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Letters Patent No. 64,152, dated April 23, 1867.
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Be it known that I, EDSON SEXTON, of Munson, in the county of Hampden, .and State of Massachusetts, have invented certain new and useful improvements in Gang-Ploughs; and I do hereby declare that the follow-v ing is a full, clear, and exact description thereof, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, making part of this specification, and to ythe letters of reference markedthereon, like letters indicating like parts Wherever they occur.
To enable others skilled in the artto construct and use my invention, I will proceed to describe it.
My invention consists in a novel construction of' an adjustable frame for supporting and guiding ploughs, eultivators, and similar implements for ploughing land and cultivating growing crops, and' in the arrangements of levers and other devices for operating or adjusting the same. It further consists in the use of aroller suitably 'arranged for turning and pressing down the furrow-slice cut by the plough.
Figure l is a top plan view.
Figure 2 is-a side elevation with one of the wheels removed; and
Figure 3 is a. section ofl a portion detached.
Iconstruct an axle, A. of any required size and length, which is provided with Wheels, it being intended i to use the ordinary wagon-Wheels, and thus avoid the expense of furnishing wheels especially for it. Upon-the axle A is mounted a frame, consisting of three longitudinal bars, B, which are bolted to the axle by means of bolts passing through slots, a, in the axle, as represented in tig. 1. A cross-bar, C, connects these bars at both front and `rear, as shown in tig. 1, and these bars C are also provided with slots, e, Where bolted to the bars B,
to 'permit the latter to be adjusted laterally so as to set them further apart or nearer together, as desired.`
Upon these bars B, near their front and rear ends, are secured hollow metal guides or standards, F, as shown in iig. 2, these standards being made of cast iron, with a transverse mortise, z', to ft on the bars B, the internal form of them being shown by tig. 3, which is a vertical section of one of them. A series of ploughs, in this case three in number, is suspended under the axle by means otl metal rods, l1., which are ot' proper size to tit in the hollow standards F and slide easily therein, the lower ends of these rods being made to embrace the beams E of the ploughs P, as shown in tig. 2, and their upper ends being provided with holes7 as shown, for inserting pins or bolts to hold them in position when adjusted at the `requisite height. A lever, m, is then pivoted to the upper end of a spring rod, Z, secured at its lower end to the beamE of the plough, as shown in fig. 2, the lever m being fulcrulned at its centre to a standard, o, and having its front end connected toa longer lever, L, the front end of which is pivoted to a standard, fn., located at the front end of the beam B, its rear extending back to near the rear end of the frame so as to berwithin reach of the driver, who' is intended to be mounted on the rear portion of the frame. By depressing the rear end of the lever L, the plough will be raised to any desired height, and each plough is adjustable both vertically and laterally independent of the others. A caster-wheel, t. attached by a bar, p, to the left-hand bar B, so as to run in the furrow cut by the rear plough, may he provided, as shown, to prevent the frame from tipping too lunch backward, by which menus the plough will be made to run steady and level. 'A chain, u, connects the front end of each beam, E, with the hars B Aof the frame, to relieve the standards L of undue strain. As it is frequently diilicult in ploughing sod land to make the furrow-slice turn over smooth and perfect, I use a roller, R, for that purpose, the roller being attached to a rod or bar, d, shown in dotted lines, aiid attached to the bar B by an arm, y, as shown in g. 1, the roller being so located as to follow immediately in rear of the plough P, and, pressing on the furrow-slice, assist to press it over and down.
By this construction and arrangement of the frame and ploughs, the latter are held andguided perfectly, and can be adjusted to eut furrows of any desired width and depth, while at the same time they are free to rise when coming ill-contact with a stone or other obstruction. As each plough is attached to one of the bars B, entirely independent of the others, it is obvious that either of them may be detached and removed at pleasure without at all interfering with the operation of the others. When it is -desired to use the implement for cultivating growing crops,the ploughs P may be detached by removing the rods z and Z, andsmaller ploughs, known as corn-ploughs, may be substituted in their stead; or, if preferred, cultivators may be substituted for the ploughs, and be used for cultivating corn, potatoes, and similar crops.
By this means the farmer` is provided with a cheap and simple implement that may be used for a variety of purposes; and es all farmers necessarily have a, wagon. or cart, the Wheels of which can be used on the axle A, the expense is thereby much lessened.
Having thus described my invention, what I claim, is-
1. The adjustable bars B, provided with the tubular guides or supports F, forsupporting the ploughs, substunt-ially :rs shown and described.
2. In combination with the laterally adjustable bars B, I claim the spring rods Z, and levers and m, arranged to operate as set forth.
W. C. DODGE, l?. T. DODGE.
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