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m. 7,865.. Patented May 14, 1850.




Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 7,365, dated May 14, 1850.

had to the accompanying drawings, and to the letters of reference marked thereon.

The nature '-,of},n1y invention consists. in placing the crockery orother articles of table furniture in a machine fitted to receive them, and"then-to wash them by turning a shaft'with arms and buckets so arranged as to throw the water upon thecrockery with force, and thusac tin g upon and cleansingeachj and every arti lej.

. To enable (it iers skilled in the art to make and use my invention, I will proceed to describe its construction and operation. f

I construct a cylindrical-vessel, metallic or of wood, such as A B C D E F; One side of this cylindersay one-fourth-as at A O E F, is left open from near thetop to the bottom. From the sides A U and E F of this opening are'pieces running back far enough.

the curb and is supported by the uprights G G of the frame. At one end of this shaft is a crank (Z, by which the wheel is turned This shaft 0 may be placed at right angles to the direction of the machine or at an acute.

angle, as in the shaft 0'. (Represented by dotted lines in the drawing.) The bottom of the machine slants or inclines-downward toward the outer'end the'curb, so as to give the water a tendency in that direction to be taken up by the buckets and thrown forward into the cylinder and also to draw the water off when necessarythrough a hole in the bottom of the curb. (Seen at 'e.)

Inside thev cylinder A BC D ,E F is a vertical shaft H, resting on the, center in a socket on the bottom, and which passesup through and above the top or cover .of the cylinder.

Through the top of this shaft is a hole f,

ork,have invented a new aml useful which I give it a rotary motion. Connected with this shaft is a cylindrical rack or crib g, andwhichis supported by the shaft. The diamet-e'r of the' crib is so much less than that of the cylinder as to allow it to revolve freely within it. From near the middle of the shaft, also attached to it, are other wires '5, which converge toward and are fastened to the lowerj and outer rim of the rack g. Their inclination from the center of the shaft downward and outward is about thirty degrees.

On, the bottom of the rack a hoop is placed on edge about midway'hetween the shaft and the outer rim of the rack. .The upper edge of this hoop is notched, so as to hold a plate or dish in place when put into the rack.

' The bottom of the cylinder A B C D E F being inclined toward the rim, in order to tend the water in that direction, the machine is placed in a frame, so as to raise that end which is farthest from the wheel as that the top or cover of the cylinder willlie horizontal. In order to show the operation, Ihave substituted for the cover in the drawing aero'sspiece K, to support the vertical shaft in osition. Dishes and other articles of ta 1e furniture are placed within the rackg upon the conical rack i in any position in which they can empty themselves, and so that their surfaces will beexposed to thedirection of the buckets b in, the revolution of the rack. Boiling'water is poured into the'machine and the top put on. The rack or crib containing things to be washed is. gently'made to revolve by giving a rotary motion to :the shaft H. At the same time the crank-d is turned when water is taken up by the buckets and thrown into the rack upon the surfaces of its con: tents, and this continued until they are thoron hly washed. After standinga few min ut s they become dry, are .taken out, and are ready for use without Wiping and have a bright surface. When the horizontal shaft or is inclined, as c, the force of the water as thrown from the bucket-s .will cause the rack g to revolve without other action on it. What-I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent,-i3' v.

The construction ofia cylin er witha cylindricalfirack supportedby an uprightflshaft resting upon and being-within and supported by thecylinder, the-rack having within it a conical rack and hoop tov receive and hold enLirc nmchine being arranged, combined, table furniture, in combination with a curb and operated substantially as is herein fully containing a horizontal wheel with buckets set forth.

to throw Water upon the cylindrical rack, the JOEL HOUGHTON. whole supported by a frame, and by these Witnesses: mechanical means cleansing the surface of GEO. C; THOMAS,

table furniture without the use of hands, the C. B. HUTCHINSON.

i z i i i i i i

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