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(No Model.)
No. 563,976. Patented July 14, 1896.
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 563,976, dated July 14, 1896.
Application filed April 8, 1896. Serial No. 586,691. (No model.)
To all whom it may concern:
Be it known that I, MICHAEL J. LORDIER, a citizen of the United States, residing at Fort \Vayne, in the county of Allen, in the State of Indiana, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Water-Heaters; and I do hereby declare that the following is afull, clear, and exact description of the invention, which will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, which form part of this specification.
My invention relates to improvements in water-heaters.
The object of my invention is to provide a simple, cheap, and convenient water-heater for house use, soconstructed as to have small need of repairs, and so arranged as toafford an improved circulation of the hot water therein and a reliable means for carrying off the smoke and all odors of combustion, and
. also so arranged as to be connected directly with a heating-stove should the gas-burner not be employed.
The novel features of my invention are the improved ventilated combustion-chamber, the self-feeding heating-chamber, and the improved boiler-stand.
Similar reference-numerals indicate corresponding parts in both views of the drawngs.
Figure 1 is a side view of my improvement with the boiler and certain other parts in vertical central section to show the relative arrangement of all parts thereof Fig. 2 is a perspective of the boiler-stand, showing the draft-orifices in the base of the combustionchamber.
All parts of my improvement are made of suitable metal.
The boiler-stand, preferably of cast metal, consists of a bell-shaped base 16 of proper size, an integral central standard 15 rising therefrom, a pair of integral diametric oblique arms 13, and an annular boiler-supporting plate or base 20, which is provided upon its outer perimeter with the upright integral annular flange 18, adapted to embrace the bottom of the boiler when in position on said stand, and has upon its inner perimeter the upright annular flange 19, from which the vessel 6 is suspended, thus forming an annular recess upon the upper face of said plate in which the said boiler is secured. The said base-plate 20 may be cast integral with the said arms 13 or it may be rigidly secured thereto in any proper manner.
The vessel 6, forming the base and sides of the combustion-chamber, is formed of one piece of sheet metal and is centrally apertured for the admission of the burner-coupling, and is also provided with a proper series of draft-orifices 17, Fig. 2. The said vessel 6 has its upper edge fashioned into a horizontal flange 14:, adapted to rest upon the flange 19 of the said plate 20 for the support of said vessel. The burner 7 of any proper construction is centrally mounted in said combustion-chamber and is supported therein in any suitable manner, and is provided with a proper connection with the feed-pipes 8 and 9, Fig. 1. In a suitable opening in the sides of the said combustion-chamber is secured the lower end of a pipe 10, whose upper end opens into the stovepipe, or other connection with the chimney, by means of which all smoke and other obnoxious odors from the said chamber are promptly discharged, instead of permitting them to escape into the apartment in which the said heater is located.
The cylindrical upright boiler 1, of non-con rosive sheet metal and of any desired capacity, is closed at both extremities and has a fluted or convex perimeter and a recessed cen tral portion approximately on the same plane as that of the lower end of said boiler. By this construction of the said bottom the said boiler is adapted to rest securely in said recessed plate 20, and the said bottom 2'also forms the sides and bottom of the heatingchamber. The said bottom 2 is properly riveted to the said boiler, as shown. The said bottom 2 also forms the top of the combustion-chamber, access to which is afforded by a proper door having a transparent filling of mica or other suitable material (not shownin the drawings) for the purpose of lighting the burner 7 and for observing the condition of the flame thereof. In suitable perforations in the top of the said boiler the internally-screwthreaded couplings 11 and 12 are properly secured. The discharge-pipe 4 leads upwardly from the heating-chamber and has its upper end free in the said boiler 1, and extends downwardly nearly to the bottom thereof,and is provided upon its lower end with the bell-shaped flange 5, whose perimeter closely approaches the annular convex surface of said bottom, thus forming a plano-concave heating-chamber directly above the burner 7. A sufficient annular space is left between the perimeter of the said flange and the said bottom to keep the said chamber fully supplied with cooler water from above. The area of the said annular opening is slightly greater than that of the opening in the lower end of the discharge-pipe 4;. The said flange 5 is supported from the botto1n2by proper brackets. (Not shown.) The pipe 22 leading to the hot-water reservoir has one end thereof secured in the said coupling 12 by a screw-thread connection. The feedpipes for cold water, 3 and 21, the latter communicating with the cold-Water supply and the former leading to the interior of said boiler, have their adjacent ends secured in the coupling 11 by a screw-threaded connection.
The boiler 1 is also provided with a proper blow-off cock 23 near the bottom thereof, and also with a second lateral opening upon the same side thereof which is securely closed by a removable plug 24, whereby, when the said burner is not employed, the contents of said boiler can be heated by arranging a heatingpipe coil in a stove in awell-understood manner, with its ends secured in the openings for the said cook 23 and said plug 2e.
It is obvious that my improved heater thus constructed is simple, cheap, and efficient, that a self-feeding heating-chamber is thus provided by the novel construction shown directly above the burner, and that the smoke and all obnoxious odors from the said combustion-chamber will be promptly carried off through the pipe 10.
Having thus described my invention and the manner of employing the same, What I desire to secure by Letters Patent is-* 1.. The combination, in a Water-heater, of
the upright boiler 1 having a bottom 2 provided with a convex perimeter for the purpose specified, and having a recessed central portion forming the base and sides of the heatingchamber; the discharge-pipe 4 arranged as shown, and provided upon its lower end with the bell-shaped flange 5, arranged as described, to form the top of the said heatingchamber; the feed-pipe 3 arranged in said boiler as described 5 the vessel 6 centrally apertured as shown, having a series of draftorifices in the base thereof, and a suspendingflange 14, the said vessel being adapted to form the base and sides of the combustionchamber for the burner 7; and a proper supporting-base having a rigid annular plate 20 provided with the upright annular flanges 1S and 19, all substantially as described.
2. In a water-heater, the combination of a boiler-supporting stand having an annular top 20, provided with upright peripheral flanges for the purpose specified; a metallic vessel 6 centrally apertured for the burner 7, and having a series of draft-orifices 17 in the bottom thereof, asuppor tin g-flan ge 14 adapted for engagement with the flange 19, and a pipe for the discharge of the products of co1nbustion, arranged as described; the upright boiler 1 having the convex and recessed bottom 2, arranged as shown, whereby the said boiler is adapted to be supported and secured by the recessed plate 20; the discharge-pipe 1 arranged as shown, in the bottom of said boiler and provided upon its lower end with the bell-shaped flange 5 forming the top of the heating-chamber and having an annular peripheral inlet-opening for the purpose specified; and the feed-pipe mounted in said boiler as described, all substantially as described.
Signed by me, at Fort WVayne,Allen county, State of Indiana, this th day of March, A. l). 1896.
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