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Hans-Georg Knop
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Hell Rudolf Dr Ing Gmbh
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    • H04N1/00Scanning, transmission or reproduction of documents or the like, e.g. facsimile transmission; Details thereof
    • H04N1/46Colour picture communication systems
    • H04N1/56Processing of colour picture signals
    • H04N1/60Colour correction or control
    • H04N1/6016Conversion to subtractive colour signals
CH1383176A 1975-11-08 1976-11-03 CH610418A5 (ja)

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DE2550273 1975-11-08

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CH610418A5 true CH610418A5 (ja) 1979-04-12



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CH1383176A CH610418A5 (ja) 1975-11-08 1976-11-03

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US (1) US4092668A (ja)
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IL50863A0 (en) 1977-01-31
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