provided this user B to forward the question of whether to proceed forward. 如果用户C继续进行转发时,则其客户端发布的该问题对应的初始提出问题的用户标识仍旧是用户A的标识如“sipmseraOexample. com”,而不是用户B的标识。 If the problem continues to forward the user C, the release of their client user ID corresponding initial questions are still identifying the user A, such as "sipmseraOexample. Com", rather than identifying the user B's. 如此,即使经过多次转发传播之后,最终提供答复信息的客户端仍旧可以据此将答复消息直接发送到初始提出问题的用户那里。 So, even after repeated after the forward spread, ultimately providing clients still reply information could then reply message will be sent directly to the user's initial questions there. 另外〈original-asker〉中的信息还可以避免问题的重复循环转发,用户之间的关系网络是交错重叠的,如果一个客户端根据一个要转发的问题信息中的初始提出问题的用户标识和问题标识是一个自己已经发布过的问题,则不再进行重复转发。 Further information <original-asker> in repeated cycles further avoid the problem of forwarding, the relationship between the network users are staggered overlap, if a client according to information of the original problem to be forwarded in a questions and issues the user ID logo is a problem that they have been released, it will not be repeated forwarding. 通过本实施例中的方法,可见问题可以沿着用户的人际关系网络进行大范围的转发传播。 , It shows that the problem can be forwarded as a wide range of propagation along the network by the user relationships present embodiment method.

[0056] 如果一个用户删除了自己所发布的呈现信息中一个问题信息,则呈现服务器向其好友即订阅者发送的包含呈现信息更新通知中也会去掉相应的问题信息,然后如果好友的客户端转发过该问题,则此时会取消对该问题的转发。 [0056] If a user deletes a problem presenting the information they released information, the presence server that is included subscribers to their friends to send presence information update notification will also remove the corresponding question information, and if a friend of a client forwards over the issue, this time will be canceled forwarded to the problem.

[0057] 最初提出问题的用户可能除了获得答案外还希望同时获得认识提供答案的人的人际关系路径。 [0057] The initial user may ask questions to get answers in addition to outside while also hopes to provide answers to get understanding of human relationships path. 客户端可以将问题的转发路径也作为呈现信息发布,按次序依次将转发的用户标识放在路径元素<via>中,对应的问题标识放在该元素的问题标识属性中如“qid”。 The client may forward routing problem is also presented as information dissemination, in sequence and forwards the user ID in the path element <via>, the corresponding problem of identification attributes of the element in question in the identifier, such as "qid". 例如上述例子中如果用户B的好友C继续对问题进行转发时,其问题呈现信息内容举例如下: For example, the above example if a friend of user B C continues to issue forward, the problem presenting content for example as follows:

Figure CN101431479BD00101

[0059] 其中路径元素<via>从上到下依次排列,最上面的路径节点元素<via>中包含初始提出的问题用户标识。 [0059] where the path element <via> sequentially arranged from top to bottom, the uppermost element of the path node <via> contain the initial user identification issues raised. 每个客户端在转发一个问题信息时,都要将前一个发布该问题信息的用户标识填充到问题信息的<via>元素中。 Each client information when forwarding a problem, the problem should be a release of information before the user ID is filled to the question of information <via> element. 为了避免问题被过度转发,则可以设置一个转发次数上限,具体的可以根据<via>元素的数量进行限制,如当客户端或服务器发现问题信息中的<via>元素达到了上限,如达到了3个,则不再对该问题信息进行转发传播。 To avoid problems is excessively forward, you can set a forward maximum number of times, particularly may be limited according to the number of <via> element, such as when the client or the server discovery <via> element of the problem of information reaches the upper limit, as achieved 3, is no longer forwarded to the problem of information dissemination.

[0060] 如果用户C的好友D要提供答案,则其客户端将答案信息包含在SIP MESSAGE请求中,并且还可以包括从呈现信息中获取的问题的传播路径信息。 [0060] If the user's friend C D To provide answers, it answers the client information included in the SIP MESSAGE request, and may further include a propagation path information obtained from the information presented problems. 该MESSAGE消息可以只发送给初始提出问题的用户A,也可以同时发送给转发过该问题的所有用户。 The MESSAGE message may be sent only to the user A of the initial questions may be sent simultaneously to all users through the forward problem. 举例如下: For example as follows:

[0061] [0061]

10 10

Figure CN101431479BD00111

[0062] 则用户A (或B、C等)的客户端收到该消息后,除了根据<via>元素中自己的用户标识对应的问题标识显示对应的问题信息和该答案消息中〈description〉元素中的答案信息外,还可以显示用户D是依据什么人际关系路径获得该问题的,如用户A的客户端可以显示路径: After the [0062] user A (or B, C, etc.) of the client receives the message, in addition to the problem of information corresponding to the answer message and the <description> The <via> element in their own problems identifying the user identifier corresponding to the display the answer outside information element, the user can also display D is obtained based on the question of what path relationships, such as client a user can display the path:

[0063] sip:useraiexample. com->sip:userbiexample. com_> [0063] sip: useraiexample com-> sip:. Userbiexample com_>.

