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' Patented Feb. 23, 1897'. I
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 577,609, dated February 23, 1897. Application filed June 26, 1896. erial No. 596,985. (No model.)
T0 or whom it may concern.-
Be it known that I, WILLIAM TRABUE, residing at Louisville, in the county of J eiierson and State of Kentucky, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Pocket Lamps or Lighters, of which the following is a specification, reference being had therein to the accompanying drawings.
This invention relates to pocket lamps or lighters specially intended for use in lighting cigars and for other purposes where a small flame is needed for a short time.
The invention is an improvement on my device patented June 25, 1895, No. 541,512.
The object of the invention is to construct a pocket lamp or lighter in which a rocking or partially-rotating movement of one part on the other causes the ignition of the pellet and the lighting of a wick, if a wick be present.
Figure 1 is a perspective view of one form of the device, the parts in position for lighting a cigar. Fig. 2 is a similar view with the casing closed. Fig. 3 is a longitudinal section of the device shown in Figs. 1 and 2. Fig. 4 is a perspective view, and Fig. 5 a section, of the lamp slightly modified as to the ignition device and containing a spring to close the opening; and Fig. 6 is a longitudinal section of a modification wherein the longitudinal and rotary movement of the parts or tubes is combined to give a spiral movement.
In the device illustrated in Figs. 1, 2, and 3 A indicates the inner, and B the outer, tube. The tube A, as shown, contains a compartment (2,, which is the lamp-chamber, and has a burner, wick, and suitable opening for fillin gwith oil, alcohol, or other combustible material, and the tube A may well be substantially like that described in my patent re ferred to. The tube B is in general similar to the tube described in my patent referred to, having an opening in one side which is to register with a similar opening in tube B to permit the lighting of a cigar, and ventopenings may also be provided, if necessary. The tube A has one end inserted in tube B and is held against longitudinal movement by the disk 0, resting against the partition d of tube A, and having a rod 6-, connecting to the closed end of tube B, or the tubes can be held together by other convenient means such as are commonly used to hold a thimble or ferrule on a stick or tube and permit rotary but not endwise movement, the combustion taking place in chamber 0 when ignition is effected. I
A wire or rod h, attached to tube B, extends through a notch at the side of the opening in said tube and curves round to proximity with opening '5 in said partition 01, which opening through opening 0, and holding it in a slight pocket at the mouth of said opening, so that only one pellet can pass through the opening at a time.
The chamber in tube B may be filled with ignition-pellets, openings k it being provided in the two tubes, which openings are in register' when the tubes are in certain positions.
The lamp being closed and about in the inclined position shown in Fig. 2, a pellet in the magazine in tube B will feed by gravity and pass through the opening and be lightly held in the combustion-chamber bythe springpiece it. On turning one of the tubes A orB on its axis, the other tube being held stationary or turned in the reverse direction, the pellet will be scratched or ignited between the roughened end of wire h and the side of the tube or partition, which tube and partition may also be roughened. This grinding or scratching of the piece h on the pellet causes the same to ignite, and the flame therefrom ignites the wick in the burner. pellet soon burnsout, bht the wick will remain lighted until the lamp-chamber is exhausted or until a reversal of the turning movement cuts off the air-supply and so extinguishes the lamp.
The construction shown in Figs. 4 and 5 is a slight modification, wherein the partitionpiece creceives the pellet from the magazinecompartment through the opening in parti tion d, the pellet being retained in the opening in partition or plate 0 by means of the form of the opening or by slight stops. The plate 0 being connected to tube B by means The.
of rod 0 turns with tube B, and when one of the tubes is turned with reference to theother the pellet in the Opening '5 is carried around in a curved guideway, the edges or faces of which are notched to give a scratching action on the pellet.
In Fig. 5 a coiled or torsion spring on is connected to both tubes A and B or to some attachment of the tubes in such manner as to turn one tube relatively to the other, so that the normal position of the tubes A and B, under the impulse of this spring, will be the closed position. The spring will of course be inclosed, so that the pellets will not be caught therein.
In Fig. 6 a section of the lamp is indicated, in which the tube A is guided in a spiral direction in the tube B by means of a pin 19 from one tube extending into a spiral slot 0 in the other tube. The tube 13 has a plunger r, with a recess 3 near its end, which receives and confines a single pellet. WVhen the combined tube is shortened by pressing the outer ends of the tubes toward each other or by rotating one of the tubes relatively to the other, the plunger rforces a pellet along I the scratching-surface 25, causing the pellet to ignite and flame up, thus igniting the wick.
From the above description it should be understood that my invention is not confined to hard and fast rules, but that it has been and may be embodied in many forms and that many changes may be made without departing from my invention. The general idea is that a single pellet may be fed from the magazine to the combustion-chamber and there ignited by a slight rocking of one tube relatively to the other; and I have embodied the device in various practical forms.
What I claim is' 1. In a pocket-lamp or igniting device, the two tubes connected to have a rotary move ment one. within the other and to open an aperture by such movement, and means for feeding igniters singly and for holding an igniter in contact with one of the moving parts an d i gniting the same by such rotary movement, the parts in combination substantially as described.
2. In a pocket lamp or igniter, the magazine-tube and the lamp-tube entering one within the other, said tubes having openings to the combustion-chamber which may be made to register and open and close by a partial rotation of one tube relatively to the other, and means for feeding a single pellet and for retaining and igniting it in the combustion-chamber, all combined substantially as described.
3. In a pocket-igniter, the tubes entering one within the other and arranged for partial relative rotation, means for feeding a pellet, and for igniting such pellet by the rotary movement, and a spring connected to the parts and adapted to restore them to normal position, all combined substantially as described.
4. In a pocket-igniter, the tubes entering one within the other and adapted to rotate, the magazine inclosed in one of the tubes and feeding pellets singly to the combustionchamber, and the partition which cuts off the magazine provided with a roughened contactsurface against which the pellet is held during such partial rotation, all combined substantially as described.
5. In a pocket-igniter, the tubes arranged to have a rotatory movement relatively to each other, a magazine in one tube and means for feeding pellets singly therefrom and for igniting such pellets by partial rotation, and openings through which the magazine may be filled, said openings being in register only dur-. ing part of the rotation of the tubes, all combined substantially as described.
6. In a pocket-igniter, the tubes, having openings, and a feeding-m agazine in one tube substantially as described, means for retaining the tubes so as to permit a partial rotation of one relatively to the other, and an elastic rod or wire for holding a pellet in the combustion-chamber, and in contact with the igniting-surface during the partial rotatory movement of one of the tubes, all combined substantially as described.
In testimony whereof I affix my signature in presence of two witnesses.
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