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Solar energy driven machine


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    • Y02E10/00Energy generation through renewable energy sources
    • Y02E10/40Solar thermal energy
    • Y02E10/46Conversion of thermal power into mechanical power, e.g. Rankine, Stirling solar thermal engines


A solar energy power machine is a systematic device which can automatically finish the gas liquid transformation for heat medium, automatically finish heat exchange, automatically circularly use the heat medium, and transform the heat energy collected by a reflect light focusing type solar energy collector to mechanical kinetic energy. The generated mechanical kinetic energy can be applied to power generation or direct application. The solar energy power machine can using the solar energy with high efficiency under a bad environment having enough solar energy, and can be applied to building energy saving, and is an effective device for producing renewable energy resources; its producing cost and technology requirement is far lower than the silicon crystal photovoltaic cell; and it is in favor of popularization, application and environment protection.


太阳能动力机 Solar power machine

一、技术领域属于太阳能利用范围,也可用于地热、工业余热利用。 One, belonging to the technical field of solar energy range, can also be used to heat, industrial waste heat utilization.

二、背景技术 Second, the technical background

太阳能是一种巨大且对环境无污染的可再生能源,取之不尽,用之不竭,在因使用化石能源排放温室气体、污染环境和化石能源将要枯竭的情况下,太阳能的利用具有极其重要的意义。 Solar energy is a huge and pollution to the environment, renewable energy, inexhaustible, in the case of the use of fossil energy emissions of greenhouse gases, pollution and the depletion of fossil energy will be, use of solar energy has a very Significance. 现在许多国家再次将目光投向了核能,但是核能的成本高,潜在的危害性大,且铀矿也是有限的。 Many countries are now once again turn their attention to nuclear energy, but the high cost of nuclear energy, large potential dangers, and uranium is limited.

太阳能可以说是人类的终极能源,在其利用的研究和开发上无论投入多大都是值得偿试的,现已开发利用的水力能、风能、.潮汐能、生物能、化石能源等都是太阳能的表现形式。 Solar energy can be said to be the ultimate human energy, in research and development investment no matter how much their use is worth the attempt, has been the development and utilization of hydro energy, wind energy, tidal energy, biomass, fossil energy sources such as solar energy are manifestations. 这里所说的太阳能利用是指对太阳光能的直接利用。 Mentioned here refers to the use of solar energy for direct use of solar energy.

目前,太阳能的转换利用方式有光—热、光—电转换和光化学转换。 Currently, the use of the conversion of the solar light - heat, light - conversion and photochemical conversion. 在光—热转换中以太阳能热水器、太阳能灶、太阳能热媒空调等的应用和研究为主,都只能是一次性应用,不能作为二次能源应用和储存;在光—电转换中以光伏电池的研究和应用为主,电可转移应用,也可通过蓄电池储能和电解水生产氢能,但光伏电池的技术含量极高,生产成本也高,对太阳光的利用率不高,因此普及应用难度大。 Light - heat conversion to solar water heaters, solar cookers, solar heat medium such as air conditioning applications and research-based, one-time application can only, and not as a secondary energy storage applications; light - to the photovoltaic conversion Research and application of battery-based, electrically transfer applications, but also through water electrolysis battery energy storage and hydrogen production, but high-tech photovoltaic cells, high production costs, utilization of sunlight is not high, universal application difficult. 由于太阳光的能量密度小,太阳能的收集、热量的输送、储存、热交换等诸多问题有待解决,制约了太阳能热转换的利用,在德国人布凌格所著的《未来世界100种变化》中、在《魅力前沿·科学-回眸在2006》中的关于能源部分都只提及了光伏电池等内容,而没有提及光能转换成机械动能用于发电或直接应用。 Since the energy density of sunlight, solar collection, heat transport, storage, heat exchange, and many other issues to be resolved, restricted the use of solar thermal conversion, "the next 100 kinds of changes in the world" in German Bullinger's book , in the "glamor frontier-science - Looking back in 2006" in the section on energy content only mentioned photovoltaic cells, etc., but no mention of mechanical energy into kinetic energy for electricity generation or direct application.