[0064] sip:userciexample. com->sip:userdiexample. com [0064] sip: userciexample com-> sip:. Userdiexample com.

[0065] 其中路径最后一跳的用户标识“ sip : userdiexample. com”是从MESSAGE请求的From头字段中获得的。 [0065] where the last hop path to the user ID "sip: userdiexample com." From header field is obtained from a MESSAGE request in.

[0066] 第三实施例中,考虑到用户提出的问题可能会比较复杂,如询问一个图片或视频的信息,或者咨询对一篇文章的评论,显然图片、视频和大篇幅的文章都不适合直接放在呈现信息中。 [0066] The third embodiment, taking into account the issues raised by users may be more complex, such as a picture or a video asking for information, or consult comment on the article, it is clear pictures, videos and lots of text does not fit directly on the information presented. 本实施例中则通过仅在呈现信息中放置问题的标题和相关内容的超链接地址URL(统一资源定位符)来实现复杂问题的发布。 Examples of the complex issues to achieve the release of a hyperlink address by URL (Uniform Resource Locator) presented only in the title and content placement issues related to information in the present embodiment. 具体的,当用户客户端发布一个问题呈现信息时,输入问题标题和相关内容(如图片、视频等文件),其中相关内容部分被客户端上载到服务器侧,服务器存储后并分配一个URL地址返回给客户端,客户端将问题标题和该URL地址作为问题呈现信息发布。 Specifically, when a user issues a client issues presence information, enter a title and issues related content (such as pictures, video files, etc.), in which the content is uploaded to the server-side portion of the client, the server storage and assign a URL address is returned to the client, the client will issue the title and the URL address as a matter of presenting information dissemination. 内容举例如下: SUMMARY example as follows:

[0067] [0067]

Figure CN101431479BD00112

[0068] 其中标题元素〈title〉中包含问题的标题信息,而地址元素<url>中包含相应内容的URL地址信息。 [0068] Title element wherein <title> header information contained in question, and the address element <url> contains the URL address information of the corresponding content. 观察者客户端则可以通过该问题信息中的超链接URL地址获取完整的问题内容。 Watcher client can get the complete contents of the issue through a hyperlink URL address this issue information. 另外在问题的转发传播中,该URL信息也同样被复制转发。 Also in the forward spread of the problem, the URL is copied information is also forwarded.

[0069] 另一方面,答案信息也可能会比较复杂,而不是简单短小的文字信息。 [0069] On the other hand, the answer may be more complex information, rather than simply short text messages. 这时也可以同样进行类似处理,即客户端先将答案信息上载到服务器,然后服务器返回一个答案内容的链接URL地址,客户端再将该URL地址发送给提出问题的用户即可。 Then you can perform the same process is similar to that client first answer information uploaded to the server, then the server returns an answer content link URL address, the client then sends the URL address to the user to ask questions.

[0070] 在以上几个实施例中,对于问题呈现信息的访问权限,由于用户目的是希望获得答案,因此可以不必限制对问题呈现信息的订阅。 [0070] In some embodiments above, the issue presented for access to information, because the user objective is to get an answer, so you can not necessarily limited to the issue of presence subscription information. 即使不是好友,或者在隐身状态等都提供用户的问题呈现信息。 If not friends, or the problem of providing a user in stealth mode so the information presented. 另外回答该问题的即时消息在任何情况下也都不必阻止,如具体的即时消息服务器在检测到一个即时消息中包含的是一个答案类型的消息体时,即使用户设置了阻止非好友即陌生人的即时消息,并且该即时消息是来自一个陌生人的,则对于该即时消息服务器也可以不进行阻止。 Further instant message answer the question in any case do not have to be prevented, such as the particular instant messaging server an instant message contained in the detection is an answer to a type of the message body, even if the user is provided to prevent strangers i.e. non-friend instant messaging, and the instant message from a stranger, then for the instant messaging server can not be blocked.

[0071] 在陌生人在搜索用户时也可以看到用户的问题信息,通过回复用户的问题结识新朋友。 [0071] In a stranger can see the problem of information in the user's search users, make new friends by replying to a user's question. 如在增加即时消息好友时,一般要进行验证,这时可以获取用户A的问题信息,B在请求加A为好友时,在B的客户端显示A的问题信息,并提示B输入问题的答案,问题信息和答案随加好友的请求一起发送给用户A的客户端。 The increase in IM friends, generally be verified, then the problem can obtain information of the user A, B is a friend, displaying information A problem in the client request plus B in A, B and input answers to questions prompted send, information and answers questions with a request to add friends to the client, the user a's. 用户A的客户端在显示该请求时,可以同时显示问题及答案信息。 A client user at the display of the request, the information may be displayed simultaneously questions and answers. 随后用户A可以根据答案情况确定是否允许该请求。 A user can then determine whether to allow the request based on the answer to the situation.

