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n daitetl tate @stent Gettin-e.
Letters Patent No. 12,956, dated May 29, 1855; reissue No. 3,445, dated May 18, 1869.
The Schedule referred to iuthese Letters Patent and mak-ing part of the same.
To all whom it may concern Beit known that I, GEoRGE'W.-LA BAW, of Jersey City, in' the county of Hudson, and State of New Jersey, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Machines for Cutting Mitre-Joints and Squaring Mouldings and Trimmings ot' various kinds; and I do hereby declare thefollowingtobc afull, clear, and exact vdescription of the construction and operation of the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, in which- Figure 1 is a perspective view of the mitre and cutting-machine.
Figure 2, a top view of thc machine. l
Figure 3, a side elevation.
Similar letters of reference indicate like parts in the several drawings.
My invention consists,
First, in the construction and arrangement of an angular' cutter, which reciprocates vertically, and cuts mitres in material with a shear-cut;
Second, in so constructing and arranging angularV cutters reciprocating vertically, that both a mitre and a square joint nray be cut simultaneously in material with a shear-cut.
Third, in a mechanism for holding the material for the action of the cutting-knives.
To enable others skilled in the art to make and use my invention, I' will describe its construction and knives in position at their proper angles. The knives are all set at angles, inclined to the plane of the table A, so as to operate with a shear-cnt, producinga clean surface on the material, with a great reduction in the force required to operate the machine.
Motion is. given to the cutters by means of the treadlc I, pivoteu underneath the table at T. r
'It 'is pivoted to the rod I, secured to the vcross-bar of the cutter-stock, and when the foot is removed, it is-reacted by the spring P.
The operation is as follows;
To cut a moulding, the piece Z' is laid Yupon the slide K K, and held in proper position under the cutter X, and the foot of the operator applied to the treadle, so that by the same being forced downward, a clean cut of the material is obtained at 'the' required angle. By adjusting the moulding properly on the rest K, the machine may be caused to cut any desired angle, as, for instance, that required for mouldings to form an octagou-frame.
'I ocut a square, or square audfmitre-joint, the piece Z is laid upon the table, one edge resting against the Lgauges B B, while the end nearest the cutters is placed under the cross-bar C, in the required proximity to the knives. The clamp-lever Dis then operated to hold the piece in place, and the knives operated to cut the material by the treadle I. The clamp D, beingadjustable, enables either a wide or narrow piece oi' moulding to he securely held in any position beneaththe bar C.
Having thus fully described my invention,
What l claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-
1. The knives or cutters Gr, H H, and X, attached to the stock F, in combination with the mechanism for operating the same, substantially asdescribed, and for the purposes specified.
2. The knives, or cutter X, arranged as described, in combination with mechanism for operating the same, for cutting ruitres, substantially as described and speciti peration.
To the table A, which is provided with legs or other proper supports, is secured the frame composed ot' thc two uprights and the cross-bar E.
This frame supports the rods O O,V upon which the angular cutters slide. 0n the table A. are arranged four adjustable gauges, B B B B, held in place by the keys J J J J, by which the moulding Z is adjusted for the action of the' cutters. r[he eccentric handle D operates. to hold the mater-'ral tirmly in place while being cut. lt works in the slotted bar C, bolted to the table, and is so arranged as to be adjustable at any point in the bar, as plainly seen in tig. 1.
K K is a sliding guide-plate, upon which the material to be acted upon by the cutterX is adjusted.
The series oi' knives, which constitute the cutter of the machine, designated as G, H H, and X, ar'e properly secured to the stock F F, which 'is cast o t' the shape shown, and so planed and surfaced as to slide evenly upon the .rods O O, and accurately hold the 3. rEhe mechanism for holding the material for cutting mitre and square joints, consisting of the bar O, slotted both vertically and horizontally, and the eccentric lever' D, constructed substantially as described. and for the purpose specified.
C. A. Donors,



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