三、太阳能动力机要解决的问题及技术方案太阳能动力机要解决的问题是:在极少损耗热媒介质的前提下,将太阳能集热器加热的介质储存的热能通过类似汽轮机的装置转换成机械动能,并利用所产生的机械动能的一部分推动热媒介质的自我循环以完成热量交换、使热媒介质流向太阳能集热器被再次加热重复完成热-动转换过程,从而循环不断地输出机械动能。 Third, the problem to be solved by the solar power machine and solar power machine aspect is to solve the problem: on the premise little loss A heat transfer medium, the thermal energy storage medium of the solar collector heat into mechanical kinetic energy by a steam turbine-like device and using the generated kinetic energy of the mechanical part of the mass to promote the self-circulating heat medium to perform heat exchange, mass flow of the heat medium heated by the solar collector repeated again after heat - dynamic conversion process, thereby continuously circulating output mechanical kinetic energy.

具体技术方案如下:1、制作一个与外界环境相对隔绝的密闭装置。 Specific technical solutions are as follows: 1, the obturator making a relative isolation from the outside environment. 上部呈平顶的碟状,可称为热动转换室,在其内部安装类似汽轮机的热动转换器,以及用于热量交换的环形折叠式〔“S”型〕管道;热动转换室的作用是完成热能转换成机械动能及向外输出动能、剩余热量在气液相热媒介质之间的交换、气态热媒介质经热交换和通过碟状外壳向外界散热液化以备循环利用。 An upper dish-shaped flat top shape, may be referred to as the thermal conversion chamber, a thermal actuator mounted converter turbine similar in its interior, and a heat exchanger for an annular folding [ "S"] duct type; the thermal conversion chamber It is to be accomplished and the kinetic energy is converted into mechanical kinetic energy output externally, the remaining heat exchange between the heat medium quality gas and liquid phase, gaseous heat medium by heat exchanging mass and heat to the outside of the housing through the dish to prepare liquefied recycled. 下部呈圆桶状,可称为储存介质室,其直径小于热动转换室,主要用于储存预置的液体热媒介质和液化后的介质以备循环利用,输送介质的管道通过储存介质室进出密闭装置。 A lower cylindrical barrel, the storage medium may be referred to as chamber, which is smaller than the diameter of the thermal conversion chamber, mainly for the liquid heat medium and the liquefied mass storage medium to prepare a preset recycling pipeline storage medium by the medium chamber out of the obturator. 在密闭装置的外壳上安装皮带轮和齿轮传动系统,使之与热动换器的动能输出端相联结,带动杠杆式压力泵将储存介质室内的介质压入循环管道系统。 Pulley and gear system mounted on the housing of the obturator, so that kinetic energy output terminal of the heat exchanger is coupled to drive the pump lever pressure medium storage chamber is forced into the circulation pipeline system.

2、经管道将由太阳能集热器加热产生的高温高压蒸气〔假定介质为水〕由下向上导入热动转换器,高压蒸气经热动转换器的喷射口喷出,因反冲作用产生旋转动能,同时,热动换器通过皮带轮将部分动能传送到齿轮系统,带动杠杆式压力泵将水压入循环管道,高压水流经热动换室与高温水蒸气进行热量交换,其后流向太阳能集热器再次被加热汽化又一次完成热动转换。 2, through a pipe heated by the solar collectors produced by high temperature high pressure water steam medium is assumed [] Thermal introduced from the bottom up converter discharge pressure vapor heat moving through the injection port of the converter, rotational energy is generated due to backlash Meanwhile, the heat exchanger by the movable portion of the kinetic energy is transmitted to the pulley gear system, drive lever pressure pump water into the circulation conduit, the high pressure water flows through the thermal exchange with the high temperature water vapor chamber heat exchanger, and thereafter flows again solar collectors vaporized is heated again to complete the thermal conversion. 由于液体汽化后体积会扩大1000倍,必有有效动能输出。 Since the volume of the liquid will be vaporized by 1000, there will be an effective kinetic energy output.