[0072] 有一些问题可能更适合限定在某个群组或某些具体用户中发布,如“谁知道同事李四的手机号码”,则可以只在同事群组中发布。 [0072] There are some problems may be more suitable for limited release in a group or certain users, such as "Who knows colleague John Doe's phone number," you can only publish colleagues group. 具体的,客户端选中一个群组或一些好友后,然后发布问题信息,则该问题呈现信息的订阅权限只限定在所选定的群组和好友。 Specifically, after the client select a group or some friends and then publish information on the problem, the problem of presenting information subscription rights only in limited and selected group of friends. 其对应的呈现授权规则(Presence Authorization Rules)内容举例如下: Presence authorization rules corresponding (Presence Authorization Rules) content for example as follows:

[0073] [0073]

Figure CN101431479BD00121

[0074] [0074]

Figure CN101431479BD00122

[0075] 其中该授权规则集(ruleset)中包含一项规则(rule),在条件(conditions)元素中指定了授权用户的归属域(domain)如"",而在动作(actions)元素中指定授权动作为“允许”(allow),而在变换元素(transformations)中指定所允许提供的问题的标识如“q3^h”。 [0075] wherein the set of authorization rules (ruleset) contains a rule (rule), the user specifies the authorized home domain (Domain) as "" condition (Conditions) elements, while in operation (Actions) element specifies authorized action is "permit" (allow), the problem of providing specified allowed identification of the transformed elements (Transformations) in such "q3 ^ h". 该呈现授权规则可以由发布问题呈现信息的客户端通过XCAP (Extensible Markup Language Configuration Access Protocol)协议进行设置。 The presence authorization rules may present information released by the issue of client set by XCAP (Extensible Markup Language Configuration Access Protocol) protocol. 当一个观察者订阅该用户的呈现信息时,呈现服务器根据授权规则检测观察者是否满足条件,即归属域是否为"",如果是才向其提供对应的问题信息,包含在通知消息中发送,否则不提供。 When a user subscribed to the observer's presence information, the presence server authorization rules detected viewer meets the condition, i.e., whether home domain "" as if it is the problem of providing information corresponding thereto, it is included in the notification message send, or not available.

[0076] 如果好友等其他用户也对答案也感兴趣,则其客户端可以向初始提出问题的用户发送一条即时消息,指示自己关注该问题,如果有答案则希望也提供给自己。 User [0076] If friends and other users are also interested in the answer, then the client can ask questions to the initial sending an instant message, indicating concern themselves with the problem, if there is hope to provide the answer to yourself. 该指示关注问题的即时消息部分内容举例如下: The instructions concern part of instant messaging for example as follows:

[0077] MESSAGE sip:useraiexample. com SIP/2.0 [0077] MESSAGE sip:. Useraiexample com SIP / 2.0

[0078] Content-Type: application/focus-question+xml [0078] Content-Type: application / focus-question + xml

[0079] 〈focus qid=〃 q3t82z〃 /> [0079] <focus qid = 〃 q3t82z〃 />

[0080] 该消息体中包含一个〈focus〉元素,其属性值为所关注的问题标识。 [0080] The message body contains a <focus> element, the problem which concerns identified attribute value. 在经过原提问用户的确认同意后,在原提问用户的客户端生成关注问题记录,当原提问用户获得答案时,则将答案信息通过MESSAGE方法发送给关注该问题的其他用户。 After confirming the original user's consent to ask questions, ask questions in the original user's client records generated concern when the user answers the original question, the answer will be sending information through the MESSAGE method to focus on other users of the problem.

[0081] 客户端在收到答案信息后,也可以将答案信息作为呈现信息进行发布,同时包含问题和答案的呈现信息举例如下: [0081] The client after receiving the answer information can also be presented as the answer information to publish information, and contains questions and answers following the presentation of information, for example:

[0082] [0082]

Figure CN101431479BD00131

[0083] 其中答案元素〈answer〉可以有一个或多个,每个答案元素有标识属性如“id”,该标识在父元素〈question〉内部是唯一的,另外回答者属性<by>包含提供答案者的用户标识。 [0083] where the answer element <answer> can have one or more, each answer identification element has the attributes "id", the identifier is unique within the parent element <question> interior, additional attributes answerer <by> includes providing the answer user's identity.

