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    • A01D45/00Harvesting of standing crops
    • A01D45/006Harvesting of standing crops of tomatoes



Potato Digger.

Paten'ied July 21. 1868.

J u l a 1 w MM 1/ W M 3 MR J i War N. PETERS. Pmwulm m m. Walhington. 11C.

gnitrh gurus gaunt @ffire.

Letters Patent .ZVo. 80,247, dated July 21, 1868:


dtlgt grlgehhle ttftlfftll'ifl in lips: hitters as ant hntingpnrt at the time. I


Be it known that I, ARTHUR VAN NORMAN, of Detroit, in the county of Waynfnnd State of Michigan, have invented a new and improved Potato-Digger; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof, which will enable others skilled in the 'art to make and use the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, and to the letters of reference marked thereon.

This .invention relates to a new and improved potato-digger, and it consists in the employment or use of a cylindrical revolvingscreen, provided with an internal screw, the above parts being used in connection with a scoop, and a reciprocating cutter, all arranged to operate in .the manner hereinafter set forth.

In the accompanying sheet of drawings V Figure 1 is a side sectional vievnof my invention, taken in the line x :v, fig. 2.

Figure 2, a plan or top view of the same.

Similar letters of reference indicate like parts.

A represents a rectangular frame, which is mounted on two wheels, B B, the latter. working on independent axles, 0, attached to the frame. l

D is the draught-pole, attached to the front end. of the frame A, and E the driver's seat, placed on the frame.

F is a rectangular metal frame, the rear part of which is secured by pivots a to the rear part of the frame A. Within this metal frame F there is fitted longitudinally a cylindrical screen, G, which is allowed to rotate freely within the frame F, the screen being rotated from the wheel B by means of a toothed wheel, H attached thereto, and shafts b 6, connected by'gears c c, and connected with the wheel H and shaft I of the screen by gears dd, as shown clearly in fig. 2. i

The shaft b is placed in bearings c at the side of the frame A, and has a certain degree-of sliding move ment allowed it, by which the gears upon it may be made to engage with or be disconnected from the gears on wheel B and the shaft 1).

By this means the screen G may be rotated or rendered inoperative whenever desired. The frame F and the screen have an inclined position when the machine is at work.

,The shaft 1; is connected by a rod,f, with a cranl ,g, atom and of a shaft, H, on the frame A. This shaft H has an arm, h, attached to it, which rests on the lower end of a bent lever, I, near the drivers seat, E, and

by moving this lever I the shaft 6 is moved to render the screen G inoperative when desired.

The shaft of the screen G has a spiral flange, J, attached to it, which extends its whole length, and is show-n more particularly in fig. 1, and to the front part of the screen-frame F there is attached a scoop, K, which has an apron or bearing-piece, z, underneath it, as shown clearly in fig. 1. p

This scoop K has an arm or plate, L, extending-up at each side of it, and these plates, at their upperparts, are slightly curved, and provided with rack-teethj, into which gear segments M M, on the shaft H, and itwill he seen that when the shaft H is turned to render the screen G inoperative, the frame Fwill also be raised, and the scoop K elevated above the ground. 7 v

To the front end of the screen-frame F there is attached a small guide-frame, N, in which a bar, 0, is fitted,-

. and allowed to work freely to the right and left. A reciprocating motion is ,given this bar by a crank, it, at

the front end of the shaft of the screen G. To this bar 0 there is attached a cutter, P, which has double inclined sides, like a double plowsharc.

As the machine is drawn along, the cutter P clears off the weeds, potato-vines, &c., in front of the scoop K, while the latter takes up thcearth andpotatocs from the hills or drills, the spiral flange or screw J, owing to its rotation,-conveying the potatoes up to the rear end of the screen, where they are discharged, the earth passing through the screen, so that the potatoes will be discharged clean or free from dirt.

I am' aware that the screen and spiral scrcw were patented to T. G. Gulick, March 5, 1862, and I do not, therefore, claim them, in themselves considered; buthaving thus described my invention,

I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent- 1. The rotating screen G, provided with the internal spiral flange or screw J, in combination with the reciprocating cutter-P, all arranged substantially as and for the purpose specified. I

'2. The scoop K,- with the apron or bearing-piecez' underneath it, in combination with the screen G and cutter P, all applied to the frame F, and arranged to operate in the manner substehtielly as and for the purpose set forth.

.3. Connecting the shaft 6 by a rod,f, to a. crawl; g'on shaft H, substantially as shown and described, for the purpose of rendering the screen and the cutter operative and ino lowering of the scoop and cutter.



p'erzitive simultaneously with the rising and

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