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A kind of domestic waste harmless processing method after sorting, is carried out fragmentation with domestic waste, adds lime after the fragmentation, and adding additives, combustion adjuvant carry out batch mixing again, last forming and hardening drying, and its purposes is as the low calorie fuels of manufacture of cement.Small investment of the present invention, simple to operate, handle the domestic waste harmless, eliminate secondary pollution, be a kind of green technology, and provide new forms of energy new purposes for building materials production.


Domestic waste harmless processing method
Technical field:
The present invention relates to a kind of Application and Development of green technology, be specifically related to a kind of domestic waste harmless and handle new technology and new purposes.
Background technology:
The generating capacity of China's domestic waste is with the speed increment of annual 9%, and part domestic waste average growth rate per annum reaches 15~20%, produces house refuse 1.16kg per capita daily.Reached more than 6,000,000,000 tons in the house refuse amount that peri-urban is stored up over the years, occupied at least 5 hundred million square metres ground, the domestic waste that the present annual whole nation increases newly adopts simple and easy landfill or air storage reaching more than 8,000 ten thousand tons city suburbs, rivers bank.
House refuse is directly stacked and the simple and easy field of burying discharges a large amount of pernicious gases to atmosphere, wherein contains carcinogenic, teratogen, is formed with the Trinitarian pollution of organic pollutants, heavy metal and pathogenic microorganism in stacking process.Domestic waste is long-standing pollution sources, unprocessed or handle be not good at causing serious atmosphere pollution, underground water pollution, soil pollution, soil by rubbish take, natural landscape is destroyed etc., and problem is on the rise, the heavily contaminated excessively of biological chain and environment jeopardizes human existence.But simultaneously, domestic waste contains a large amount of combustibles, but is again the energy storage resource that a kind of total amount constantly increases the development and use in indefinite duration, and existing national annual domestic waste energy storage total amount is equivalent to 1800~2,000 ten thousand tons of mark coals.On the other hand, the manufacture of cement that capital construction demand has a large capacity and a wide range expends the mineralizer of limited coal, clay resource and fluorine-containing, sulphur and metallic element just in a large number.
From domestic and international patent and literature search and practical situations, the municipal solid wastes recovery energy technology that exploitation is at present used has the heat treatment technics of rubbish, as burning, pyrolysis, gasification, comprise garbage derivatived fuel RDF technology and biological switch technology: mainly be the landfill gas utilization.The processing mode of China's domestic waste has three kinds of sanitary landfills, compost, burning, roughly constitutes landfill 79%, compost 19%, burns 2%, wherein burns to comprise and make RDF fuel.Prior art technically, on the construction cycle and all have many problems economically, on the low side as utilization ratio, utilize that scale is less relatively, secondary pollution is serious, less economical etc.
Sanitary landfills and landfill gas are utilized technology: burying treatment process is simple, cost is low, its deadly defect is exactly that place processing and antiseepage construction are difficult to reach requirement, percolate may cause the long-term serious pollution that is difficult to expect fully to underground water, and discharges a large amount of NH with decay process 3, H 2Toxic and harmful such as S, HCl; The landfill gas calorific value is on the low side, purification process also easily produces secondary pollution.
Composting technology: can utilize the humus fertilizer efficiency, but occupation of land is many, the cycle long, influenced greatly by ambient temperature and humidity, emits a large amount of pernicious gases, and compost quality is poor, content of beary metal height, pathogeny body microbial biomass are big, pollute crops, enter human food chain, and then the mankind are worked the mischief.
Burn and the waste incineration and generating electricity technology: burning city domestic garbage handles that investment is big, efficient low (the generating rate is 10% ∽ 15% only), harmless treatment rate are low, is difficult to reach " consumer waste incineration pollution control criterion ".Burning process is easy to generate secondary pollutions such as dust, poisonous trace element, high temperature chloride corrosion, organic hypertoxic harmful substance-dioxin and NOx, SOx, HCl, HF etc. and heavy metal pollution.The lime-ash of discharging after the waste incineration contains harmful metal such as mercury, lead etc. usually, is not good at if handle, and also can cause second environmental pollution.
Garbage derivatived fuel (RDF) technology: the RDF technology first step must be carried out strict sorting to house refuse, to remove most incombustible, and must drying, be crushed to thin particle diameter, its sorting, drying, pulverizing energy consumption height, also must add 10%~40% fat coal or tar etc., to guarantee smooth combustion, its burning process exists dioxin contamination, high temperature chloride corrosion, heavy metal pollution etc., its investment and operating cost height; The waste residue of sorting contains the putrefaction secondary pollution still must landfill, and lime-ash also need be dealt carefully with.China domestic waste calorific value more developed country is on the low side, the fluctuation is big, in 1850~6413kJ/kg scope, moisture content is also high, the RDF The Application of Technology must add the fat coal about 30% usually, the manufacture process energy consumption is big, secondary pollution is more serious.
