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Patented Aug 20, |90! No. salma. y
SPECIFICATION forming part Of Letters Patent N0. 681,018, dated August 20, 1901.
Application iiled April 20, 1901. Serial No. 56,715- (No model.)
To a/ZZ whom it may concern,.-
Be it known that I, CHARLES D. CROCKER, a citizen of the United States, residing in Hartford, in the county of Hartford and State of Connecticut, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Pilot-Lights, of
which the following is a specification.
My invention relates to what are known as pilot-lights, in which it is desired to keepV a small supply of gas constantly burning,
` which will afford an iguiting-ilarne for combustible fluid employed for heating water or for other purposes when said iiuid is turned on. Heretofore much trouble has been caused in lights of this character bythe clogging of the openings through which the gas passes and also by the extinguishment of the flame, due to drafts or the failure of the device to receive the supply, and in many of the old forms of lights provision has not been made for a free supply of air, and consequently the gas is imperfectly consumed and burns with a yellow llame.
Primarily the object` of myinvention is the provision of an improved pilot-light of such construction that the defects above set forth' are obviated and one in which the necessary supply of air to aord perfect combustion mayconstantlybe maintained, the result being a light burning with a clear blue dame.
A further obj ect of the invention is the provision of a burner having a chamber in which the light :may constantly be maintained, said chamber having ports or openings for the admission of air and other ports or openings through which the flame passes.
A further object of the invention is the provision of a burner having a chamber, a tip having lateral openings for lthe passage of gas into said chamber, openings in the wall of the chamber for the admission of air and the passage of llame from said chamber, and a hood or hoods covering and protecting the llame issuing from the tip.
In the accompanying drawings, Figure lis a longitudinal vertical section of a form of apparatus in which my improvement may be utilized. Fig.2isaplan View of theinvention. Fig. 3 is a longitudinal vertical section on line n fr, Fig. 2. y Fig!c is an end view of the invention; and Fig. 5 is a detached plan View, partially in section, showing the location of the improvement with relation to the burners of the apparatus illustrated in Fig. 1.
Like numerals designate similar parts throughout the several views.
Referring to the drawings, the numeral 5 designates the casing of a water-heater in which are coils of pipe 6, through which water circulates by main connections '7and an eduction-pipe 8. Below this coil is a series of gasburners 9, communicating withacircnlar passage-way and by connections 12 with a gassupply pipe, and in apipe of the connections l2 is located a valvechamber 13, containing a valve having a stem 14, which works in a stuffing-box of a cylinder 16, the construction being such that when the water is turned on the valve will be operated to permit a flow of gas tothe burners 9 and when the water is turned off the valve will drop and prevent the further admission of gas to the burners.
The construction thus far described is well known and constitutes no part of my invention and is merely employed as illustrative of one common form of apparatus with which the invention may be employed.
Located adjacent to the circular row of burners 9 is my improved pilot-light, which is designated inageneral way by the numeral 17 and is composed of a body 18, having a chamber 18 and laterally-projecting arms or wings 182.
Threaded into the top plate or cover is a screw 19, closing the top opening of the chamber, and threaded or otherwise seated in the body of the casting is atip 20, having a longitudinal perforation 20 in communication with a passage 21 in an externally-threaded stem 22 of the burner, said stem being seated in a Xture 23 of the gasfsupply system 24 and the quantity of gas supplied to said iiX- ture and pilot-light burner being regulated by a valve 25 in a pipe 26, connected to a pipe 27, in connection with the gas-supply main. (Not shown.) A valve 28 in this pipe 27 regulates the supply of gas to the circular passageway l0, and consequent-ly the amount to beconsumed by the burners 9.
In the body 1S are openings 2.9,which serve IOC) to admit an ample supply of air to the burner, and in the walls of the chamber 18 are diametrically-opposed openings 30 30, through which the flame from the lateral openings 202 of the tip 20 passes, said flame being protected by the top 188 and the side Ii-ange-s 182 jectin g, covered Wings integral With the body,
against extinguishment by drafts of air.