[0084] 第四实施例中,对于答案内容较多,或希望多次交互提供答案时,也可以采用MSRP (Message Session Relay Protocol)协议,具体协议可参见IETF 的标准RFC4975。 [0084] In the fourth embodiment, the content of the answer more, or more interactions is desired to provide an answer, may be used MSRP (Message Session Relay Protocol) protocol, the specific protocol see IETF standard RFC4975. 基于SIP MESSAGE的即时消息可以称为寻呼模式(page mode)的即时消息,类似于短消息。 The SIP MESSAGE based instant messaging IM paging mode may be referred to (page mode), similar to the short message. 而基于MSRP的即时消息则可以称为会话模式的即时消息。 The MSRP-based instant messaging sessions can be called a model of instant messaging. 具体的,欲提供答案的客户端采用SIP INVITE方法向提出问题者请求建立MSRP会话,其中在INVITE请求的SDP (Session Description Protocol)消息体中的MSRP媒体对应的属性中包含问题标识。 Specifically, the answer to be provided to the client by using the SIP INVITE method to request questions MSRP session establishment, where SDP (Session Description Protocol) of the INVITE request message body corresponding to the MSRP media attribute contains the problem identified.

[0085] INVITE请求的部分内容举例如下: [0085] Part of the INVITE request for example as follows:

[0086] INVITE sip:useraiexample. com [0086] INVITE sip: useraiexample com.

[0087] m = message 7777 TCP/MSRP* [0087] m = message 7777 TCP / MSRP *

[0088] a = accept-types: text/plain [0088] a = accept-types: text / plain

[0089] a = path:msrp://userbpc. example, com:7777/iau39soe2843z ;tcp . [0089] a = path: msrp: // userbpc example, com: 7777 / iau39soe2843z; tcp

[0090] a = question:p9tr3r2 [0090] a = question: p9tr3r2

[0091] 其中属性问题“question”的值为问题标识如“p9tr3r2”。 [0091] wherein Attribute "question" is the problem of identification, such as "p9tr3r2". 初始提出问题的用户客户端收到该SIP INVITE请求后,从SDP消息体中获取到问题标识,并将问题标识对应的呈现信息中的问题信息显示给该用户,用户同意进行通信则客户端返回200 OK响应给INVITE的发起者。 After the initial questions user client receives the SIP INVITE request, obtain from the SDP message body to the identified problem, and the problem of identification information corresponding to the question presented to the user in the display, the user agrees to communicate back to the client INVITE 200 OK response to the originator. 在MSRP会话建立之后,提供答案的客户端可以用MSRP的SEND命令发送消息内容文本,对于大的文件内容,可以利用其分块传送机制分多次发送。 After MSRP session is established, providing answers client can send a text message content with a MSRP SEND command, for large content files, you can use it in multiple block transfer mechanism to send. 另外双方可以利用建立的MSRP会话进行交互,所有的交互消息记录都与对应的问题标识相关联,即可以将交互消息记录作为该问题的答案信息。 In addition the two sides can take advantage of the established MSRP session to interact with all of the interactive message records associated with a corresponding problem identification, namely interactive messages can be recorded as the answer information about the problem.

[0092] 如果一个与问题相关联的MSRP会话进行中,有另外一方也向提出问题者发起一个相同问题的建立MSRP的INVITE请求,即SDP中问题“question”中的问题标识相同,则提出问题者客户端将新的一方也加入到已有的MSRP会话中,可以在200 OK响应消息中的SDP中使用与已有的MSRP会话的路径和端口参数即可。 [0092] If the MSRP session with the associated problems, there are other side also initiate an INVITE request to establish MSRP of a same problem to those questions, i.e., the same problems identified SDP problem in the "question" is, the questions the client of a new party to join an existing MSRP session, the SDP message using an existing MSRP session path and port parameters in response to the 200 OK.

[0093] 另外在SDP媒体属性中的问题信息也可以包括问题,如: [0093] A further problem in the SDP media attribute information may also include a question, such as:

[0094] a = question:p9tr3r2 ;谁能借我1 万元? [0094] a = question: p9tr3r2; who can lend me 10,000 yuan?

[0095] 如果提供答案的用户希望通过语音或视频的方式提供答案,如问题是“谁能演示一下国标舞? ”,则提供答案的用户客户端发起一个多媒体会话请求,如用SIP INVITE发起一个RTP语音和视频的会话请求,与上述的MSRP会话类似,在SDP的媒体属性“a”中设置问题指示即可。 [0095] If the user wishes to provide answers provide answers through voice or video, such as the question is "Who can show you ballroom dancing?", The answers provided user client initiates a multimedia session request, such as by initiating a SIP INVITE voice and video RTP session request, similar to the above-described MSRP session, arranged to indicate problems in the SDP media attributes in "a". 通过识别该问题指示,接收该请求的客户端可以对该与问题相关的多媒体会话自动进行录制。 Receiving the client may request a multimedia session record associated with the problem by automatically identifying the indication of a problem. 多媒体会话也可以看作是一种会话模式的即时消息。 Multimedia session can be seen as one kind of an instant message conversation mode.

