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A N .893 20a.
Nog 9934203. A PATENTBD JULY 14, 1908.,
APPLICATION 1 LED .24,1 6. v
I .SEPT 90 3 SHEETSSHEET 3 Angeles, in the county of Los Erica.
nines. oiiaronjxixj..issicxoii To NATIONAL .wroiL-iTic ut zs-c iriroax1.x, CORPORATION or oiLiroaxii.
To all whom it mig concern:
Be it known tl at 1, .kii'riii'n ll. citizen of'tlielinited States, residing at 1105 State oftalifornia, have nvented new and useful Improvements in (oin- Yending Apparatus,- of which the following is a specification.
i which is simple iii construction,
- arrows.
vended equally as well.
My invention relates to that class of vending machines in which the coin inserted, temporarily forms a part of the vending o )erat- Specification or Letters Iatent. application filed September 24, 1906. Serial No. 336,010.
1 same asthe length and diameter of the SiiiTii, a i cils which Angeles and (ontrolled 1 mg mechanism and an object thereo is to provide a machine that will accurately and Another object is to provide a machine in automatically deliver the goods vendcd by which the coin controlled mechanism is so ar-.
ranged that \Vlitllflli improper coin or blan is inserted that it will re cct. and return it.
whereby only the proper ai'iiouiit of merchandise will be delivered at one operation. A further object is to provide a machine positive in operation and embodying,economy in the cost of manufacture. I accomplish these objects by means of the device described herein and illustrated in the accompanying drawings in which:
Figure complete machine. Fig. 2. is a perspective. view of my machine withthe outer casing removed. Fig. 3. is an enlarged longitudinal section taken on 2 looking in the direction indicated by "the In the drawings I have shown the vending apparatus as adaptel especially for the vendmg of lead, pencils but of course I do not l. 1s a perspective view of my Patented July 14, 1908.
milie on top of each other. This he per may be of any desired height so as to ho d a greater or less quantity of pencils. igidly secured to the front side of the hopper are a plurality of downwardly projecting lugs 8 which are provided on their lower ends with cylindrical su porting pins .l which extend across the disc iarge end of the hopper and on which the column of pencils rest. The rear wall of this hopper terminates above the supporting pins 9 a distance slightly greater than the diameter of a pencil, so as to allow sullicimit space for its ejection. Rotatively mounted in the frame 5 at a distance slightly to the rear of the discharge end of the hopper and extending transversely thereof, is a cylindrical shaft 10 to which are rigidly secured a plurality of star wheels 11, o erateon the turnstile principle. 7 These w ieels consist-of a number of arms l2 projecting at rightangles to the shaft l(l (preferably four in number.) one arm of which when the machine is not in operation extends up- Another ob 1ect is to provide a machine the line 3-3 of Fig.
limit 'myself to such use as articles, such as 1 cigars, cigarettes and like structures may be Referring to the drawings tangular frame open at the top and having an inclined bottom or chute 6. Vertically mounted on the frame 5 and rigidly secured thereto at the back thereof is a pencil hopper 7, referably constructed of metal and the Wit th and thickness is approximately the 5 indicates a reespring pressed ger dog casing wardly to the column of pencils and serves to retain them in place in the hopper, the folowing arm 12' ejecting the pencil when the feeding mechanism ofthc machine is operatCtl;
. Rigidly secured on the shaft 10 between the star wheels 11 is a ratchet wheel 13 which is preferably com iosed of four teeth, the distance between the teeth corres ending to and limiting the movement 0 the star wheels. This ratchet wheel is engaged by a lunger dog 14 which is mountrical casing l5'closed at its ed in a I cylint outer end and which contains a coiled spring- 16 which serves to keep the dog 14in engagement with the ratchet wheel l3. The plun- 15 is secured to shaft 10 by means of arms 17 which'are loosely secured thereto, and has a lug 18 to which is pivotally attached a rod 19 which extends through a longitudinal slot-.20 in the downwardl tending half 22 of an arm .21 which is rigidl secured to an operating shaft 23.