In the operation of my invention the pilotlight is always left burning with a low dame, the degree of .rhich may be regulated by the valve 25, and should gas be turned on in the burners 9 by the valve 28 in pipe 27 the flow of such gas to the burners Will be arrested by the valve in chamber 13; but when said valve is lifted by the piston in cylinder 16, duel to the turning on of any hot-Water faucet in the lsystem, gas will flow into circular chamber 10 and from thence into burners 9, and as it is- 'ing 'laterally-projecting covered Wings intesues from said burners will be immediately ignited by the flame from the constantlyburning pilot-light 17. In this Way the flame from the burners 9 quickly heats the Water in coil 6 and furnishes the necessary supply ofhot water to the basin, bath-tub, or sink where the hot-water faucet is open. After the i necessary supply of hot water has been obtained, by turning off the faucet the pressure in cylinder 16 ceases and the valve therein immediately closes and shuts off the floW of gas to the burners. It will of course be understood that the casing 5 Will ordinarily be equipped with doors, (not shown,) by which i accessmay be had to the interior thereof for the purpose of igniting the pilot-light or inspecting, cleaning, o r repairing the coil 6 and burners 9, and when these doors are open strong drafts, due to the inrush ofI air to said casing and its passage therefrom throughl the stack or eduction-iue 40, are produced, which have had a tendency in the old styles of pilot-lights to extinguish the flame. By my improvement,- hoWever, the pilot-lightiiame is protected by the hood 183 and side plates 182 against the possibility ofextinguishmentv under ordinary conditions, and owing to the full supply of air through the ports or openings 29 constantly burns With a clear blue dame in readiness immediately to ignite the gas as it issues from the burners 9.
While my invention is shown in a particular heating system, it is distinctly to be undei-stood that this is merely for purposes of illustration, for, as is obvious, it may be employed in various devices and apparatus different from that shown Without depart-ure from the scope ofthe invention.
The invention is not limited to the precise details shown and described, for variations may be made Without departure from the scope and intent thereof.
Having thus described the invention, What I claim is- 1. Apilot-light consisting-of a bodyhaving a closed chamber provided'with air-inlet and dame-emission ports; a burner Within said chamber; and laterally-projecting,` covered wings forf protecting the iiame'as it issues through the port from the burner.
2. A pilot-light consisting of a body having a central chamber provided with air-admission and flame-emission ports, laterally-proand serving to protect the flame; and a y burner located within the central chamber of said structure.
3. A pilot-light consisting of an integrall ,projecting from the chamber, and serving to Linclose and protect the dame against the aci tion of drafts.
4. A pilot-light consisting-of a casting-havgral therewith, and also having a central Aclosed chamber provided with portsfor the admission of air and other ports for the paslsage of flame, and a burner Within said central chamber.
5. A pilot-light consisting of a casting having a central chamber and a pair of laterallyprojecting, covered Wings integral withV the casting and projecting from one side of said chamber, the Wall of said chamber-being per- Yforated to form air-inlet and iiameoutlet ports; andv a burner Within the chamber.
6. A pilot-light consisting of a burner hav- "ing a central chamber provided with air-adipassage of iiame; means for supplying f-nel mission ports, and with an opening for the i to said chamber; laterally projecting side Wings flankingthe flame-passage; and a hood projecting from the chamber and uniting said Wings.
7. A pilot-lightconsisting-of a burner hav- F ing a central chamber having air and flame ports; a tip having a passage for the admission of fue] to said chamber; Wings, in a passage between which the flame issues, said Win gs projecting laterally from the chamber;
and a top uniti-ng said Wings and covering said flame-passage.
' 8. The combinatiomwithgassupplymea-ns, of a pilot-light consisting of a body having a central chamber in communication with said gas-supply means, said chamber havingfairadmission and flame-emission ports; a pair of covered Wings projectingv laterally from each side of the chamber; and a burner, the gas from which is ignited; by said pilot-light. 9. A pilot-light consisting of a chambered 4body provided with air-supply and flameemis'sion ports; laterally-projecting, covered Wings on and integral With said bod-y; a tip for the supply of gas Within the chamber of the body; and a screw closing t-he top of said chamber.
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