[0096] 第五实施例中通过采用XCAP协议来发布问题呈现信息。 [0096] The fifth embodiment to publish the issue by using the XCAP presence information. 因为用SIP PUBLISH发布的呈现信息一般都有有效期,客户端必须进行不断的刷新才可以,如果客户端离线时,SIP PUBLISH所发布的呈现信息就会失效,呈现服务器会将失效的呈现信息清除。 Because the release of the information presented by SIP PUBLISH generally have a validity period, the client must constantly refresh can, if the client is offline, SIP PUBLISH published presence information will fail, rendering the presence information server will fail to clear. 而问题信息在用户离线时也可以向其他用户提供,这样可以增加获得答案机会,因为其他用户可能未必会和提出问题的用户同时在线。 The problem may also provide information to other users when the user is offline, so you can increase your chances to get the answer, because other users may not necessarily be the user and ask questions while online. 因此本实施例中,通过XCAP协议发布相对静态的问题呈现信息,具体的发布命令即HTTP PUT内容举例如下: Thus the present embodiment, the presence information published by the relatively static problems XCAP protocol, i.e., a specific HTTP PUT command to release the contents of the following Example:

[0097] PUT/pidf-manipulation/users/sip:someoneiexamp1e. com/index/ [0097] PUT / pidf-manipulation / users / sip:. Someoneiexamp1e com / index /

[0098] /presence/person% 5biid = ' x8eg92n' % 5d/question HTTP/1. 1 [0098] / presence / person% 5biid = 'x8eg92n'% 5d / question HTTP / 1. 1

[0099] If-Match: " xyz " [0099] If-Match: "xyz"

[0100] Host: xcap. example, com [0100] Host:. Xcap example, com

[0101] Content-Type:application/xcap-el+xml [0101] Content-Type: application / xcap-el + xml

[0102] … [0102] ...

[0103] 〈question〉深圳的房价有没有开始跌啊? [0103] <question> Shenzhen housing prices have not started down ah? 〈/question〉 </ Question>

[0104] 本实施例中假设呈现信息〈person〉中包含一个〈question〉元素,该元素包含问题描述文本。 [0104] This example assumes that the information presented embodiment <person> contains a <question> element that contains the text description of the problem. 该PUT命令请求行中的XCAP地址包含用户呈现信息的问题元素的节点路径。 The XCAP PUT command row address request contains routing problem presented to the user node information element. 该PUT消息体中包含问题元素〈question〉的具体内容。 The problem PUT message body contains the elements <question> specific content. 通过XCAP PUT所发布的问题呈现信息,由于没有有效期的限制,呈现服务器即使在用户客户端没有刷新甚至离线时,仍旧将该问题呈现信息作为有效的呈现信息。 By presenting information issues XCAP PUT published, because there is no limitation period of validity, even without the presence server refresh even when offline, the problem still presenting information as an effective presentation of information in the user client.

[0105] 第六实施ί列中基于XMPP (The Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) [0105] Based on the sixth embodiment ί column XMPP (The Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol)

协议实现问答业务。 Q protocol business. 首先用户发布问题信息,其XML格式的发布消息部分内容举例如下: First, the problem of information users to publish its news release in XML format part for example as follows:

[0106] [0106]

14[0107] 14 [0107]

Figure CN101431479BD00151

[0108] 其中在〈publish〉元素的节点node属性中指示发布的是问题(question)节点。 [0108] where the node attribute node <publish> element in issue instructions issued (Question) node. 在项目<item>元素中用问题〈question〉子元素包含具体的问题,另外该问题元素还可以包含语言属性,指示具体的语言种类如英语或中文等。 In item <item> element with problems <question> child element contains the specific problem, and the problem may further comprise a language attribute element, indicating the kind of specific language such as English or Chinese. 项目<item>元素中可以有多个问题〈question〉子元素,但每个问题〈question〉子元素的语言属性必须不同,即一个项目<item>元素中所有问题〈question〉子元素应当是一个问题的不同语言的实例。 Project elements <item> You can have more problems <question> child elements, but each question <question> language attribute child elements must be different, that is a project <item> element in all issues <question> child element should be a examples of different languages ​​issues. 这样一个用户一个时刻最多只有一个问题,在有答案消息返回时可以与问题简单的进行匹配。 Such a user at a time at most only a problem when there is a simple answer messages returned can be matched with the problem. 如果收到答案消息时,用户当前的呈现信息中没有问题信息,则匹配最近所发布的呈现信息中的问题。 If you receive an answer message, the user's current presence information is not the problem of information, the matching of information presented in the recently published.