Summary of the invention:
Technical problem to be solved by this invention is: the problem populous now at China, that resource is deficient relatively, energy resource consumption is huge, the urbanization expansion is rapid, domestic waste rolls up and prior art processing domestic waste energy consumption is big, efficient is low, secondary pollution is serious; And provide a kind of small investment, simple to operate, can make full use of the available composition in the combustible energy and inorganic non-combustible thing in the domestic waste, eliminate secondary pollution and the domestic waste harmless New Method for Processing and the new purposes of new forms of energy, new purposes are provided for building materials production.
The technical solution used in the present invention is: this domestic waste harmless New Method for Processing is: domestic waste after sorting, is carried out fragmentation, add lime after the fragmentation, adding additives, combustion adjuvant again, carry out batch mixing then, last forming and hardening, drying.
New purposes after this domestic waste harmless is handled is: domestic waste is after said new method is handled, as the low calorie fuels of manufacture of cement.
Building waste that sorting in the technique scheme refers to unpack on belt conveyor, artificial hand is selected bulk etc. can adopt selection by winnowing, inertia sorting, rotary screen and vibratory sieve sorting etc. to remove piece particulate inorganic thing in case of necessity.China's domestic waste in fact generally passes through multiple tracks manual sorting, recovery, and wherein metal values, glass and plastics class etc. have been picked up away, and the purpose of letter sorting is to reduce comminution energy conssumption as far as possible, avoids increasing cement and burns till total energy consumption.
Fragmentation in the technique scheme refers to adopt shear crusher, hob type disintegrating machine etc. that composting is cracked, so that forming and hardening.
Add the lime purpose in the technique scheme: the one, adjust the lime saturation factor in the inorganic lime-ash, allow SiO in the lime-ash 2, Al 2O 3, Fe 2O 3, CaO can generate suitable silicate mineral, aluminium mineral material and ferrous aluminate mineral etc., avoids cement clinker quality to cause than great fluctuation process; The 2nd, stop organic corrupt smelly; The 3rd, play cementation, improve solidification intensity.
Adding additives in the technique scheme refer to for improve condition of molding, improve solidification intensity, be convenient to drying, the adhesive of carrying and use, as pitch (containing floating asphalt-ing), tar, waste oil, dextrin, organic synthesis glue, natural gum substance etc.
In the technique scheme with the combustion adjuvant main purpose: the one, quicken the burning of house refuse, impel to burn; The 2nd, utilize permanganate in the combustion adjuvant, nitrate etc. to the rubbish corrosion-proof and sterilization, eliminate the pollution to people and environment in handling process of pathogen microorganism.The combustion adjuvant that adds is as being the combustion adjuvant of main component with sodium nitrate, potassium nitrate, calcium nitrate, ferric nitrate, manganese nitrate, nickel nitrate, cerous nitrate, potassium permanganate, sodium permanganate, sodium dichromate, potassium bichromate, di-iron trioxide, manganese dioxide, sodium naphthenate, cyclic potassium naphthenate, magnesium naphthenate, aluminium napthenate, calcium naphthenate, nickel naphthenate, iron naphthenate, manganese naphthenate, cerium naphthenate, lanthanum naphthenate etc.
House refuse after batch mixing in the technique scheme refers to utilize mixer or spiral mixer to fragmentation, lime, binding agent, combustion adjuvant mix.
Forming and hardening in the technique scheme refers to adopt compression moulding or screw extruding bri quetting or roll-type extrusion modling, makes patch fuel.Can adopt through suitable improved brick machine, honeycomb briquette machine etc., particle diameter can adopt the screw extruding bri quetting machine more after a little while.
Drying in the technique scheme refers to that patch fuel after the moulding is through piling, natural air drying.
Purposes invention in the technique scheme refers to be applied to rotary kiln as the manufacture of cement low calorie fuels and shaft kiln is produced cement.Being applied to rotary kiln can adopt machinery to be thrown into or to be discharged into rotary kiln high-temp combustion band, organic matter burns liberated heat and is used for direct calcination of chamotte, the suitable cement clinker mineral of inorganic matter reaction becoming, the extremely toxic substances such as dioxin of chloride, fluoro-containing plastic and generation burn cinder in high temperature more than 1500 ℃, the absorption of the active lime stone flour that HCl in the flue dust, HF, SOx and heavy metal ultrafine particle are decomposed, clay powder curtain, hold back and become the mineralizer component that cement burns till and fix, NOx is reduced into N by the catalyst in the combustion adjuvant in combustion zone richness combustion gas atmosphere 2And H 2O steam; Be applied to Vertical Kiln for Cement Production, the block garbage fuel of porous is discharged into the shaft kiln middle part, can effectively improve middle part ventilation in the shaft kiln, prevent that the middle part is because of improper ventilation, the too high generation stock column of temperature, improve shaft kiln output, lime-ash and the chlorine of being held back by CaO, fluorine, sulphur and heavy metal element become mineralizer and fix.
