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@sind diiiiiw.
Letters Patent No. 99,635, dated February 8,1870.
The Schedule referred to in these Letters Patent and making part of the same.
l'o all whom 'it may conce/rn:
Be it know that I, RICHARD H. CHLNN, of the city of .Washingtom District of Columbia, have invented a new and useful Writing-Pen, and I do hereby declare the following to be an exact description thereof, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, andto theletters of reference marked thereon, making a part of this specification, in which- Figure l represents the pen, attached to a cylinder with a piston, as a fountain-pen. y
Figure 2 represents the piston-rod, and
Figure 3, its packing.
Figure 4 shows the cylindrical pen.
Figure 5 is a front view of the same.
Figure 6 shows the point of the pen, with a facepiece inserted,vwhen used as a fountain-pen.
Eignre 7 shows the shape of the point of the pen, when used with a common pen-holder.
The nature of my invention consists in the shape4 and construction of the pen, being a cylinder,- with a slanting oval end, and tapering spring-point at the side, regulated ,by a screw and nut, and a notch at the rear of the point.
The object of my invention is to produce a cheap pen, made of metal, or any other suitable material,
.by which the writing may be executed in a very light or delicate handwriting, or 4in a large and bold hand, the heavy strokes being made much larger and heavier than can be executed with the ordinary pens now in use.
This pen can also be used as a fountain-pen, or be inserted in anypeu orVpencil-case, or Iany common pen-holder.
It contains and holds more ink than an ordinary pen, by which the writer may accomplish a vast deal more writing. I
It can be used as easily 'as an ordinary lead-pencil, and does not require the skill and care in writing as other pens now in use, and it has greater elasticity and durability, and will last a man his lifetime; but in case the point may get dull, it is very easily sharpened, by drawing the slanting end of it a few times` across an ordinary whetstone.
To enable others skilled inthe art to make and use my invention, I will proceed to describe its construction and operation A represents the pen, that is cylindrical or tubular, with a collar, B, as a shoulder, to limit its insertion,
and hold it firmly, when connected with a tubular handle, c, (containing ink,) as a tbuntain-pen.
I thus use a tube, C, and slide into it the cylinderpeu A.
In the tube C I have a wire rod, as a piston, D, with a packing-box, E, screwed on to its end.
The box E is concave at top, so that by inserting the end of the pen A into an inkstand, and drawing up the piston D, the ink is drawn up with it, and the tube C is'filled with ink, as a fountain-pen.
The fro'nt end of the penA is slanting and tapering down to its nib or point F.
In the rear of tlie point is a notch, G, to give elasticity to the point F.
rThe sides of the point are slightly compressed, and so held by a screw and nut, H.
A face-piece, J, is inserted into the end of the pen, above the nib F, to close the end of the cylinder A, (when used as a fountain-pcm) to prevent the ink from flowing too rapidly from the pen.
The ink iiows so freely through this pen that it does not clog at any time.
What I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, 'is- The shape and construction of the cylindrical pen A, having a slanting oval end, and tapering spring- `point F at the side, regulated by a screw and nut, H, and a notch, G, in the rear, to be attached to any kind of a handle or pen-holder, as herein described.
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