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Patented Oct. 3,1899. M. E. HERBERT, In.
(Application led Jan. 19, 1899.;
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W/ TNE SSE S TH: Nonm's PETERS co., mom-uma., wAsHmGYoN. n. c
(Application med Jan. 19, 1899.)
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SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 634,345, dated October 3, 1899.
Application led January 19, 1399. Serial No. 702,660. (No model.)
To all whom, it may concern:
Beit knownthat I, MICHAEL E. HERBERT, Jr., of Chicago, in the county of Cook and State of Illinois, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Vater Heaters, of which the following is a specification.
Myinvention is awater-heaterof that class which is used for heating water for bath and domestic purposes and other uses where a circulation of hot Water is desired. It employs a water-jacketed feeding-magazine; and it chiefly consists in the construction of the boiler of two main parts, the upper part having the pendent annular water-chamber and the lower part inclosing or forming the fireboX, which two parts are connected for circulation by a series of vertical pipes, all as hereinafter more fully described.
Figure l is a perspective view of the heater with a part of the outer jacket brokenl away.v Fig. 2 is an enlarged vertical central section taken through the smoke-pipe and front door.
Fig. 3 is a partial horizontal section on line 3 3 of Fig. 2. Fig. Itis a similar section on line et 4; and Fig. 5 is a perspective view of the two main parts of the heater, which are made of cast-iron, each in a single piece.
The upper part of my heater consists of a short cylinderA, having a central and downwardly-proj ectin g annular chamber A', forming a magazine for fuel open at top and bottom and formed of two walls that inclose an annular space in open communication with the upper part A of the boiler and forming an inclosing water-jacket for the magazine.
The lower part of the boiler B is of the usual construction, simply being a watercased tire-box, with door B. This portion B of the boiler, however, stops short at a point a little above the lower end of the central magazine and is connected to the upper portionAof the boiler bya circular series of vertical water-tubes C, which are tapped or otherwise secured into the upper surface of boiler section B and the lower surface of boiler-section A, so as to establish a free and full communication between these two parts for the circulation of water. Around the out- .side ofi-*these tubes C. there is an inclosing jacket F, of sheet metal, which extends from the outer periphery of the boiler-section Ato the outer periphery of the boiler-section B, audthus completing the exterior of the heater.
Through the upper boiler-section A there are four (more or less) segmental openings a, which give passage for the hot products of combustion from the fire-chamber below to the smoke -hood E above and thence out through the smoke-pipe c. This hoodErests detachably on the upper portion A of the boiler and has an inlet-door D for fuel and a chute d, leading therefrom into the magazine.
At X, Fig. l, inthe upper part of the boiler there is the usual outlet for the hot water, and at Yin the lower part of the boiler there is the return-pipe for establishing continuous circulation.
If desired, there may be arranged in the annular water-chamber about the magazine a number of hot-airtubes opening communication between the hre-box and the hood E,
which would give an increased heating capacity. Such tubes are shown at ct in Figs. 3 and 4.; but they are not shown in Fig. 2, and they may be used or not, as may be desired.
The parts of the heater as thus described are designed to be set upon any ordinary form ofbase G, with suitable grate and ash-pit.
This heater is designed to burn any grade of coal and is a very simple, practical, and economical heater of unusually-large heating capacity and is not liable to have its magazine burned out, as the single-shell magazines are.
Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-
l. Ahot-waterheaterhavingitsboilermade in two main parts, an upper part in the form of a short cylinder having draft-holes through it, and an annular and pendent water-chamL ber arranged inside the draft-holes and forming a 'fuel magazine; a lower cylindrical boilerfsection forming a water-cased fire-box, a circular series of ci rculating-pipes establishing communication between the upper edges of the lower boiler-section, and the short cylinder of the upper section, a hood with feed-door, covering and inclosing the upper boiler-section, and an outer c'asingeX- tending from the upper boiler-section to the lower boiler-section, and surrounding the oir- @mating-pipes, subsmntully ns and for the purpose described.
2. Ahot-wnterhenlerhavingltsboilornmde ing tho upper and lower boiler-sections, L smoke-hood E with door D, chute d, and smoke-pipe e, and au outer casing F for the circulating-pipes substantially as :md for the toall draft-holes @through it and an annular pendent. water-clmmber A' having vertical draft-tubes a through it; and :L lower part B forming a virer-cased re-box, L circular 1o series of vertical circulating-pipes C connect- MICHAEL E. HERBERT, JR.
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