[0109] 然后该问题信息通过XMPP协议的hessag〉消息被传送给所有的订阅者。 [0109] and then the problem of information via XMPP protocol hessag> message is transmitted to all subscribers. 消息内 In the news

容举例如下: Yung example as follows:

[0110] [0110]

Figure CN101431479BD00161

[0111] 其他用户客户端返回答案信息时,也可以用XMPP协议的〈message〉消息发送。 [0111] When another user client terminal returns an answer message, may also be used XMPP protocol <message> message. Move

例如下: For example:

[0112] [0112]

Figure CN101431479BD00162

[0113] 其中为了避免答案和当时的问题可能出现不匹配的问题,提供答案的客户端可以在<body>元素中包含对应的问题,最好在问题描述之前增加一个前缀如“Answer : ”,以此来指示该消息是对该问题的一个答案。 [0113] and wherein answers to avoid problems that may occur at the time of the mismatch, the client may provide answers to the corresponding question comprise the <body> element, it is preferable to add a prefix such as "Answer:" Prior to description of the problem, in order to indicate that the message is an answer to this question. 并在答案〈answer〉元素中包含答案文本。 And contains answers to text answer <answer> element. 这样即使该答案与用户当前的问题不匹配,用户仍可从<body>元素中的内容看到该答案消息对应的问题。 Such a problem even if the current user does not match the answer, the user can still <body> element in the content see the problem message corresponding to this answer.

[0114] 本领域普通技术人员可以理解实现上述实施例方法中的全部或部分步骤是可以通过程序来指令相关的硬件完成,所述的程序可以存储于一种计算机可读存储介质中,该程序在执行时,当位于问题提出方时包括如下步骤: [0114] Those of ordinary skill in the art may understand that the above embodiments of the method steps may be all or part by a program instructing relevant hardware, the program may be stored in a computer-readable storage medium, the program when executed, the issues raised when in the side comprising the steps of:

[0115] 将问题信息包含在呈现信息中进行发布; [0115] The problem to publish the information contained in the presence information;

[0116] 将所接收到的答案和对应的问题一起显示出来。 [0116] will be displayed together and the corresponding answers to questions received.

[0117] 当位于答案提供方时包括如下步骤: [0117] comprising the steps of when in the answer provided by:

[0118] 获得包含问题信息的呈现信息; [01] contains questions to obtain information about presence information;

[0119] 将答案信息通过即时消息发送。 [0119] will answer information is sent through an instant message.

[0120] 上述提到的存储介质可以是只读存储器,磁盘或光盘等。 [0120] The storage medium may be a read-only memory, magnetic or optical disk.

[0121] 如图2所示,提供问答业务的即时通信客户端可以包括:问题呈现信息设置模块, 用于接收问题的输入,并将问题信息包含在呈现信息中进行发布;答案即时消息发送模块, 用于从呈现信息中提取问题信息,并接收答案的输入,然后将答案信息通过即时消息发送; 问题和答案显示模块,用于将即时消息中的答案以及对应的问题显示出来。 [0121] 2, provides Q IM client services may include: the problem presenting information setting module, an input reception problems, and problems in the information contained in the presence information publishing; answer instant messaging module , for extracting presentation information from the question information, and receive input answer, the answer information is then sent via an instant message; question and answer display module, and the answer will be displayed for the corresponding instant message in question. 为将模块间的关系描述清楚,图2中有两个即时通信客户端A和B,组成结构是一样的,两个客户端之间经过通信网络相互连接进行通信,呈现服务器等都位于通信网络中。 The relationship between modules is described clearly in FIG. 2 there are two IM clients A and B, the structure is the same composition, are interconnected via a communication network for communication between two clients, the presence server located across a communications network so in. 即时通信客户端A的问题呈现信息设置模块所发布的呈现信息经通信网络传送到即时通信客户端B,由客户端B的答案即时消息发送模块从呈现信息中提取问题信息。 A problem of the instant messaging client presence information setting module presented the published information to the IM client B via the communication network, the client B answers questions instant messaging module extracts information from the presentation information. 即时通信客户端A的问题和答案显示模块接收来自客户端B的答案即时消息发送模块所发送的答案。 A IM client answers the question and answer display module receives the answer from the client B instant messaging module transmitted.

[0122] 即时通信客户端还可以包括问题呈现信息转发模块,用于从所获取的呈现信息中提取问题信息,并将提取的问题信息包含在自己的呈现信息中进行发布。 [0122] IM client may also include presenting information issues forwarding module, used to extract information from the problems presented in the acquired information, and the information contained in the extracted question his presence information to publish. 还可以包括静态问题呈现信息设置模块,用于接收问题的输入,并将问题信息通过XCAP协议发布到服务器。 You can also include static problem presented information setting module for receiving an input problem, and the problem of information published to the server via XCAP protocol. 还可以包括问答会话模块,用于建立并进行与问题相关联的会话。 Q may further include a session module, and for establishing a session with the associated problems therewith. 如通过SIP INVITE 发起MSRP或RTP会话,上述实施例已有详细描述,此处不再赘述。 The RTP or MSRP sessions initiated by SIP INVITE, the above-described embodiments have been described in detail, it is not repeated here. 双方的即时通信客户端通过问答会话模块进行与问题相关联的会话,该模块还可以将会话过程记录下来,会话记录作为与对应问题相关联的答案。 Both sides of the conversation through instant messaging client Q & A session module associated with the problem, the module can also process the session record, record the answer as a session associated with the corresponding question.