3、输送热媒介质的管道要用隔热材料处理,以减少热能在输送过程中的热量损失。 3. A heat transfer medium conveying pipe insulation material to use, so as to reduce heat loss in the heat transport process.

4、杠杆式压力泵的作用是在齿轮的带动下,产生高压,以确保储存介质室的液体介质被压入循环管道,完成热媒介质的循环过程。 4, the lever action pressure pump is driven by the gear, resulting in a high pressure, to ensure that the liquid medium is a storage medium chamber is pressed into the circulation duct to complete the cycle A heat transfer medium.

太阳能动力机以太阳能转化而成的热能为动力,并可在无需储热介质、极大地减少热媒介质损失和自动循环利用热介质的情况下,通过热交换提高热利用效率,为在沙漠、缺水的干旱地区和在建筑节能上利用太阳能创造了条件,而且可根据需要,独立分散使用,也可集群式规模化安装。 In solar thermal power machine is turned into a solar power, and without the need for heat storage medium, and greatly reduce the automatic recycling heat medium in the heat medium mass loss and improve the thermal efficiency by heat exchange, as in the desert, the lack of arid regions and water use in the construction of energy-saving solar energy to create the conditions and according to the needs, independent dispersion, can also be clustered scale installation. 太阳能动力机的输出动能主要用于发电,供用户直接使用,也可用于蓄电池储能或电解水生产氢能;还可作为机械能直接加以应用。 The output of the solar power machine kinetic energy mainly for power generation, direct use for the user, can also be used a storage battery or water electrolysis hydrogen production; may be applied as mechanical energy directly. 在太阳能的收集上,为节约材料并产生高温,宜采用反射聚光式太阳能集热器。 In the collection of solar energy, in order to save material and high temperature, it should be reflective concentrating solar collectors. 太阳能动力机装置系统是现有材料和技术的集成,其制造成本和技术要求远低于光伏电池,易于通过技术手段提高太阳能利用效率,易于生产和普及应用,而要提高光伏电池的效率,除了技术因素外,还需要跨越物理学上的限制,是极难突破的。 Solar power machine system is an integrated device and the prior art material, and the manufacturing cost is much lower than the photovoltaic cell technology requirements, easy to improve the efficiency of solar energy utilization by technical means, easy to manufacture and universal applications, and to improve the efficiency of photovoltaic cells, in addition to technical external factors, but also need to cross the limit of physics, is extremely difficult to break.



附图为太阳能动力机结构示意图。 The drawings is a schematic structure of the solar power machine.

1.通过轴承将热动转换器从动能输出端固定在太阳能动力机的外壳上的部件。 1. Thermal transducer through a bearing member fixed to the solar power machine housing kinetic energy output.

2.折叠式多层环形热量交换器。 2. The folded multilayer annular heat exchanger.

3.热动转换器:为圆盘状,中心有轴,一端实心,为动能输出端;另一端中空,高温高压蒸汽由此导入;轴心有中空管道通向圆盘边缘,出口方向与圆周的切线一致,蒸汽喷射的方向统一为顺时针或逆时针方向。 3. Thermal converter: there is a disc-shaped central shaft, one end of the solid, the kinetic energy output; the other end of the hollow, thereby introducing high-temperature high-pressure steam; axial hollow pipe leading edge of the disk, the circumferential direction of the outlet of a tangential direction of the steam injection uniform clockwise or counterclockwise.

4.输送经热量交换后流向太阳能集热器的高压水的管道出口。 High pressure water flow to the outlet duct 4. conveyed by the heat exchanger of the solar collector.

5.输送经太阳能集热器加热产生的高温高压蒸汽的管道进入口。 5. The high temperature and pressure steam pipe transporting heat generated by the solar collector into the mouth.

6.带动杠杆式压力泵的传动系统。 6. The drive lever pressure pump drive system.

7.杠杆式压力泵。 7. The lever type pressure pump.