This sha t extends transversely of the machine, the r0- tat' n of which operates the different of the machine. To the outer end of the upwardl extending half 24 of arm 21 is secured a coi ed spring 25 whose other end is secured to the frame 5 of the machine.
This spring 25 keeps the downwardly extendwhich I y ex-- ing half of arm 21 normall in engagement with a lug 19 on rod 19, t ereby returning dog 14 to its operative relation'with ratchet 13. The outer end of rod ltl'is bent to form a stop 19" which is engaged the lower half of arm 21 so that when sh'a 23 is rotated arm 22 contacts with stop 19? thereby 0 eratin the ratchet mechanism connecte to the reed shaft 10. z i
Rigidly secured to one eiid of the feed shaft 10 is a positioning wheel 26 having on its periphery four segmental depressions 27. This wheel contacts with a flanged wheel 28, which-is mounted on the end of an arm 29 which is pivotally secured to the side of the frame 5. A coiled spring 30 one end of which is secured to arm 29-, the other end bein fastenedto the frame of the machine holds wheel 28 in contact with one of the segmental depressions of. the positioningv wheel 26, thereby bringing the star wheels to their proper position and preventing any further rotation of'the feed shaft 10 at any one opera.
'Thelocation. of'the depressions 27 in the po'sitionin Wheel 26 are such that on the rotetion of t e feed shaft 10 the upper arms of each star wheel will be in position'to revent any'further exit of the pencils from t e hopper. The projections 31 formed by the adacent depressions in the positioning wheel when brought in contact with the flanged wheel 28 pass over the'center thereof and accelerate reatly the further movement of the feed sha t 10 so as to force the pencil quickly out of the hopper and against the guards 32 which are fastened to the rear of the hopper and frame of themachine.
The coin controlled mechanism for vending the articles is as follows: 40 is a coin chute which is rigidly secured to the'feed hopper and which extends downwardly and terminates within a short distance of the operating shaft 23. Secured to this op rat' g shaft is I acoin selective mechanism w 'che referably consists ofa rectangular coin plate; 41 rigidly secured to shaft 23, rounded on its rearwardly rojeeting end so as to easily discharge the coin and having in its front end a rectangular notch 42 to permit of the movement of a releasing; arm 43, which forms 0,
art of a U-shaped rod 44 which is journaled 1n bearing 45 on the frame of the machine.
' Arm 46 of the U-shaped rod is bent at its outer end to form a dog 47 which engages a notched disk 48 rigidly secured to the operatling-shaft 23 adjacent the coin plate, a coiled spring 49 holdin it in positive engagement with the notchc disk. 'f
yBigidly secured to the up or side of the shaft 23 and at either side oft d coin plate 41 are side plates 50 and 50 which. are transversely oined by a coin giiard piste 51 which has on its outer ed e a Hatch 5 22 which is directly over the notch in coin plate.
. ceases The purpose of this guard plate is to prevent the coin fi'om'hcing thrown in the wrong di-' rection on the operation of the machine.
- Secured to therear end of side plate 50 is a fiat spring 53 which is bent at its outer 'end to form asset for a set screw 54, by means of which the spring 51. is moved to increase or diminish the width of opening.
shaft 23 at an Side plate to is secure: angle so that the space zen the plates 50 an 50 is narrower at: the front than at the rear, so that when a coir-r of the proper denomination falls F chute it will beheld against movement, the tension of the spring boil {5 such as to hold it rmly in place ontitiscoirr. piste until the machine has completed its operation when the coin is released by the reieasing; arm, the coin falling into an inclined chute 55 which is socured to and leads to the coin receptacle 56 which is secured .to the frame of the machine. If it should occur that a coin of an improper denomination or blank was inserted in the coin chute it would pass through the coin solective mechanism secured to shaft 23 to a coin returning chute 57 secured to the frame 5 in front of the coin selecting mechanism and be returned to the operator.