[0123] 即时通信服务器可以包括:呈现信息处理模块,用于接收包含问题信息的呈现信息,并将其进行分发;即时消息处理模块,用于接收包含答案信息的即时消息,并将其进行转发。 [0123] IM server may include: a presence information processing module, for receiving presence information comprising information, issues, and distributed; instant messaging module configured to receive an instant message containing answer information, and will be forwarded . 这两个模块物理上也可以位于不同的服务器中,如分别位于呈现服务器和即时消息服务器,以提高处理能力。 These two modules may be physically located on different servers, such as servers are located and presented instant message server, to increase processing power.

[0124] 显然,本领域的技术人员可以对本发明进行各种改动和变型而不脱离本发明的精神和范围。 [0124] Obviously, those skilled in the art can make various modifications and variations to the invention without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention. 这样,倘若本发明的这些修改和变型属于本发明权利要求及其等同技术的范围之内,则本发明也意图包含这些改动和变型在内。 Thus, if these modifications and variations of the present invention fall within the claims of the invention and the scope of equivalents thereof, the present invention intends to include these modifications and variations.

Claims (19)

1. 一种实现问答业务的方法,其特征在于,该方法包括步骤:第一客户端将问题信息包含在呈现信息中进行发布,所述第一客户端即提出问题者对应的客户端,包含问题信息的呈现信息直接发送给订阅呈现信息的第二客户端,或先发布到呈现服务器再由所述呈现服务器进行分发;第二客户端获得包含问题信息的呈现信息;第二客户端将答案信息通过即时消息发送给第一客户端;第一客户端将所接收到的答案和对应的问题一起显示出来;在第一客户端将问题信息包含在呈现信息中进行发布后,第三客户端获得第一客户端所发布的包含问题信息的呈现信息,然后将其中的问题包含在自己的呈现信息中进行发布;第二客户端从第三客户端获得第一客户端的问题信息。 A method for implementing service Q, characterized in that, the method comprising the steps of: a first client issues to publish information contained in the presence information, i.e., the first client's questions corresponding client, comprising information presented problems of information sent directly to the second client to subscribe presence information, or to publish to the presence server and then distributed by the presence server; second client contains questions to obtain information about presence information; second client will answer information is sent through an instant message to the first client; a first client will be displayed together with the received answers and the corresponding problems; problems after the first client terminal information including the presence information publishing, the third client obtain presence information contains information about the problem first client released, then one of the issues contained in their presence information publishing; second client to obtain information of the first issues the client from a third client.
2.根据权利要求1所述的方法,其特征在于,第三客户端将第一客户端的用户标识、问题标识与问题一起包含在自己的呈现信息中进行发布;根据所述的用户标识第二客户端将答案以及所述的问题标识或问题发送给第一客户端。 2. The method according to claim 1, wherein the third client user identifier of a first client, and identify the problem in question contained together to publish their presence information; according to the second user identifier the client answers questions or problems, and the identification is sent to the first client.
3.根据权利要求2所述的方法,其特征在于,第二客户端还将问题的转发传播路径一起发送给第一客户端。 3. The method according to claim 2, characterized in that the transmission channel with a second forwarding client will issue to the first client.
4.根据权利要求1所述的方法,其特征在于,在第一客户端将问题信息包含在呈现信息中进行发布后,所述的问题经过了至少两次的转发传播后由第二客户端获得;第二客户端将答案信息通过即时消息发送给第一客户端或转发路径节点的客户端,同时即时消息中还包括问题的转发传播路径信息。 4. The method according to claim 1, wherein the first client terminal information including the question after publishing the presence information, the problem of propagation through forwarding at least twice by the second client is obtained; answer information to the second client by sending an instant message to the first client or the client node the forwarding path, while the instant message further comprises a propagation path information forwarding problem.
5.根据权利要求4所述的方法,其特征在于,转发传播路径上的一个节点客户端向第一客户端发送包含关注所述问题指示的即时消息;第一客户端在获得答案后,将所述答案发送给所述节点客户端。 The method according to claim 4, characterized in that a forwarding node in the propagation path of the client to the first client sends an instant message concerns the problem indication; a first client after receiving an answer, the the answer is sent to the client node.
6.根据权利要求1所述的方法,其特征在于,第一客户端发布的所述问题信息中包括问题标识;第二客户端发送的即时消息中答案信息包括对应的问题标识;第一客户端根据所接收到的即时消息中答案信息中的问题标识匹配对应的问题,然后将答案和对应的问题一起显示出来。 6. The method according to claim 1, wherein the first client issued said problems include issues identification information; a second IM client sends the answer information including the question corresponding to the identification; first client according to the instant message terminal of the problem the answer received identification information matches the corresponding question and answer will be displayed together with the corresponding questions.
