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@einen vtaten @anni @ffice GEORGE W. CLARK, OF FRANKFORT, OHIO.
Letters Patent No. 69,406, dated October 1, 1867.
turnover DEVICE ron Innern-e Hoes.'
Be it known that I, GEORGE W. CLARK, of Frankfort, in the county of Ross, and. State of 'Ohio, have invented a new and useful Device for Ringing Hogs; and I do hereby declare thc following to be a full, clear, and exact description cf the same,'reference being had to the accompanying drawings, which are made 'a part of this specification.
The apparatus which forms the subject of this invention embraces two distinct instruments, the rst of which will be termed an awl, as its function is to pass the wire through the cartilage ofthe hogs snout; while the second will be denominated a key, its function being to twist the'vvire in order'to lock .or permanently fasten the same upon the snout. i
Figure 1 is aA perspective vi'ew ofA the awl. -Y
Figure 2 is a perspective view, showing Vthe manner of using the vkey to twist the wire after having been passed through the snout by the awl.
Figure is a reverse perspective view of the end of the key. y
A represents the haft, Bthe shaft, and C the pointed blade of the awl or instrument for passing the wil-eD through the cartilage of the hogs snout. The shaft B has a longitudinal groove, b, and a Cavity or socket, b', to hold that part of the wire which is passed through the snout. The wire is prepared for use by bending it into the forni shown in iig. l. By means of the awl one of the'parallel parts of the wire is passed forward through thesnout. The cross-piece, or uniting portion d of the wire D, coming against the cartilage, arrests the further movement of the wire, and the continued forward movement of the awl withdraws the end ol' the wire from the cavity l1. By then turning the awi, so as to place its groove b out of line with the inserted part of thewire, the awl may he withdrawn, leaving the wire in the snout. The wire having been inserted, `as
Vabove described, is twisted and permanently fastened in the snout, by means of the key shown in fig. 2. This key consists of a handle, E, shaft F, and head G, and a hook, H,`s socketed upon the shaft F, so as to remain stationary while E, F, and G are rotated. An elongated rectangular opening, g, is formed in the head G, as shown in fig. 3. The two ends of the wire are inserted into the opening g, and the hook H is placed between the parallel parts of the wire. The hook is held by one hand to prevent the wire from turning in the snout, as its ends are twisted by the key, which is turned bythe other hand.
By the use of this apparatus the ringing of hogs is greatly facilitated and expedited. The contriv'ance is inoxv pensive and very durable. y
Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-
1. The within-described apparatus, consisting ofl the awl or piercing instrument A B O, and the key er twisting instrument E F G, constructed and operated substantially as and furthe purpose sot forth.
2. The awl A l C. when provided with a groove, b, and socket b, substantiallyY as and for the purpose explained.
3. Lhe key or twisting instrument E F G g and hook H, combined and operating in the manner and for the purpose explained. Y v
To the above specification of my new and useful device for ringing hogs, I have signed my hand this eighth day of Aug-ust, A. l). 1867.
eno. W. CLARK.
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