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    • B26B19/00Clippers or shavers operating with a plurality of cutting edges, e.g. hair clippers, dry shavers
    • B26B19/14Clippers or shavers operating with a plurality of cutting edges, e.g. hair clippers, dry shavers of the rotary-cutter type; Cutting heads therefor; Cutters therefor
    • B26B19/141Details of inner cutters having their axes of rotation perpendicular to the cutting surface
CH1784170A 1969-12-05 1970-12-02 Trockenrasiergerät CH515102A (en)

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AT1139969A AT296078B (en) 1969-12-05 1969-12-05 Trockenrasiergerät

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CH515102A true CH515102A (en) 1971-11-15



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CH1784170A CH515102A (en) 1969-12-05 1970-12-02 Trockenrasiergerät

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