Characteristics of the present invention and remarkable result:
1. only need do simple sorting to domestic waste, and pulverize less demanding; Technology is simple, and is easy to operate, implements easily;
2. house refuse is fully used, and organic matter wherein acts as a fuel, and inorganic matter can be a large amount of fat coal of cement plant saving and part clay, lime stone and mineralizer raw material as the raw material of producing cement; It is a kind of power-saving technology;
3. can eliminate fluoride, chloride, sulfide, dioxin and heavy metal pollution, and utilized wherein heat and the mineralization of fluorine chlorine sulphur heavy metal element, be beneficial to clinker and burn till;
4. can eliminate pathogen microbial contamination fully, add lime disinfection after, add again and contain the powerful oxidation character combustion adjuvant, can reach thorough sterilization requirement fully, and can guarantee processing and dry run in the not corrupt waste of combustible; It is a kind of environment protection novel;
5. less energy consumption is handled in processing, and the more existing incineration technology of power consumption of polymer processing (comprising the RDF technology) is much lower, the efficiency of energy utilization height, and small investment, technology are simple.
The new purposes of new method of the present invention can be brought remarkable environmental effect and energy-saving effect for the numerous city of China, as medium-sized city for one 1,000,000 population, the house refuse discarded object of its every day can be the cement plant and saves about 200 tons of coals in kind, and save about 500 tons of lime stones, clay, mineralizer raw material, and can eliminate secondary pollution effectively, can realize daily-life garbage without environmental pollution, resource purpose more practically.
The specific embodiment:
Implement the technical problem that the present invention will solve following six aspects at least:
1. under not increasing extra energy consumption situation as far as possible, make full use of combustible energy and inorganic matter composition sio in the domestic waste 2, Al 2O 3, Fe 2O 3, element such as CaO, MgO and sulphur, fluorine, mercury, lead, copper, cadmium;
2. ignition temperature and burning property comprise the completing combustion to dioxin, fluorocarbons;
3. effectively eliminate HCl, HF, SOx, NOx, dioxin, furans and heavy metal contamination, and utilize wherein chlorine, fluorine, sulphur and heavy metal element to make mineralizer;
4. in, low pressure molding solidifies and strength problem;
5. the harmlessness disposing of garbage disposal plant filtrate and building waste of sub-electing etc.;
6. investment will be less, the cycle will lack, operate and want simple, use and will have a large capacity and a wide range, and can not pollute people and environment in the curing waste handling process.
Therefore, the present invention is not the simple application to prior art, and it has outstanding substantive distinguishing features.
Concrete implementing process route of the present invention is as follows:
The domestic waste that enters the stockyard dispenses that 1~5% lime is slightly sterilized and anticorrosion inhibition organic matter decomposes; Forklift or rickshaw are sent into the blowpit or the feed bin of band filter screen, are discharged on the belt conveyor, and bulk building waste etc. is fallen in the hand-sort sorting through manually unpacking; Broken material is sent into batch mixer (single tube screw mixer or duplex tube helix blender or forced mixer), according to pre-sampling analysis situation continuously or intermittence add lime and adjust lime saturation factor to 0.5~1.0, adding additives, combustion adjuvant mix again according to pre-sampling analysis situation; Compound is directly sent into or is sent into press or screw extruding bri quetting machine or the compression moulding of relative rolling type press through belt; Molding massive solid material is delivered to stockyard Ma Dui, natural air drying; Blocks of solid fuel after air-dry is delivered to the cement plant and is acted as a fuel and directly burn.
The bulk building waste that sorts out is through belt or manually deliver to the stockyard, adds the lime back of further sterilizing and disposes.
Stockyard filtrate and feed bin, fragmentation, compression moulding filtrate concentrating enter sterilization pool, add lime and strong oxidizer sterilization treatment, add the chemical reagent precipitation according to the content of beary metal situation, again after the plate and frame type filter-press press filtration, clear water enters sewer, and filter residue is delivered to batch mixer and used.
Operation room is kept little negative pressure operation, and the low-temperature catalytic burning device is set behind the forced draft machine, to dispose a small amount of organic volatile in the workshop.

Claims (3)

1, a kind of domestic waste harmless processing method is characterized in that concrete steps are as follows:
1) the domestic waste cloth that enters the stockyard limes and carries out disinfection and anticorrosion, suppresses organic matter and decomposes;
2) with the domestic waste sorting: the building waste of unpack on belt conveyor, artificial hand being selected bulk, adopt selection by winnowing, inertia sorting, rotary screen and vibratory sieve sorting to remove piece particulate inorganic thing;
3) adopt shear crusher, hob type disintegrating machine with the composting fragmentation;
4) add lime, adding additives, combustion adjuvant;
5) house refuse, lime, binding agent, combustion adjuvant are entered the batch mixer batch mixing;
6), solidify with above-mentioned compound compression moulding or extrusion modling;
7) with piece material piling, natural air drying behind the forming and hardening;
8) the piece material after air-dry is as the low calorie fuels of manufacture of cement, sends into rotary kiln and shaft kiln directly burns.
2, domestic waste harmless processing method according to claim 1 is characterized in that binding agent adopts pitch, dextrin, organic synthesis glue or natural gum substance.
3, domestic waste harmless processing method according to claim 1 is characterized in that it is the combustion adjuvant of key component that combustion adjuvant adopts permanganate, di-iron trioxide or naphthenate.
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