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Fire-extinguishing apparatus


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    • A62C35/00Permanently-installed equipment
    • A62C35/02Permanently-installed equipment with containers for delivering the extinguishing substance
    • A62C35/10Containers destroyed or opened by flames or heat
CA140,489A 1971-05-03 1972-04-25 Fire-extinguishing apparatus Expired CA967072A (en)

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GB1269871A GB1357010A (en) 1971-05-03 1971-05-03 Fire-extinguishing apparatus
GB4347471 1971-09-17

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CA967072A true CA967072A (en) 1975-05-06



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CA140,489A Expired CA967072A (en) 1971-05-03 1972-04-25 Fire-extinguishing apparatus

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