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    • B65D39/00Closures arranged within necks or pouring openings or in discharge apertures, e.g. stoppers


SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 511,600, dated December 26, 1898.
Application led October 25,1893. Serial No.489,085. (No model.)
To @ZZ whom, it may concern:
Beit known that I, EDWARD EvERETT ELLIS, a citizen of the United States, residing at Washington, in the District of Columbia, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Bottles and Stoppers Therefor; and I do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertainsto make and use the same.
This invention relates to certain new and useful improvements in beer bottles and cork Stoppers therefor; and it consists substantially in such features thereof as will hereinafter be more particularly described.
In all manner of beer bottles heretofore einployed in which cork-Stoppers are used it has been necessary always to employ a cork-screw or other implement for withdrawing the cork or stopper after the same has been forced or expanded into the bottle by anyof the usual well known corking machines for the purpose. `The use of a cork-screw or other im'- plement for extracting the cork or stopper is always attended with a great deal of trouble and inconvenience, besides wasting lots of time in many instances, and some forms of which are expensive as for instance that form of device usually applied to counters and which are designed to extract and cast away the cork by one movement of lever or handle.
The object of my invention is to provide a bottle and stopper therefor which shall enable the withdrawal of the latter from the bottle without the aid or use of any manner of cork-screw or other additional or outside device or implement whatsoever, thereby enabling beer or other similar liquids or fluids to be corked up in bottles all ready for use, and ready to be opened byasimple operation of the hand.
Other objects will also more fully hereinafter appear.
In carrying my invention into effect I construct the bottle in all respects similar to the ordinary bottles now in use withtheexcepla tion that in the neck of the bottle at preferably diametrically opposite sides thereof I form or provide a vertical notch, recess, or opening which extends down a suitable dis tance from the mouth of the bottle, leaving the mouth of the bottle and a small portion of its neck practically divided. In some instances I may deem it desirable to so divide the bottle across its other diameter at right angles, but for all practical purposes one direction willbe sufficient. My invention also comprehends a slot, recess, or notch extending down a single side only,but in order to provide two sides upon which to grasp the cork I prefer to use the same on at least two sides. The said notches, slots, or recesses are to extend down as far as practicable so as to enable as much as possible of the body of the cork to protrude therefrom. The cork of course is to be ot' sufficient height 'or length to pass down beyond the base of said notches when inserted in the bottle so as to provide for the air tight sealing of the contents of the bottle. Into the neck of the bottle so constructed I compress a cork or like stopper in such manner that when the same expands outwardly of itself portions of its sides will protrude into and beyond the side notches, recesses,or openings in the neck so as to enable said cork or other similar stopper to be readily grasped by the hand and withdrawn. In this way the cork will close and seal the contents of the bottle as heretofore, and the aid of a cork-screw or other implement will not be required to eX- tract the same.
To better accomplish the objects of my invention I preferably employ a cork or similar stopper which is longer in one direction or diameter than the other, so that by inserting the same into the neck of the bottle with its longest diameter at right angles to the side openings, recesses, or slots in the neck the said cork or similar stopper will be squeezed up in one direction and expanded in the other, thus enabling or causing portions of the same to protrude through and beyond the openings, recesses or slots, for the purpose desired. I also preferably form the cork or similar stopper somewhat smaller or tapering toward the lower endso as to facilitate its entrance into the neck of the bottle, but this is not altogether necessary. In cross section or plan the cork or stopper is preferably approxi mately oblong or elliptical in shape, but it will be understood of course that I do not confine myself to the particular shape.
Any of the well known corking machines may be employed without any material altera- IOO .for the purpose hereinbet'ore stated.
tion thereof to adapt it to corking bottles embodying my improvements; and it will be seen that no eXtra or additional expense is incurred in the original manufacture of my improved bottle or cork.
Referring to the annexed drawings-Figure lis a perspective view of the preferred embodiment of my invention all ready for use. Fig. 2 is a similar viewof the preferred form of loottle; and Fig. 3 is also a similar View of another form. Fig. 4 is a view representing details of the cork.
In the drawings l represents an ordinary bottle, and 2 the neck thereof.
3, 3 represent vertical notches, recesses or slots leading down the sides of the neck of the bottle for a suitable distance from the mouth 4, and preferably at diametrically opposite points thereof. As shown in Fig. 3, these slots are made in the opposite diameter as well, which may be sometimes employed.
As shown in Fig. l, portions 7 of the cork or similar stopper protrude through the openings or slots 3, sufficiently far that by simply grasping the neck of the bottle 'around the cork the latter may be drawn out by simply pulling upwardly upon the same by means of such protruding portions.
5 represents the cork or similar stopper which, as shown, is longer in one diameter than the other. Said cork is of suitable height, and as shown in Fig. 4 its lower end is made slightly tapering or somewhat smaller, as at 6,
Ordinary cork is the material of which the stopper is preferably made. If from any cause in the corking of the bottles a sufficient amount of the cork does not protrude for the purpose stated, then the cork may be readily withdrawn by passing some sharp instrument through the same at the base of the openings 3, and pulling upwardly. The said openings, recesses or notches may be of any desired shape, preferably a V-shape or a U-shape.
Other slight changes could of course be made without departing from the spirit of my invention. Likewise my invention is equally well adapted to medicine and other bottles as well as to beer bottles.
It will be understood that in preparing bot tles of my improvement for export purposes,
necessary in almost all eases, can be Very easily effected by passing the wire through the side openings into the cork, and twisting the ends of the wire around the neck of the bottle. Thus will the corks be securely held in the bottles against the necessary pressure given to the beer or other liquids at the time of the pasteurizing process.
Without limiting myself to the details of construction and arrangement shown and described, I claim- I. As a new article of manufacture, abottle provided with side openings extending through the Walls of the neck and leading downwardly from the mouth thereof, substantially as described. Y
2. As a new article of manufacture, a bottle provided with straight-sided openings extending Athrough the walls of the neck, and leading downwardly from the mouth thereof, substantially as described.
3l A bottle for beer or similar liquids having side openings in the neck, and provided with a stopper having portions thereof extending through said openings, substantially as described.
4. A bottle for beer or similar liquids provided with vertical openings extending down the sides thereof from the mouth of the bottle, and a stopper expanded into the bottle with portions protruding through such openings, substantially as and forthe purpose described.
5. Abottle having side openings leading from the month thereof, in combination with a stopper of elastic material held therein, substantially as described.
6. A bottle provided with side openings leading from the mouth thereof, in combina' tion with a cork or elastic stopper longer across one diameter than the other, substantially as described.
In testimony whereof I affix my signature in presence of two witnesses.
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