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No. 787,796. PATEN'JZED APR. 18, 1905.




ghwentoz awe "tugs UNITED STATES Patented April 18, 1905.



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 787,796, dated April 18, 1905.

Application filed April 19. 1964. Serial No. 203,904.

To all 711711073 1 it may concern:

Be it known that I, ADoLrH RYD nrs'r, a citizen of the United States, residing at Rochester, in the county of Monroe and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Puzzles; and I do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same.

This invention relates to improvements in puzzles; and it consists in a device formed in a series of loose links fastened together. together with a long key or link provided with an elongated loop, which is placed upon the said links. Some of the links are so secured with respect to each other that the elongated loop of the key' may be passed over the ends of the said link in order to remove the key from the links or place it upon the same again.

The invention also consists in a device comprising a number of links having eyes at their ends, the said eyes engaging the looped portion of an adjacent link, two of said links, however, beingarranged so that the eyes in the ends of one link engage the eyes in the ends of another link, the said device also having a removable member formed with an elongated loop which is capable of being threaded upon the links in succession for removing or replacing it in the puzzle.

It also consists in certain other novel constructions, combinations, and arrangements of parts, as will be hereinafter fully described and claimed.

In the drawings, Figure 1 is a perspective view of my improved puzzle, showing the keylinks threaded upon the loose links forming the puzzle. Fig. 2 is a view of the puzzle, showin g the looped member or key passing through some of the eyes of the links and about to be passed over the ends of one of the said links, the figure as a whole illustrating an intermediate step in the removal or replacement of the key. Fig. 3 an elevation of the puzzle, showing edge views of the links and the key, the said key being located upon an intermediate link.

The puzzle is made up of a seriesof links formed of blanks folded at their central portions with their ends brought near together,

the ends of each link being formed with eyes or enlarged open portions. The puzzle may consist of a number of links, there being shown in the drawings four. Two of the links, as 1 and 2, are preferably made longer than the other two links, 3 and 4. The connection between the links 1 and 2 is effected by placing the eyes 5 and 6 of link 2 upon the folded or looped portion 7 of link 1. The looped portion 8 of link 2 does not engage the other links of the puzzle, but is engaged by the elongated link 9 of the key 10 when it is in position in the puzzle. The eyes 11 and 12 of the link 1 engage the looped portion 13 of the link 4. The said link 4 therefore carries both the link 1 and the link 2. The eyes 14 and 15 of link 4 engage the eyes 16 and 17 of link 3. A ring 18 may be employed in connection with the link 3, if desired, the said ring forming a sort of a handle or holding means when manipulating the puzzle. This ring, however, forms no part of the puzzle itself and merely forms an element of convenience.

In operating the puzzle the first endeavor is to remove the key 10 entirely from the links 1, 2, 3, and 4, after which the endeavor should be to return the key to its first position in engagement with the end link 2 of the series forming the puzzle. The secret in operating the puzzle lies in the fact that the elongated loop of the key can be passed over the ends of the loop 4, being first threaded upon one end thereof and then slipped off of the other end thereof. Starting with the parts shown in Fig. 1, the aim first is to pass the loop from the link 2 to the link 1, and in order to do this it is necessary to insert the end of the link through one of the eyes, as 5, of the link 2 and then pass the end of the loop through one of the eyes of the link 3, as 16. The end of the loop9 may then be placed over the eye 14 of the link 4. This position and movement is fully illustrated in Fig. 2 of the drawings. After drawing the link downwardly over the eye 14, so that the loop will engage the looped portion 13 of the link 4, the said loop is then brought between the eyes 11 and 12 of the link 1. From this position the loop may be passed through the eye 17 of the link 3 and thence over the eye 15 of the link 4:, when the key will be in position to be drawn into the loop 7 of the link 1. The key will then occupy a position with respect to the series of links as shown in Fig. 3, and in the next operation the link 2 can be ignored. The operation in removing the key from the link 1 is similar to that just described, the loop 9 being passed through one eye of the link 3 and over one end of the link 4, after which it is brought to a position between the eyes 11 and 12 of the link 1, and from this point the loop is passed outwardly through one of said eyes and over the other end of the link 4:, when it Will be found that the key, with its elongated loop 9, can be drawn out of the eye of link 3 and will be entirely free of the links of the puzzle. In placing the key back in position upon the puzzle again the operation is reversed. The loop 9 of the key is passed through one of the eyes of the link 3 and over first one end and then the other of the link 4., the said loop having also been placed over one end of the intermediate link 1. This will return the key to its engagement with the loop of link 1. By bringing the lopp 9 from the position shown in Fig. 3 to a position such that the loop will lie between the eyes of the link 2 the said key can again be quickly transferred to its normal position on the end link 2 by slipping the loop over the link 4,threading it upon one end thereof, and passing it off at the other end.

The structure of the puzzle is simple, and yet its operation is sufliciently diflicult to make it interesting in endeavoring to remove and replace thekey from the position shown in Fig. 1.

Having noW described my invention, What I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

1. A puzzle comprising a series of U-shaped links connected together, a fiat key made in a single piece and provided with an elongated slot which may be slipped through portions of the links and threaded over other parts of the links, and a terminal U-shaped link at one end of the puzzle arranged to lie in an opposite direction to the other links.

2. A puzzle comprising intermeshing oppositely-extending links, a series of joined links engaging one of the oppositely extending links, the said joined links being connected by eyes at their ends and an open key made in a single piece and capable of insertion through the said eyes and of being threaded over some of the links for connecting and disconnecting the key from the puzzle.

3. A puzzle comprising a series of links having centrally-looped portions and eyes at their ends, the eyes of some of the links engaging the loops of others, a terminal U-shaped link arranged so as to extend in a direction opposite to the other links and connected with the end link of the series and an integral key having an elongated loop for engaging the loops and eyes of the links in removing and replacing the key from the puzzle.

4:. A puzzle comprising a number of U- shaped links connected together, all of said links extending in one direction except one which latter link lies in an opposite direction,

and a removable key engaging the said links.

5. A puzzle comprising a plurality of links having folded portions and eyes in their ends, a U-shaped link having its looped or folded portion extending in the opposite direction from the other links and its eyes engaging the eyes of the adjacent link, the interlocked eyes of the reversed links lying approximately in the same plane, and a removable member having a loop capable of being passed over the links and through the eyes thereof.

In testimony whereof I hereunto aifix my signature in presence of two Witnesses.


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