It will be seen from the foregoing dcscri .tion that it will be impossible to operate t 1e device without the use of a proper coin, as the selective lnechansim is so regulated that it will only stop a coin of a predetermined size. The vendin apparatus is entirely incloscd by a removab e casing 70, the top of which is removable so that pencils may be supplied to the hopper whenever it may become necessary. he front of the casin inclosirg; the hopper has an opening 71 whic i is close by a glass 72 behind which an advertisement may be placed. The front of the casing below the hopper extends outwardly and has an 0 enin 73 in the downwardly inclined shef 74 be ind' which an advertisement may be displayed. A coin openin 75 in the inclined shelf registers with t e coin chute sccured to the hop er. The casin below the inclined shelf ex ends-do'wnwar y and terminates a shortdistancefrom the pencil receiving tray 76, which extends outwardly a short istancefrom' theface of the case. A door 77 provided with a lock provides a means of access to the co receptacle. An opening 78 to ope side of the door 77 registers with the co1n'returning'chutc 55, and a tray 79 secured to the case below the opening 78 provides means for holding the improper coins or blanks that may be returned to the operator. l
The operating shaft 23 extends through one side of the case and is provided with a handle 80 by means of which the mechan' handle limit the movement thereof so that.
'operating 'shaft the downwardly extending the different mechanisms will-not be broken or disarranged. The operation. of the advice is asfollows: When a person desires to obtain a pencil, he inserts a coin of tlie'properdenominationin the coin opening 75, thecoin falling down the coin chute and on to the coin receiving arm 21 contacts with stop It) on rod in which operates the ratchet mechanism connected to the feed shaft thereby rotating the feec shaft and causing the arms 12' of the stair wheel 11 to force. a pencil out of the ho )pcr on to the inclined chute whence it I'Ols downwardly to the pencil receiving;
traIy-and is delivered to the purchaser.
f a person should insert. in the coin aperture a'coin of improperdenomination or a blank, the same will not be held by the coin selective mechanisinbut will pass through and into the coin returningchutc .35 and be 3.01 returned to the operator.
It will be seen from the foregoing descrip- .t1on that have produced a highly efficient, machine in which the hperatton is positive,
and at the same time will not deliver more 0 which is adapted to beaeituated by the operates as a. l cking dog andjthe other end coin on the coin selective mechanism as aforesaid, to move the lock-end from locking position.
2. In a vending machine, a frame; a rotative shaft mounted in said frame; a notched plate with sides secured thereto; a coin guard having a notch therein extending in a parallel plan-c above said notched platcand secured to the sides; a coin chute secured to the frame and terminating adjacent the notched plate; a notched disk secured a said shaft; a U-shapcd rod mounted in bearings in said frame, one arm of said rod engaging thc notched disk and locking the operating shaft. the other arm releasing the locking arm when brought in contact with the operating coin on the coin receiving plate: a coin returning chute secured to said frame in front of and adjacent the notched plate and terminating outside the frame: spring returningmeans secured to said. shaft and to the frame whereb said shaft is returned to its initial position at the 'end of an operation: and means to rotate said shaft. 3. in a vending machine, a frame; a rotutive shaft mounted in said frame: a coin selective mechanism secured to'said shaft comprising a notched plate with converging sides, forming a coin-retainer, secured thereto; locking means secured to said shaft and to the frame; lock-releasing means secured to said frame adapted to be actuated by the operaling coin on the coin selective mechanism when the shaft is operated; said locking and lock releasing meansincluding a single rod pivoted in the frame, one cml of which operates as a locking dog and the other end of which is positioned above the notch of the coin-retainer plate and adapted to be :u-tuattalby u coin in said coin retainer, substantially as and forthc purpose specified.
ln witness that I claim. the. foregoing I have hereunto subscribed my name this 18th day 0f-Sept.., 1906.
Br-l Wmamaom
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