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Patented July 6, 1909 C C E E C l: C C E E vivantes W.. Nl
Specification of Letters Patent.
Application filed June 30, 1908.
Patented July 6, 1909.
Serial No. 441,077.
To all 'whom it may concern.'
Bc it known that I, HERBERT ELLIS SWIFT, a citizen of the United States, residin r at Los Angeles, in the county of Los Ange es and State of California, have invented new and useful Im rovements in Oil-Burn ers, of which the fol owing is a specification.
This invention relates to oil burners for heating domestic cooking or heating stoves or furnaces and other ty es of furnaces, the object o f the invention eing to rovide a sim le construction of burner whic may be easi y and conveniently started, which will generate an ample supply of gas or vapor in an economical manner, and which provides for the vent of any excess quantity or pressure of the gas or va or generated to secure safety in the use of tide burner.
With the above and other objects in view, the invention consists of the features of construction, combination and arrangement of parts hereinafter fully described and claimed, reference being had to the accompanying drawing showing a burner embodying my invention in vertical longitudinal section.
Referring to the drawing in detail, 1 designates the body of the burner forming a generating chamber, said chamber referably comprising a central section 2 and) end sections 3 and 4 threaded or otherwise detachably connected so as to permit of their disassemblage when occasion requires to clean or re air the arts.
he sections l and 3 are preferably tubular in form, the section 3 being closed at its outer end by a head 4 and provided with a depending nipple 5, to receive the upper vertical end of an L-shaped vapor or gas discharge pi e 6 closed at its outer end and provided a jacent thereto in its upper wall with an outlet 7 for the discharge of the vapor or gas. The section 4 of the generator has the general form of an elbow, which curves downwardly and forwardly from the` adjacent end of the central section 2 towar the forward end of the pipe 6 and terminates above the latter. In e ect, the section 4 constitutes a retort in which the oil is vapor-ized, said section bein provided at its lower end with a contracted asin, chamber or well 8 closed at its lower end and arranged above the outlet 7 of the pipe 6. The upper end of pipe 6 projects into the generating chamber 1n the form of a guard extension 6 to prevent any unvaporized oil which may be in said chamber from passing into said ipe.
Exten ing longitudinally through the sections 1 and 3 of the generator is an oil feed pipe 9, which extends longitudinally. into the upper portion of the section or retort chamber 4 and is formed therein with a downwardly extending discharge portion or nozzle 1() terminating in line with and above the basin or well 8.
In the practical use of the device, the burner, constructed as above described, is disposed within the fire-box of the stove or furnace and suitably supported in position, and the opposite or outer end of the oil feed pipe 9 extends through one of the walls 11 of the body of the stove to the exterior and is externally threaded for connection with a coupling 12 by which it is connected with an oil supply ipe 13 and a safety or vent pipe 14, in whic ipes are arranged suitable controllin neede valves 15 and 16. The pipe 13 lea s from a storage tank or other source of oil supply located at an elevation for the feed of oil by gravity or coperating with suitable means for a force feed, as desired, while the pipe 14 extends to a suitable point to discharge any excess gas or vapor passing out of the same from the burner to the atmos here.
When starting the burner, the valve 15 is slightly o ened to permit a small quantity of the oil to ow through the pipe 9 into the cup 8,. which is heated by a torch or in any other suitable manner, to effect the conversion of such oil into gas or vapor. This gas or vapor fills the generator and flows outwardly through the pipe 6 and discharges through the outlet 7 at which it is ignited, the flame therefrom playing against the cup 8, so that upon again opening the valve 15 a constant feed of oil in the cup may be secured, which oil will be converted into vapor for a constant sup ly to the pipe 6 and from thence through tlie outlet 7 into the fire-box of the stove or furnace. As soon as the burner as a Whole is heated sufficiently for the rapid generation of gas, a large amount of vapor discharges through the outlet 7 and this is ignited, forming a body of flames heating the entire area of the fire-box and surrounding the burner, whereby the oil iiowing thereinto is quickly converted into vapor and the temperature of the latter maintained at the desired point for ready admiirture of the air drawn into the Tire-box and ignition When the combustible mixture comes into contact with the ames.
By the use of the cup 8, any quantity, large or small, of the feeding oil may b'e quickly converted into vapor, since the flames from the generated and discharged gas play directly against the same., thus effecting economy in the use of the apparatus for enabling the device to be quickly started in operation and maintained in operation without liability of an und-ue reduction of ressure from an imperfect application of the ames to .the retort. After the ap aratus has been started .and is in ,pro per wor ting order, the valve 16 is opened to a greater or less extent to permit ef the discharge of lany excess pressure of gas or vapor which might be liable to cause an explosion. If there should be at any time .an excess generation of gas Within the chamber 1, the back pressure of the gas or vapor through the oil feed pipe ll() will force the Veil back through said pipe into the supply pipe 1-3, and the i s will therefore vent through the feed pipe into the pipe 14 and thence to the atmosphere. By this means safety is insured under all conditions of service.
Haivin thus fully described the invention, what is c aimed as new is l. An oil Eber-ner comprising a generating chamber having a depending rportion pro vided with a .contracted cup., :a vapor supply pipe extending Afrom the vopposite portion lof the enerator and pro vided with a vapor outlet ispoeed below and in time with said cup,
and an oil feed ,pipe extending longitudinally vthrough the generating chamber and having 'a vapor supply pipe leading from the other end of the generating chamber and extending beneath the cup and provided in proximity thereto with a vapor outlet, and an oil feed. pipe extending longitudinally through .the generator chamber and having its outer end bent downward to form a nozzle disposed within the retort and arranged in line with .and terminating above said cup or Well.
3. An oil burner comprising a generating chamber having a depending retort provided at its lowerend with a cup of reduced area, vapor supply pipe leading from the opposite end of the chamber beneath. said well and having a vapor outlet in line therewith, au oil feed pipe extending longitudinally through the chamber and provided at its inner end With a nozzle extending downwardly into the retort and terminating above and in line with the well, oil suppl)T and gas discharge pipes connected With the outer end of said feed pipe, and valves in. said suA ply and discharge pipes.
n testimony whereof I allix my sigilature in presence of two Witnesses.
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