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USD187612S US D187612 S USD187612 S US D187612S
United States
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united states
elevational view
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John C. Wistrand
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Des. 1 87,6 1 Z Patented Apr. 5, 1960 United States Patent 0 ice PITCHER John C. Wistrand, Stamford, Conn., assignor to Brown 8: Bigelow, St. Paul, Minn., a corporation of Minnesota Application May 6, 1959, Serial No. 55,788
Term of patent 7 years Fig. l is a front perspective view of a pitcher, showing References Cited in the file of this patent my P fieslgn; UNITED STATES PATENTS Fig. 2 IS a top plan view thereof; Fig. 3 is a section taken on line 33 of Figure 2; 160,080 Fleimmg Sept' 1950 Fig. 4 is a front elevational view thereof; 173,455 Remecke et 1954 Fig. 5 is a bottom plan view thereof; and 2'254']64 Bernhardt 1941 Fig. 6 is a rear elevational view thereof. 1 claim:
The ornamental design for a pitcher, as shown.



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