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Letters .Patent No. 74,741, elated February 18, 1868.



Be it known that I, GEORGE W. WOOD, of Richmond, in the county of Wayne, and State of Indiana, have invented anew and useful Improvement in Iuking-Apparatus for Printingr in more than one Color; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description of the same, reference being had to the annexed drawings, making part of this speciication, in which Figurel is an elevation partly in section.

Figure 2 is a vertical longitudinal section.

Figure 3 `is an end View ofthe rollers and their journal-boxes.

Figure4 is a front elevation ofthe sanne.

Figure 6 is an elevationA of onerotthe adjusting-riglets; and

Figure 5 an elevation of one ot` the inkingseglnents. p

The saine letters are employed in the diil'erent gures in thedesignation of identical parts.

My invention relates to improvements made o'n my inking-apparatus as set forth in Letters Patent granted and bearing date June 18, A. D. 1867, to which rel'ercncc is made for the'rnore perfect explanation of this machine.

In that machine I employed a series et'` sector-plates attached to the axle, for more convenient alteration in changing from one form ot type to another differently arranged. I vpropose to substitute for the sector-plates therein described segmental plaies, A, for transferring the ink from the fountain tothe typen-Oilers. One .improvement consists in this change, and/in the mode ol` attaching the segmental color-plates and the intermediate adjusting-riglets to the shaft. Another improvement is in the arrangement of theink-distrihuting rollers upon adjustable hearings in such manner that they shall be in contact with the segmental plates while revolringby them, while the work of distribution goes on continuously; and also7 in so connecting the distributing-rollers that they may be adjusted in such vmanner as to compensate for the shrinking ofthe sott rollers.` i

In the case presented in the drawingsI have shown an apparatus for printing in three colors. The apparatus may, however, be adapted to print in a greaterf number of colors; and when I speak ofthe particular arrangement set forth, I must be also understood to include such modifications as would be requisite in the construction of a. machine to print in four or more colors. it Y In the drawings, A A are segmental plates, for transferring the colors from the distributing-rollers and disposing them in bands on the type-rollers. They are in form segments of'circles, having for their centres the centre, of the shaft X. On the are of' the scgmentare notches, A/which I preFer to construct as represented in g. 6. These segments are attached to thethrecfor more, it more than three colors`are to be used) sided centre B attached to the shaft X. This centre has a longitudinaldove-tailed rib, B", on which the segmental plates A are fastened by hooking them on, if formed as shown in fig. 6,1 or by sliding on from the end, if hevelled on both ends ofthe notch, to correspond with the dove-tailed rih` Blf The spaces between the plates A are filled adjustably by riglets, C, notched with square notches at C. 'The plates A must he adjusted in sets, to correspond with the lines of type in the fornito which the respective colors are to be transferred, each set of segmental plates carrying one color. When the plates are adjust-ed, they are held in place by 'the compression of the screws I)2 passing through the cam-wheels D. I

The construction of these cam-wheels is fully set forth in` my former patent. The grooves D operate the wheels E upon the boxes of the distrihating-rollers, so as to have the said rollers pressing against the face of their appropriate set of plates A by the tension'ot the springs F3 during onethird ofthe revolution, or pressed away by the cam during the period when the other sets of plates are passing, so that each set of segmental plates shall receive only its appropriate color. The distributing-rollers are attached to the adjustable hoxes F and F2, united by a set-screw, II1, passing through a slot in the box F, so as to permit the rollers to be drawn together when the soft" roller shrinks, as it will `do when it becomes dry. The box F is pivoted at each end to the side frame, so as to permit the roller I to oscillate towards and from the edge of the plates A. The roller Ix'. is'driven hy a belt from the pulley M, passing aronnd'the pulley K', and the friction of its face lagainst the4 roller K causes it to revolve. On the shaft of the latter roller isla pulley, with a slot cut transversely on its face, to receive the pn'II, and to give a longitudinal reciprocating motion to the roller I as it revolves, effecting a. more perfect distribution by familiar means. The distributing-rollers receive the ink from a corresponding series of fountains, which being of ordinary construction are not shown7 and transfer it to the corresponding sets of segmental plates, which,"as they revolve in contact with the type-rollers L, will transfer the ink in bauds of the several colors upon tbe type-rollers, from which the colors are by one movement transferred simultaneously to the lines of type. i

What I-claim as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

1. The adjustable segmental plates A, for transferring the ink from the distributing to the type-rollcrs, attached to a centre, B, and used in combination with intermediate adjustable riglets, or their equivalents, substantially in the mannerset forth. K

2. The combination of the distributing-rollers, the segmental plates A, and the type-rollers, substantially as set forth.

3. The combination of the rollers l and K and their adjustable boxes F F2, substantially as and for the purpose set forth. I

4. S0 arranging the rollers I and K, and the plates A, that while the Work of distribution on the rollers goes on continuously, the roller I shall, by the oscillation of its bearings, be brought in contact only with its appropriate set of transferring-plates, and be removed while the other sets are passing, bsubstantially as set forth. In testimony whereof, I have signed my name to this specification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.




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