7.根据权利要求6所述的方法,其特征在于,所述的答案信息包含在即时消息的内容类型为答案的消息体中;当第一客户端检测到所接收到的即时消息中包含内容类型为答案的消息体时,从所述即时消息中获取问题标识,然后根据问题标识从本地的呈现信息中获取对应的问题。 7. The method according to claim 6, wherein said answer information included in the content type of an instant message as an answer message body; when the first IM client detects the received content contains when the answer message body type, access issues from the instant message identifier, the identifier and corresponding to the acquired presence information from the local problems according to the problem.
8.根据权利要求1所述的方法,其特征在于,第二客户端将答案信息通过即时消息发送给第一客户端时,还将从呈现信息中获取的对应的问题信息也和答案信息一起通过即时消息发送给第一客户端。 8. The method according to claim 1, wherein the second client information question answer information sent via an instant message to the first client, the presence information will be obtained from the corresponding answer information and also with sending to the first client via instant messaging.
9.根据权利要求1所述的方法,其特征在于,第一客户端在接收到答案后,将答案信息也包含在呈现信息中进行发布。 9. The method according to claim 1, wherein the first client after receiving the answer, the answer will be published information is also contained in the presence information.
10.根据权利要求1所述的方法,其特征在于,问题或答案被提交到服务器,仅将服务器返回的地址包含在所述的答案信息或问题信息中。 10. The method according to claim 1, characterized in that the question or answer is submitted to the server, the server returns only the address contained in the answer message information or questions.
11.根据权利要求1所述的方法,其特征在于,第一客户端将问题信息作为静态的呈现信息进行发布。 11. The method according to claim 1, wherein the first client issues presence information as a static information publishing.
12.根据权利要求1所述的方法,其特征在于,第二客户端将答案信息通过会话模式的即时消息发送给第一客户端。 12. The method according to claim 1, wherein the second client transmits the answer information through the instant messaging conversation mode to the first client.
13.根据权利要求12所述的方法,其特征在于,第二客户端将问题信息包含在会话初始协议请求的SDP内容的属性中。 13. The method according to claim 12, wherein the second client issues included in the attribute information of the content of SDP Session Initiation Protocol request.
14.根据权利要求1所述的方法,其特征在于,在第一客户端将问题信息包含在呈现信息中进行发布之后,第一客户端或呈现服务器将问题信息发布到问答网站或博客网站。 14. The method according to claim 1, wherein the first client terminal information including questions After publish presence information, the presence server or the first client to publish information to a problem or question and answer site blog site.
15.根据权利要求1所述的方法,其特征在于,第一客户端发布的所述问题信息中包括的问题数量最多为一个;第一客户端检测到所接收到的即时消息中内容类型为答案类型时,则将所述即时消息中的答案和第一客户端最近所发布的呈现信息中的问题一起显示出来。 15. The method according to claim 1, wherein a first number of questions published by the client information included in the problem up to a; a first IM client detects the received content type when the answer type, the problem of information presented in instant messages and answers first client will be the recently released displayed together.
16.根据权利要求1所述的方法,其特征在于,第一客户端所发布的呈现信息中的问题信息还包括有效期或紧急标志。 16. The method according to claim 1, characterized in that the information of the first information presentation problem client released further includes urgency indicia or validity.
17. —种即时通信客户端,其特征在于,所述客户端包括:问题呈现信息设置模块,用于接收问题的输入,并将问题信息包含在呈现信息中进行发布,包含问题信息的呈现信息直接发送给订阅呈现信息的第二客户端,或先发布到呈现服务器再由所述呈现服务器进行分发;答案即时消息发送模块,用于从呈现信息中提取问题信息,并接收答案的输入,然后将答案信息通过即时消息发送;问题和答案显示模块,用于将即时消息中的答案以及对应的问题显示出来;问题呈现信息转发模块,用于从所获取的呈现信息中提取问题信息,并将提取的问题信息包含在自己的呈现信息中进行发布。 17. - Species IM client, wherein the client comprises: question presenting information setting module, an input reception problems, and problems in the release information includes the presence information, the presence information comprising information problems sent directly to the second client to subscribe presence information to the presence server or to publish then distributed by the presence server; answer instant messaging module, for extracting information from the presentation information problems, and input answers received, then the answer information is sent through an instant message; question and answer display module, and the answer will be displayed for the corresponding instant message in question; question presenting the information transfer module for extracting information acquired problems presented information from, and the information contained in the extracted question his presence information to publish.
18.根据权利要求17所述的客户端,其特征在于,所述客户端还包括:静态问题呈现信息设置模块,用于接收问题的输入,并将问题信息通过XCAP协议发布到服务器。 18. The client according to claim 17, wherein the client further comprises: static information setting module presented problems for inputting reception problems, and the problem of information published to the server via XCAP protocol.
19.根据权利要求17所述的客户端,其特征在于,所述客户端还包括:问答会话模块,用于建立并进行与问题相关联的会话。 19. The client according to claim 17, wherein the client further comprises: Q session module, and for establishing a session with the associated problems therewith.
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