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The invention relates to a support for a portable computer and foldable mobile devices, characterised by comprising a single quadrangular sheet that can be articulated by the folds, which, when being folded, and receiving one or a number of tabs in one or a number of grooves, and when securing a securing system in zone B, this being a number of tabs with staggering, an elastic band, magnets or a strip of velcro, which join the upper platform to the lower platform, forms a rigid structure, the upper panel of which is die-cut with an indefinite design, which improves the circulation of air.


Notebook stand foldable mobile devices.



It is known that one of the major problems with laptops is overheating that occurs in them and their fans generate noise to try to cool them. If you also use the reclined laptop, resting upon us, as is common, this cooling is not only uncomfortable but virtually impossible because most laptops have hot air outlets at the base, the you strain obstruimos to support them in our lap. This support solves this problem because it creates a space between the body and the laptop so that hot air outlets are clear and the air can circulate freely. It also has a comfortable base to support the body unobtrusively and is light and foldable for easy transportation and storage. BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION

Are common different designs of this kind we find in the mercadopara try to facilitate ventilation of laptops. Most consist of either simple but huge platforms that occupy too much space for transportation and are often uncomfortable to support them in the body, orelse overly complicated structures that incorporate fans and other devices that are cumbersome, heavy and impractical as accessory apparatus which, as its name suggests, is portable. Not to mention the extra expense of energy that represent the latter.


This device consists of a quadrangular sheet several millimeters thick with a series of folds and grooves as described in the drawings. By bending the sheet by different folds and fit the edge C in slot A, the rigid structure that will support the device and resembles a single tablet (6) is formed. Folds (1 and 2) consists of a punching or partially cutting the sheet without reaching through it to facilitate folding of the material for that line. This structure can be used both on a table permanently, as on the user's own body, since it has a flat base that is not uncomfortable as in the case of other media.

The panel on which is directly supported equipment is stamped with different designs (in this case, as an example, we used hearts) to facilitate the circulation of hot air exiting the computer by the underside. The designs used for ventilation can be of any type, but it is especially important to use designs that suit their main function coinciding with the air vents of notebook computers. This design also promotes ventilation, heat the equipment is not in direct contact with the wearer's body. By bending the sheet only across the center fold a completely flat quadrangle we have, with a thickness of a few millimeters, so we get minimize the space occupied for easy transport and stored in any of the elements common transport used for these teams. It also allows other folded for storage by the size of the surface at the expense of a small increase in thickness decreases, which is especially useful for adapting to different sizes carrying cases for portable equipment.

The shaped structure, by fixing elements such as reinforcing, flanges, magnets, a rubber band or a band of sailboat connecting rigidly the top to the bottom platform, and that would accommodated in the area B shaded in the drawings 1 and 5. for ecological version carton, the tabs would leave the punching of the same sheet to fit in a housed slots in the bottom panel of the carrier and thus be fixed, as shown in figures 7 and 8 .

The thickness of the sheet material, and even the measurements of the different parts may be varied to accommodate various types and sizes of portable devices.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS Figure 1. Object View unformed deployed. We can see an overhead image displayed full support, in which the lines 1 represent the folded side, and line 2 represents the bend to the opposite side. The cutting orientation folding detailed in Figure 2 (detail of folds). The shaded area B, corresponds to where go located the fastening system, whether flanges, a rubber, a magnet, or a strip of adhesive sailboat. The two shaded regions B, are those that bind to form the structure. Figure 2. Detail of the folds. The C edge fits into slot to form the structure for use. And the G platform is stamped with various creative designs (in this case hearts) that allow air flow underneath the device.

3, folding Vista unformed object. We see the object from above and in perspective, when folded for storage or transportation. It would be bent at the central fold. Figure 4. Fold optional. a form of optional folding object seen in perspective. This folding provides a reduction in size of one side at the expense of a slightly increased thickness.

Figure 5. Side view of the shaped object. We have a side view of the object once formed, and F of the triangular shape formed in the lower support and which prevents the device from sliding down and thus leave the holder body. We also see a plane in detail with the shaded area B, which would put the fastening system. Figure 6 is a perspective view of the shaped object.

Figure 7. View Object in ecological cardboard version. We see an overhead image and the displayed template to perform this same support in an ecological cardboard version, where a new profile corresponding to the flanges shown slots D and E that would shape the fixing system in this particular case. In Figure 8 we see a detailed diagram of how should they engage said flange D E corresponding slot in the bottom.

In Figure 9 we see how the support would finally formed.


In the accompanying drawings a preferred embodiment of the invention. More specifically, the notebook stand, object herein. It is mainly a quadrangular platform, a few millimeters thick, which when folded by folds 1 and 2 and to fit the edge C in slot A, a structure is formed into lectern can support a portable device such as a computer or tablet. The structure is reinforced by a fixing system located in the shaded area B, preferably flanges connecting the upper to the lower platform being confined stability to the assembly.

The structure also composed allows to place the device in a tilted position, more ergonomic and comfortable to use, and prevents the device from coming out of the holder body thanks to the triangular structure (F) formed at the bottom of the support .

The platform on which is supported the device is perforated with creative designs (in this case hearts, although one may use any subject that does not compromise the structure) to be preferably strategically positioned to match the air outlets of most devices. These designs allow hot air circulating device ejects the inside, facilitating eate and cooling • dlapoaltívo fielding the wearer's body.

The material which is dlaeflado aite aoporte, ea preferably plastic, although other materials may be used with equivalent mechanical characteristics. Furthermore it provides an alternative for an organic version throwaway cardboard (fig. 7, 8 and 9).


What is claimed
1. Support for folding laptop and mobile devices, characterized by being formed of a single sheet quadrangular (Fig.1) articulated ble by folds (1 and 2) by folding and by fitting one or more tabs (C) in one or more slots (a), and to set a fixing system in the area B, may be the flanges with staggering, a rubber, a magnet, or a band of sailboat, which connect the upper platform to the lower , is a rigid structure (Fig, 5 and 6) whose top panel is stamped with a permanent design, favoring air circulation.
2- support according to claim 1 wherein the fastening system embodied in flanges (D) (fig. 7 and 8) which are cut from the same sheet, and bending the two protruded fold said tabs facing them the slots (E) (fig. 7 and 8), which are introduced to form and fix the structure.
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