:1、由于太阳能动机能循环利用热媒介质,极大地减少了对环境的依赖程度,可以在干旱地区、沙漠化地区把太阳能利用和沙漠化治理结合起来,既可以生产清洁能源,又能减少地面蒸发的水分,有利于沙漠化治理,为居住分散的农、牧民提供便利的能源,并可把电能输送到水源丰富的地区,电解水生产氢能以解决温室气体排放和环境污染问题2、在建筑节能中使用。 : 1, due to the solar motivation can be recycled A heat transfer medium, greatly reducing the dependence on the environment, can in arid areas, desert area to make use of solar energy and desertification combine both the production of clean energy, but also reduce surface evaporation the water is conducive to desertification, to live scattered farmers and herdsmen, facilitating energy, and electrical energy delivered to the abundant water area, water electrolysis hydrogen production to address greenhouse gas emissions and environmental pollution 2, in building energy efficiency use. 屋面安装使用太阳能动力机发电,可在不消耗外加能源的情况下,给空调供电制冷,环境的总热量不会增加,且多余的电能可进入电网。 A case where the roof mounted solar power machine power, may not consume additional energy, power to the air conditioning refrigerant, the total heat environment is not increased, and the excess power into the grid may be.

3、在各类车的车顶上安装太阳能动力机发电应用,减少石油的使用,从而减少温室气体的排放和对环境的污染。 3, mounted on the car roof solar power machines of various types of power application, to reduce the use of oil, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pollution of the environment.

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  1. 太阳能动力机主要用于将太阳能转换成机械能,也可应用于地热、工业余热等热利用上。 Solar power machine mainly used for converting solar energy into mechanical energy, may be applied to the use of geothermal heat, industrial waste heat and the like. 其技术方案为:在不损耗热媒介质的前提下,自动循环利用热媒介质,并通过热交换高效率地将太阳能转换成机械动能。 The technical scheme is: without loss of the heat medium quality, automatic recycling A heat transfer medium, and high-efficiency conversion of solar energy into mechanical kinetic energy by heat exchange. 属首创性的技术方案,其特征为:在相对密闭的条件下,设置热动转换器、环形多层折叠式热交换器、循环管道,以及外置杠杆式压力泵、与热动换器动能输出端和杠杆式压力泵相连的传动系统;热动转换器将由太阳能集热器加热产生的高温高压蒸汽储存的热能转换成机械动能的同时,同步完成如下两个过程:1、通过传动系统将部分动能传送到杠杆式压力泵,产生高压将热媒介质压入循环管道内,流经热交换器完成热交换,然后流向太阳能集热器再次被加热汽化;2、高温高压蒸汽经热动转换器的喷射口喷出后,与热交换器内的液体介质发生热交换,液体介质升温,而蒸汽降温及散热液化后储存于密闭装置的底部以备循环利用。 Genus of the first aspect, wherein: in a relatively closed condition, the thermal converter is provided, a multilayer annular folded heat exchanger circulation conduit, and leverage external pressure pump, the heat exchanger kinetic actuator output and the lever drive system is connected to an end pressure pump; high temperature high pressure steam by the solar heat collectors autochanger heating generated thermal energy storage into mechanical kinetic energy simultaneously and complete the following two processes: 1, by the drive train portion the kinetic energy transferred to the lever-type pressure pump, a high pressure is generated mass is pressed into the heat medium circulation piping, heat exchanger completed through the heat exchanger, and then flows to the solar collector is heated again vaporized; 2, high temperature high pressure steam by the heat autochanger after discharge port injection, the heat exchanger and the heat exchange liquid medium, heating the liquid medium, while the bottom heat radiation cooling and liquefying the steam in a closed storage device is ready for recycling. 从而达到无需储热过程和基本不损耗热媒介的条件下完成太阳能转换成机械动能的过程。 So as to achieve without the need for heat storage processes and conditions substantially no loss of the heat medium of converting solar energy into mechanical kinetic energy of the process is completed.
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